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  1. Whenever threads like this pops out, people just use it to justify their complain no matter how detached it really is "That youtuber is leaving!, warframe must be dying!, this must be because DE didn't listen to me!" "The players dropped!,warframe must be dying!, this must be because DE didn't listen to me!" "X company purchased DE!, warframe must be dying!, this must be because DE didn't listen to me!" I remember back then someone making a thread that his friend is leaving because they cannot be bothered adjusting the mouse sensitivity on their own, and demand that DE chan
  2. The math is more complex than you think. What about the spare ammo? Even if you increase the magazine size, weapon with Serration still have better efficiency because it deals more damage per bullet. And even if you increase the spare ammo size as well, what about the ammo pick up rate? Your speed trigger mods would need to be something like, +fire rate, +magazine size, +spare ammo, +ammo pick up, +ammo box regeneration, etc to be mathematically on par with Serration. And if DE make a mod like this, then this mods will be much better than Serration because faster fire rate means fa
  3. That logic won't work because Borderlands have gazillions of weapons but the slot is limited anyway, so are Destiny and The divisions and those 3 are full price games. And unlike in those games, warframe actually give you the ability to own all of the weapons in the game instead just small portion of them. And slots are easy to get nowadays. you can get it free from nightwave, and each year you get 3 free weapons from anniversary gift, you can easily sell them for free slots, on top of that, the game occasionally give you free warframe/weapons as a gift, even right now, the Epic cross ove
  4. I hope not, Funko Pop is going to ruin warframe's unique shape & design. I'd settle for more symbiote or nendoroid, but not Funko Pop
  5. Just a quick bug report. I just got Kuva Hind and it can't equip the oscira rifle skin
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