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  1. I feel that blocking is not a balanced stats across melee weapons. It just favors weapons with better blocking without counter balance to weapon with less blocking. How about this? Melee with lower blocking like dagger will gain increased movement speed / dodge to compensate their lower blocking capability. Basically better blocking = slower movement/dodge, worse blocking = faster movement/dodge
  2. You know what? i checked OP's profile. And he actually participate in Grineer Informer event at July 2013 and Fusion MOA event at May 2013. Excalibur Prime founders package started from 18th december 2012 and ended at 1st november 2013. Anyone playing at that time must've known and had the chance. So OP is lying that he didn't get the chance. He knew about founders package but choose to ignore it.
  3. You're not a collector though, i checked your profile and you only have 11 warframes. You don't even have any prime warframes, so why pretend you care about this one when evidently you don't care about the majority of warframes? I think you're most likely only want it because you know you can't get it. If excalibur prime is not exclusive, you probably won't even care. Here's the thing, the soonest Excalibur Prime is available again, high chance you're not gonna get it, because then it's no longer exclusive anymore so you don't want it.
  4. Rewards from Tridolon are still RNG though, and you have to grind them. What OP talking is a reward system that usually happen only on single player game, complete this trial and you'll get a reward. Except that this can happen to paid to play games, because you already paid for the games and all the rewards within it. Developers won't even care if you use hack or cheat to get that rewards. And let's just accept it, the "challenge" will never be that hard and after some time, someone would find a way to cheese it. So the challenge part would be pointless. In the end the rewards are just free and effortless. it won't even have any value in trading because anyone can get it easily. This can only happen if the rewards are something like standard mods or resources, but not likely on monetize able items like weapons and skins. And definitely won't be available as alternative to RNG and Grind locked items. Because people would just choose doing that.
  5. Not gonna happen on free to play game. RNG, grinding and pretty much anything is a time gate to incentive plat purchase or to make player plays as long as possible to keep the visible population high. Anything locked with "skills" can be done in minutes. "showing your skills" means pretty much nothing to the developers, to the developers it means spending times creating items, giving it to you for free while adding unnecessary coding. There will be no incentive for plat purchases and people would just play, get items, play with it for a while then log out leading to a reduce in game's visible population.
  6. I never hide the fact that i want to use projectile speed mods, they will be nice QoL to some weapons. And did you just literally think because a number is bigger then the result would be significant? It's 60% of range, while 15% from power drift can directly contribute to damage and scaling and was meant to stack with other warframe mods. And seriously? you're throwing insults and lying as if i'm the one acting childish and expect no one here notice you're the one doing exactly that? Just look at your text, if you really think that is what civil people would wrote, then that explains a lot about you.
  7. Do Destiny has weapons that can switch fire mode like Tiberon prime, Stradavar, Zenith, etc? All i know is that there is some weapons where you can change the trigger but it still fires literally the same.
  8. The irony is that you're asking weapons from a more boring game to be added. And if you want other weapons to be in this game, then it means you don't want to play those games.
  9. Sorry about that, but the point doesn't change much. You say that adding range shouldn't be added because a lot of weapons has weakness that is limited range. And adding range just make them flawless. But a lot more weapons has weakness that are few magazine size and slow reload speed. Adding these mods to exilus mods would also remove their flaw. So it's hypocritical to allow magazine size and reload speed mod, but banning projectile speed and range mod from being exilus because it'll make some weapon have no drawbacks? And increasing range from 20 to 28m is far from significant, 28m in warframe is still short. You'll be changing a short range weapon to a short-ish range weapon. It's not even enough to qualify as medium range weapon. And this is exactly your point, the problem you have with projectile speed and range mods also exists with magazine size and reload speed mod. Some is irrelevant but some other would provide huge benefit. But somehow you just refuse to acknowledge it and only see it as problem on projectile speed mods. If you're not okay with projectile speed and range mod being added then you shouldn't be okay with magazine size and reload speed mods and vice versa.
  10. You can look it on the devstream 131. They show the available exilus mods for shotguns.
  11. Don't need to imagine it, i've already played with it and the increase is far from significant to make it OP. Amprex doesn't even take projectile speed mod. Again, you're just exaggerating something small and make it looks like a bad thing. Everything i need to said have been said. There is no point continuing this because you'll just said the same thing with different words.
  12. You can see it on devstream. Primary (Shotgun) now has exilus tab, with Reloads speed, magazine size, silencer mod, ammo mutation, and some mods with mobility aspect in it.
  13. That's because your point is wrong. Your point was made under the idea that adding some range will just make some weapons becomes so powerful. But in practicality, it's just not. At this point you're just exaggerating and making stuff up to help your point. Yes, that is exactly what situational means. You're thinking a situation where just because you add some range then any shotgun won't have any fall-off and can be used on any distance, it's just not. For most shotgun the increase is just 4-8m, for Zarr it's just 6m increase from 10m. That hardly made it long range viable. Seriously people do you even know how much gain you get from a projectile speed mod? it's just 40%-60% At the very best they're gonna be small help, which is why they should be an exilus mod. They're not gonna turn any shotgun into sniper or any projectile speed weapon into hitscan.
  14. Because everything is possible if you did not take account the technical possibilities. At that point, it's no longer a hypothetical discussion, it's just humoring imagination.
  15. Nope, if you think that this is possible and easy to do. Then it just shows how little you understand about game development.
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