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  1. I always wanted to play Vanquish but after playing warframe, Vanquish feels way too restrictive. In a glance, they might look similar but the truth is Vanquish is a complete opposite of warframe. Combat movement in Vanquish is very restrictive. You can't even jump in vanquish, your character is basically programmed to always stick to the ground. High paced? yes, but it's freedom of movement is the furthest from warframe
  2. You should make just one part and then duplicate it after
  3. Rekkou

    Multiple players in a single Captura for the contest?

    There is no rule against it, but if you think about it, doing it will lessen your chance to be chosen as 1st winner. The 1st winner will have a custom statue based on the battle scene, so financially speaking they will be less likely to pick a battle scene with multiple warframes because it will be too costly to make. Unless they will pick only your warframe to be made as a statue, but that doesn't seem to be fair for your other friends participating in it.
  4. No, but believing that anyone who doesn't believe you means they are trying to conspire against you is a major sign of paranoia
  5. Rekkou

    waframe for colourblind

    While you're here, maybe you can tell DE your problem and what can be done to fix it. Because if DE were to fix it themselves, then they have to wait till they can find a tester with the same color-blind spectrum as you. And if they don't find anyone, then fixing it would be kind of meaningless because there'll be no one that can test if the fix works or not.
  6. There is no answer to that. It's not an automated process and there is no rule or system that can provide you with a definite answer. Everything depends on companies decision
  7. Rekkou

    Inconsistencies of Warframes

    Because adept means better? And anyone can be more adept than they already are. I graduate from school with certain skills, my job experience made me adept at those skills. A car is made with certain standard specs, the owner upgraded it so it's more adept at turning and accelerating. Valkyr was made as combat frame, Alad V's experiment made her adept at killing.
  8. There are things called standard, just because you are meant for something specific, never means it's okay to be completely useless for the other. On the other hand there plenty of warframes whose abilities still work in one way or the other on top of having 3 weapons.
  9. Just used Hydroid in fortuna, i know it'll be difficult but i didn't expect it to be this bad especially against Hyena. Undertow cannot grab Hyena Tentacle Swarm doesn't work in any way against Hyena, it can't grab it, it doesn't do any damage, Hyena can just casually ran pass it My last mission is the interception cache retrieve. There are multiple Hyenas, and nothing i do works, tempest barrage is too slow and unreliable, Tidal Surge can move me away from the cache, undertow doesn't work, tentacle swarm also doesn't work. This is usually a very easy mission but with hydroid it becomes a nightmare Is this because Hyena is considered boss type? because it's a very common enemies in fortuna and shouldn't be treated as boss
  10. Be careful around his legs and rear area. It has surprisingly sharp angles that can easily distort your normal maps
  11. Let me guess, if i don't find it offensive then i'm wrong and evil while you're the right one here for "caring" so much for other people? Drop the facade, you think nobody has seen this before? none of this matter for you, you don't care at all. You see this as nothing but fuel to your self-righteous ego.
  12. Rekkou

    Add more mod slots

    I actually agree. Warframe only has 8 slots, 10 if you're counting aura and exilus, but their options are very limited. It might look plenty but considering you need to assign basic scaling mods and most mods only give 1 stat or passive, it just feels underwhelming compared to other games, where the characters can have multiple stats increase from equipment and multiple passive abilities. For example, Geralt from Witcher 3 has 12 slots just for passive abilities, he still can get multiple passives from his equipment and got his scaling from equipment and level. Another example is FF 7. Its materia slot system is actually very similar to original warframe's slot system where you need to equip active abilities as well. But it still has 16 slots compared to warframe's 8
  13. A Hindu here. There is absolutely nothing insulting about this. In fact, i'm more insulted by the fact that you think this is insulting. You made it looks like we're some kind of ignorant & intolerant people who can get easily insulted by something so trivial
  14. Rekkou

    Vectis Prime + Which Warframe = True?

    Volt is my go-to sniper, especially with Vectis. Electric Shield allows you to camp sniping safely while also doubling your crit damage. Speed boost your reload speed, so it greatly increases Vectis's fire rate because it reloads very often, it's also great for running away or relocating to a new spot. Shock has a very long range and very useful to stop your target from moving so you can hit them much easier.
  15. Rekkou

    Nyx Rework is Bad and rare

    It's relevant though, from time to time DE often just add an ability that just does stripping armor even though it barely ties to the theme of the warframe like Seeking Shuriken, Abating Link, Sonic Fracture, etc. Yeah, those are augment mods, but you can't deny the trend.