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  1. no way to get rid of it besides leaving the game and reentering it. usually happens when i finish a mission and drop in orbiter. its random, so i cant replicate it. when it happens, the whole screen turns black, and U.I or H.U.D shows up, except for the update history and exit buttons. EDIT: apparently sitting in the dark screen for 5-10 minutes fixes it.
  2. the shield is flipped upside down, and the holster is also flipped upside down. doesnt get fixed when equipping a sword and shield skin at all. This only seems to happen with Baruuk.
  3. the animation issue for Sevy's shadow has botten worse. its not locked behind a fast melee speed anymore, now its breaking at random. the Shadow still moves like its doing the attack, and the attack still registers, but the animation doesn't play at all. also, the slam and radial slam, as well as the heavy attack, break at random, locking the usage of them whenever I pop the Shadow up.
  4. it breaks when you use the nikana right shoulder holster, and default holster. the blade appears misaligned with the sheath/ not in the sheath at all. also any attachments added to the nikana zaw also become visually glitched, not being attached to the handle. i am not sure if it is for all the nikana skins, since i only own the Tekuku skin and Dax skin for nikanas, but i would assume all the skins break if used with a nikana zaw. pic of default holster
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