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  1. Rekkou

    Make it able to downvote

    Then can you please at least remove the "haha" button? Because people have been using it as a substitute for downvote button. People don't use it to express "you're funny", people use it to express "your idea is laughable". And ironically this results in people getting a lot of reputation, making it looks like a lot of people agree with them even though it's the opposite. Edit: @[DE]Drew See what i mean?
  2. You need to assign different materials for both helmet and body. Export them as one obj, when importing the obj in substance painter, it will automatically separate the materials
  3. Never use C4D, but you can do it in blender. You can get it from steam You're most likely have to redo the baking and texture painting again. Mind that DE sometimes will ask you to change the design to the point that you have to start from sculpting again. So you need to be prepared redoing your entire work if you have to.
  4. A lot of DE's helmets are actually not mirrored. But having mirrored textures allows for more bigger UV and therefore higher texture quality. I myself take the middle road where i only mirrored the side parts but keep the front center unmirrored to prevent my helmets looking too symmetrical
  5. Rekkou

    Some weapon are too slow

    There are tons of different weapons in warframe, for the sake of variety they all will be different in one way or another. Some weapons are bound to be slower while other will be faster so obviously not every weapon will be suited for you. If you want more fire rate then just pick another weapon with a higher fire rate. Weapons are balanced with a mix of fire rate and damage potential to make them feel different to each other. DE won't buff weapons like Argonak and leave the damage as it is because then it'll just power creep other weapons like Braton Prime/ Dera Vandal / Karak Wraith.
  6. Rekkou

    Primed Point Strike When?

    Irrelevant to what i'm arguing, you're including Argon Scope as a viable solution but not a viable choice due to availability. Now when presented with an easier alternative proposition, you're contradicting yourself. So you're not actually concerned with how the general public achieves this result. It's basically just politician's sweet talking to get what you want
  7. Rekkou

    Primed Point Strike When?

    Then why don't just ask for something that is already available (Argon Scope) to be more available? Instead, you're asking for something that didn't exist to exist and when it exists it will be just as hard to get as something you're excluding because it's hard to get.
  8. Rekkou

    Primed Point Strike When?

    Excluding Argon Scope is hypocritical considering you're including blood rush which is also an acolyte mod. Primed mods are also just as rare considering they are only available for either limited time or through login reward.
  9. Rekkou

    Is stradavar a good weapon?

    Usable if you have a good Riven mod and hunter munitions but it's outclassed by a lot of weapons. I suggest keeping the riven though because when the Prime comes, it probably can surpass Tiberon Prime
  10. Rekkou

    Possible modeling help

    You need to do a process called "retopology" I suggest you take a few step backs and learn the basics of making a game model from start to finish. Making a game model require multiple steps and each have their own method and tools. You'll either get stuck a lot or make a lot of mistakes if you go in without sufficient knowledge.
  11. Rekkou

    Split Chamber?

    The earliest and easiest spot to look for Split Chamber is Sargas Ruk.
  12. Passive: A bit counterproductive, it trigger when shield is depleted but revenant has tons of shield. So it triggers very rarely Suggestion: IMO it should trigger every 300 shield so it can see more use Enthrall: No complaint, it's useful and very quick and easy to use Mesmer Skin: So was the charge was based purely on hit? if it is then 6 are not enough, it can be depleted instantly when facing enemies with high fire rate weapons. The cast time is also too long. Suggestion: Make each charge has 300-500 health so the ability can function as defensive ability better and make the cast time quicker Reave: Cast time too long, using this ability is very unsmooth and can't be relied on an emergency situation. Suggestion: Make the cast time faster, almost instantaneous if possible. Enemies should also get staggered for more cc capability Danse Macabre: It can only hit target with the same elevation as Revenant? Suggestion: Damage hitbox should be globe based
  13. I won't deny that it can be annoying, but it's the nature of the devstream. No decision there will be representative of the real decision even if they are 100% serious. Simply because there are actually not enough time to think, discuss and made any real decision in the devstream. Even answers like "Yeah, we'll look into that" or "Sure, why not?" can ended up as a "NO" after they actually have enough time to think and discussed it.
  14. I think it's important to note that it's a devstream, it's basically a community show. it's not a real development/executive meeting, i mean they drink beer there. All the serious analytic and important decision will be done behind the screen on their regular work hours and will be shown on the next dev stream.
  15. Rekkou

    Curious, have an idea but..

    Well, the answer is no. The basic idea of tennogen is that players provide a ready to use game model so DE can easily implement them without costing too much time.