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  1. I am bad at rivens

    Great actually, because removing the physical damage won't change the final elemental damage calculation, so the damage loss is actually quite small. And because Zhuge's second strongest IPS is slash and it has very good status chance this Riven basically turns Zhuge into a bleed weapon
  2. Then please read the guidelines first, because there are plenty of technical qualifications that can easily results in rejection if not fulfilled.
  3. Gara Files Now Available

    Are we allowed to use the same tech on warframes other than gara?
  4. Looking for an artist, 3d or 2d

    Mind that design works on case by case basis. It's not a check list which if you have certain aspects on your items you will be guaranteed to be accepted or rejected. If item A was not accepted because it's too armored and not organic enough then that feedback only works and applicable for that item. It never means other item will be rejected by having the same aspects that got item A rejected. If item B was accepted despite being armored and not organic, then it's because that item manage to executed them well while item A failed. Everything depends on the final execution or the sum of your parts rather than the individual parts.
  5. Can you give fire blast the opposite effect to enemies? reduce the damage of incoming shots and nullify bombard's rocket and napalm's napalm? Using fireblast for the fire damage buff will severely limit your movement. So i think a way to reduced the damage is a proper addition.
  6. Update 22.12.0: Weapons Changes Feedback Megathread

    I'll be honest, i've given up hope that you guys will properly buff some obscure weapons like Stradavar, Grinlok and Tiberon, glad i was wrong. Overall i'm very happy with the buffs and nerfs. But still i like to propose change for Latron Wraith. Latron wraith has been considered equal variant of Latron prime. But current change made Latron prime to be much better than Wraith. I get that being prime and rarer, Latron Prime needs more appealing stats. But we don't have much semi-auto rifle here, we basically lose one more by making Latron Prime much better than wraith. Can i at least propose magazine capacity buff to Latron Wraith? That way Latron Wraith can be higher fire rate more magazine but lower damage variant of Latron Prime.
  7. Quartakk feels bad to use now

    Just equip Vile Acceleration, you get your fire rate back while still keeping most of the damage
  8. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

    Doesn't this basically turn resonating quake into radial sonic boom? Also "once" is basically the opposite concept of "resonating" or "quake" which is repetition.
  9. Trinity Knightness Texture change!?!?

    Sorry, but this is how the skin intended to look. Some changes are made pre-release that doesn't end up as expected. I've asked DE to change it before release, but for some reason, they only allow it after it was released It was changed because the old version has too much bling it overrides the base color with environmental reflection. On the old version, it's impossible to have a white color which invalidated the holy knight theme of the skin. The current one has lighter base color so white color can be achieved. Sorry to disappoint you. This won't happen again in the future because this will be the last time i made this type of skin. I've talked to DE about this matter, you can try asking them for a refund.
  10. Tiberon Lovers Step Forward !

    Oh, yeah you're right.
  11. Tiberon Lovers Step Forward !

    Why there is a +1 on the elemental calculation? elemental mods scales directly to your base damage so it's simple multiplication. If Tiberon equip 1 90% fire mod. You will get 60 base damage and 54 fire damage. With that formula, you will get 60 base damage and 114 fire damage.
  12. Tiberon Lovers Step Forward !

    Whoops, quite in a rush when writing that. I probably shouldn't have tried to simplify it because adding crit factor to DPS calculation is actually much more complex than. The formula only calculates the dps when it crits, while it should calculate both crit and non-crit. Okay, let's try again Old Tiberon, 60 x 90 x 4 x 0.05 x 2 + 60 x 90 x 4 x 0.95 = 22,680 New Tiberon, 44 x 90 x 2 x 0.65 x 5.7 + 44 x 90 x 2 x 0.35 = 32,115 About 40% dps increase.
  13. Tiberon Lovers Step Forward !

    60 to 44 is less than 30% decrease but that crit stats and status buffs are a massive improvement let's assume old tiberon use 4 elemental mods and new one use 2 elemental mods and crit mods and do some basic DPS calculation 60 x 90 x 4 = 21600 60 x 90 x 2 x 0.65 x 5.7 = 40014 the DPS almost doubled
  14. A net buff for most of the weapons? What's the catch?

    Pretty sure the MR increase are already the greatest catch there. For Vets this doesn't mean much but for new players, they lose some good weapons that can be obtained very early.
  15. Regarding The Weapon Buffs: Rubico

    True. You either have full damage impractical weapon or less damage more practical weapon. That's a fair trade-off