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    Well yeah. That's like common sense, anything has a limit. You can't just expect to do something infinitely and then new rewards will be infinitely given to you out of nowhere. Most other games you're simply rewarded with ending or scores.
  2. Rekkou


    Seems like your real problem is not other people "winning" but you feel that you're losing because other people can get the stuff you want so much easier than you. Making all the effort you put into the game seems pointless.
  3. Well, to put it simply, warframe is DE's first game with RPG stats. A lot of things in the game are basically them experimenting with new things, but then they left them untouched for too long, it becomes the basis of other things.
  4. Technically no, because they're not the one monetizing it. Players are the one that monetizes it, DE simply gave them the currency.
  5. I say yes, but only because so that we can have a proper standard instead of abilities that are all over the places. You might notice that recent warframes like Gaara, Khora and Hildryn basically have exalted weapon as their first ability. This made them instantly more viable compared to older warframes that only have small cc for their first. Like Rhino's Rhino Charge is literally a full body melee attack, how is this not scaling with melee? Valkyr's Ripline is essentially a whip attack just like Khora's whiplash, why only Khora has melee scaling? Ash's Shuriken is basically a hikou, why can't this scale with secondary? and his Bladestorm is also literally a melee attack.
  6. Mind also taking a look at Astrea's artemis bow? it has a custom skin as well
  7. Except that Lotus being missing isn't a universal story progression. For many new players, Lotus is still with them.
  8. Will there be a change with how Riven share disposition among variations? Between Vanila and Prime there can be huge differences between their stats. Vanila can be the weakest while the prime can be one of the strongest yet they can share same disposition which can lead the Prime being very OP
  9. I haven't been using maya for years, but every 3d program should have settings that you can tweak when mirroring. And there are many ways to do it if that didn't work, It's part of the basic tutorial on every 3d programs. Also duplicating and mirroring symmetrical objects like swords are basically industry standard. You'll be told to do it eventually and if you can't do it, then it's very likely not gonna be accepted
  10. You should make just one part and then duplicate it after
  11. Be careful around his legs and rear area. It has surprisingly sharp angles that can easily distort your normal maps
  12. Would this works with double swap? as in swap your weapon then quickly swaps back. With speed holster and this mods, swapping should only take less than half a second. I can see this mod becoming a new trend for weapons like Vectis, Tigris and bows in general
  13. I think it's 7500 x1 and 3250 x2. Single weapons are often bigger and more complex than dual-wielded weapons.
  14. So does this means Axe skin for heavy blade is officially acceptable?
  15. But to play as Stalker you have to be MR 30 and pay 10000 plat each time After all, it requires sacrifices
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