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  1. Check our role-playing discord server out. It's really fun, and we've got a great little community.
  2. Jori looked the Revenant up and down, grasping at his memory, trying to remember where he’d seen the Tenno before. Despite the lack of recollection, Jori held out his hand, offering a handshake. “Hello. I’m just here on a nice holiday. Needed a break from all the drama of the fashion industry, at least for a while. And how might you be? Would you like an autograph or photo?” Radriar rolled his eyes at the sight of the disgusting Revenant. He fought his temptation to drag Jori away, but he wouldn’t fuss around his potential date.
  3. As Ashtere left to handle the other guest (a putrid elderly Grineer, in dire need of a bath or shower), Radriar took the map and walked out of the lobby, towards the Sun section of the hotel, passing the same disgusting Revenant from before. He didn’t even give him so much as a glance. “People” like him were beneath him in every way imaginable. The doors opened and Radriar stepped out into the evening air, taking in a deep breath. This place, despite first impressions, was wonderful. He was here to have a good time, and he was going to enjoy himself, no matter what. Walking into the Lia ruins, Radriar admired the architecture of ancient pasts. The Orokin aesthetic was and would always be the best the system had to offer, although what was offered was decidedly low in standards to begin with. It took him a while to get through the ruins, but what was on the other side was something to behold. The Pale Garden was equally as breathtaking, with glowing lunar trees in front of the backdrop of the starry sky. Various people milled about, some in deep meditation, others engaging in various group activities. A pair of young women recognized Radriar (Radriar is a semi-famous model), and requested for a photo with him, one he graciously permitted. After signing autographs and taking about a dozen photos and selfies, Radriar was able to pull himself away from his adoring fans to continue his walk amongst the trees. It wasn’t long before he noticed a familiar face, and an incredibly good looking one at that. Radriar took two glasses of Venusian soda from a passing waiter before approaching the male sitting beneath the tree. ”Jori! It’s been too long. How has this place been treating you?” Jori, tall, dark skinned and objectively gorgeous, was another Tenno model who’d done a few photo shoots with Radriar earlier that year. He was usually seen walking the runway in his famed Chroma Prime, but today, he had decided to wander the gardens in his human form. He stood up, setting down the book he’d been reading and took the offered drink from Radriar. ”Very well thank you. I’ve been here a week, and plan on staying a few more days. For the Lunaro game, of course. I was invited by Madame Sydhi herself. Perhaps she desires my looks on the next cover of her magazine.” Radriar chuckled, clinking his glass with Jori’s in a silent toast. Of course Sydhi had multiple candidates for the cover shoot. He should’ve, and would now on, expect stiff competition for the spot. “She invited me as well. Perhaps she plans to pit us against one another. To see which person is most worthy of the spot. Another brilliant move in her chess game.” Taking a sip of his drink, Jori smiles deliciously, and Radriar’s heart skips a beat. “Well then, may the best Tenno win!” The two toast to each other once again before finishing off their drinks. ”I’m staying in the penthouse room of the Moon section of the resort. If you ever find yourself in need of... company, I’d be more than happy to provide it. After all, there’s no reason two rivals can’t be friends. In fact, I was just about to get dinner. Why don’t we head there now? It’s on my dime.” Jori takes Radriar’s empty glass and hands it to a passing waiter. ”Well, I’m staying at the Sun section of the resort. Penthouse suite, of course. I’m not here to mingle with the rabble. And yes, I’d be happy to accompany you to dinner, provided there’s catch.” Radriar does what he can to hide his blush, but the red tinges his face like a tomato. Jori, chuckling, holds out an hand, one that Radriar takes. This holiday was going to be an enjoyable one. It was indeed.
  4. Are you going to edit your post? Or should we leave it as is and move on?
  5. Please read the note in my post. Radriar isn’t wearing the Excalibur armour, thus others may not be able to identify him by sight.
  6. As Radriar sat in the lukewarm pool of water, he listened to the music emanating from the hidden speakers. He remembered this song. He remembered his mother with the shawzin, singing her heart out. He remembered himself with the mandachord, attempting to mimic the sounds produced by the other instrument. The memories brought a tear to his eyes, one that was quickly wiped away as he got up from the bathtub. He didn’t need any reminders of his past. He had grown beyond that. Wrapping a towel around his waist, Radriar called out to the invisible speakers. ”Music off please.” The music cut off mid-chorus, and Radriar approached the bathroom mirror, glancing at his reflection as he reached for the hotel razor. He had the physique of a god, chiseled abs and well defined muscles. Anyone would’ve killed to have a day with his body, and just as well. Radriar had worked hard to maintain his form. After gracefully shaving the little facial hair that had grown, he applied some aftershave to his face and exited the bathroom. Radriar pulled on the clothes he’d left on the bed, and picked up the holoreader. After swiping through the list of activities the hotel offered, he settled on taking a walk through the gardens before dinner. Perhaps he’d find some company for tonight, or at least someone to have a nice dinner with. Putting down the holoreader, Radriar slipped his Lex Prime into a hidden holster before exiting the room. He wasn’t above self defense when it was necessary, and given his previous interaction with that disgusting Revenant and horrid Excalibur, he would probably need something to keep him safe from whomever decided it was a good idea to confront him. Taking the lift to the ground floor, Radriar approached the front desk. The Zephyr was currently interacting with a Gauss. Not a bad looking Warframe, in his humble opinion, but nothing beat out his gorgeous Excalibur. “Excuse me, but could you point me to the gardens?” (Note: Radriar isn’t wearing his Excalibur Prime suit.)
  7. Radriar rolled his eyes at the pitiful attempt at intimidation. How petty did one have to be to chase him just to continue an already resolved argument? What a sad, sorry child... All of that, however, left Radriar’s head as he entered the penthouse. The hearsay hadn’t been a lie. This hotel’s finest room was indeed impressive, with a view that any artist would’ve given anything to sample. Radriar, exiting his armour, brushed his hands on the mantlepiece, admiring the craftsmanship. Whoever the architect was had done an excellent job. He’d be asking for their name before he left. Taking a bottle of gin from the minibar, he poured himself a drink and sipped on it as he waited for his Helios Prime to bring up his luggage. Upon contact, the holoreader glowed gently in Radriar’s hands and displayed a wide selection of luxuries that no common folk could even fathom. He wasn’t feeling particularly hungry at the moment, nor did he need any other services for now. Perhaps a nice massage or facial would do him some good before the lunaro game, but what he really needed right now was a long, hot bath. As he was contemplating what other activities he could do to pass the time, his wristwatch buzzed softly. “About time...” Radriar put down his beverage and walked over to the door, opening it to allow his Helios Prime to enter the room with his luggage. It set it down next to one of the armchairs before “bowing” and exiting the room to return to the Liset Prime. After closing and locking the door, Radriar went through his luggage, choosing out an outfit for him to wear after his bath: a gorgeous Orokin shirt and designer jeans. The hot water was a calming presence on Radriar’s skin as he dipped into the majestically large bathtub. He allowed himself to sigh in relief before picking up his glass of alcohol and taking a sip. Swirling the glass as he looked out at the beautiful view from the comfort of his bathtub, all his worries gone, Radriar smiled. This was, indeed, the life.
  8. As the effect of the enthrall wears off, Radriar put a hand to his head, more shocked than angry at the psychic intrusion. The imbecile’s words didn’t scare him. The so called “people with more power” were usually under his employ when he was in a dangerous situation, and if need be, Radriar could handle himself in a fight, albeit reluctantly. He would need another psychic cleansing to remove whatever mental remains that repulsive Revenant had left behind. The last time he’d gone for one, for some odd reason, the Nyx had fallen over in fits of giggles. He’d had her fired on the spot. Radriar took the key card and his ID chip from the Zephyr before walking to the elevator lobby, making a show of avoiding contact with the other Excalibur. Taking the lift up to the designated floor, he pulled out a mobile, checking for any missed messages. His agent had messaged him: ”We got ourselves the contract. Ms. Sydhi will meet you at the lunaro game to seal the deal.” The news brought a smile to Radriar’s face, brightening what would’ve been a bad day. Sydhi owned the hottest Tenno fashion marketplace on the cephalon weave, and he’d just scored a modelling gig for her newest line of armours, syandanas and ephemeras, as well as showing of this season’s hottest colour palette. He’d have to make a good impression, and he of all people could make a good impression for the right people. The elevator arrived at the his floor, and he exited the cramped box. He walked down the hallway of the hotel, looking for his room. P004...P003...P002! Radriar opens the door...
  9. Radriar pulled out and tossed an ID chip onto the desk. It was one of those rare, exclusive ones, accompanied by the perks and privileges of someone of his status. Only a select few in the Origin System had them, and Radriar, clearly not one to boast, was proud to be among that group.
  10. The insult barely scratched the surface of Radriar’s ego. One as gorgeous and amazing as he was shouldn’t have to interact with the common folk. The idea of hiring someone to do the talking for him crossed his mind once again, and he shelved it for later. There was little chance he’d find anyone who needed to find a job here. He turned his attention back to the Revenant (a particularly ugly, putrid Warframe, if he did say so himself). Looking up and down at the pitiful attempt of a battle suit, Radriar returned the snicker. “I think you’re the last person to be commenting on my fashion, which is, by the way, famed across our system. But then again, if that hobo fashion trend ever makes a comeback, I’ll be sure to call on the expert.” “And you, my fellow Excalibur, might want to put that pipe somewhere up there.” Radriar motioned with his right arm, implying a certain action. ”I don’t need your disgusting habits stinking up my cape, although I could always get a new one. 6,000,000 credits won’t even make a dent in my funds, which is something you clearly can’t say. Maybe I should reconsider who the hobo fashion expert is.”
  11. Radriar pondered the choice, unsure of which would be more to his tastes. The fee wouldn’t be a problem, he was rolling in dough, but he wanted perfection this holiday, not mediocrity. ”I shall go for moon. As I said, I demand your most expensive suite. I don’t care if it’s occupied, whatever they’re paying, I’ll double. Full minbar privileges, instantaneous room service, and whatever other perks you have. Oh, and I’ll take my luggage up myself. Don’t need the rabble touching my belongings, thank you very much.”
  12. The Liset Prime gently docks at it’s designated docking bay, coming to a graceful stop at the clamps lock the elegant ship in place. The underbelly cylinder opens to reveal a white and silver Excalibur Prime, a rare, exotic sight these days. It’s grand Orokin cloak flutters in the warm breeze of the artificial oxygen field, as the Warframe makes it’s way towards the entrance. However, to the greeting man’s surprise, the Excalibur Prime stops just before him, looking him up and down. After an uncomfortable few seconds, the Excalibur Prime speaks, with a sarcastic, condescending and posh voice. ”I expect you to personally ensure no one scratches my ship’s paint job during my stay. It’s a custom Europa white mix with a solid gold finish. I expect it to remain that way unless you want to loose that insignificant job of yours. Ta ta!” Leaving the security guard shocked and hurt, the Excalibur Prime continues on it’s way to the entrance, strutting like a model on a runway. However, upon reaching the walkway, Radriar curls his lip in disgust. This was the famed Treasures of Lua? An empty, pathetic landmass without a decoration in sight? Well, Radriar knew exactly what he’d be suing the owners over... His spirits are slightly lifted as he notices the screen advertising the upcoming Lunaro match. He’d be betting good money on that game later. A million credits would be a good, safe gamble. The Warframe passes the board and resumes it’s walk to the hotel entrance. He enters the grand entrance hall to the sight of a small crowd of visitors from across the system. Some turn their head at the sight of the exquisite Excalibur Prime, but most just carry on with their business. As Radriar makes his way through the throng of people, he finds his gaze latching onto several, quite attractive, young men and women. He’d probably be asking one to join him at the VIP seats at that Lunaro game. Who’d give up an opportunity to spend time with a magnificent specimen of a Tenno such as himself, and to rub shoulders with the elite of the Origin System? No one, of course. At the front desk, the Zephyr, busy filing papers and typing on a computer, doesn’t notice the Excalibur leaning on the desk. He waits an excruciating 5 seconds before snapping his fingers and shouting at the Zephyr. ”Oi! I want your best suite, full access to minibar privileges and the best view in this hotel, and I want it snappy. Come on, do your damn job properly woman!” (OOC: Don’t worry, I’m not like this in real life, this is just the character I’m writing for.)
  13. Name: Radriar Jori Faction: Tenno Race: Orokin Warframe: Excalibur Prime Age: 19 Personality: Radriar is what most would consider a “spoiled brat”. Cocky, arrogant, and plenty flamboyant, Radriar treats the world as if it’s a game to him. Some might say Radriar is just a troubled boy, hiding behind a facade to keep his tormenting past at bay. In truth however, Radriar isn’t a deep character. What you see is what you get, and you will damn well like what you see. Appearance: Radriar is a relatively good looking lad, with short black hair, a perfect nose and a beautiful physique. He can often be seen wearing expensive clothings and accessories, which he flaunts like it’s going out of style. His Excalibur Prime is white with silver metallics and radiates golden energy. It’s adorned with prime armour and a fancy Orokin cloak.
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