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  1. EA debacle and Warframe

    Knowing EA, the outcome will be worse because they will just find a way to make the adults pay more to compensate the loss.
  2. EA debacle and Warframe

    No idea why people keep resorting to "gambling" to stop lootbox. It won't, like alcohol or smoking, lootbox being classified as gambling will only locked them from children or teens, not adults The worst thing to happen if loot box is classified as "gambling" is that the game ESRB rating will bumped to M. And warframe is already rated M due to blood and gore violence.
  3. Would anyone turn traitor? Leave the Lotus

    On condition that people who leave Lotus will never get Gift of the Lotus or any free items like Dex weapons from Lotus anymore.
  4. I'm guessing you never try them or haven't check the wiki recently. Vigilante effect does not work on normal hit
  5. Both triggers on critical hit but there are few differences between them: 30% chance for 200% damage vs 30% chance for 245% armor ignoring damage. 6 mod slots vs 1 mod slot Ineffective build vs Effective build Can't even think of what weapon can benefits from these mods vs Good on any weapons with good crit chance. Vigilante mods are not just weak or bad but it's faulty. It's only usable on crit weapons but require 4 slots on your weapon, while crit weapons require 6 obligatory mods. Base damage, Multi shot, 2 elemental, 2 crit mods. You can try with only 4 mods, but you'll only get 20% chance which isn't much at all. If you want to use the full sets, you'll need Riven mod with at least 3 obligatory stats. Fix suggestion : Like Gladiator mods, change vigilante mods so they are geared toward crit modding. This will allow them to replace crit mods required by crit weapons. Vigilante Supplies/Fervor/Offense should be replaced by +100% Crit chance and +90% crit damage to replace the obligatory crit mods. Change vigilante effect to give additive crit chance. Full set will give you +30% crit chance. This will make Vigilante effect becomes the opposite to the Hunter munitions, this will allow non-crit weapons like Tiberon, Dera, or Boltor Prime to be able to reach decent crit chance.
  6. Saturn, Titan, Survival past Wave 20

    Radiation procs will negate ancient healers buff, taking high status weapon with radiation, Loki with irradiating disarm, Oberon, or Nyx will be very handy.
  7. Still maining Volt. I'm very open for change but i found that newer warframes often just doing old things differently, and often in a very roundabout way. Older warframes do their job in a simple but effective way.
  8. Just a Suggestion

    You mean it's worth more to those who want to sell them. Many players want the primes simply because they want to play with them instead of profiting from them. These players shouldn't get the end of the stick for the sake of profiting players.
  9. Soma Prime alternatives

    Well, go for Soma. Soma might look far inferior to Soma prime due to half magazine size, but it's still above average compared to other rifles. And the damage is just 20% weaker than Soma Prime.
  11. 6th November 2015
  12. [Question] Meme syandana

    Avoid contemporary references, pop culture, and 'meta'. While we have fun with this during holiday times your goal should be something that fits with the Warframe universe as it is. Your entry cannot contain elements from copyrighted works, reference to other IP’s, or make use of any images or material that you do not own. Pretty sure meme count as those
  13. On the Khora changes from her original intention

    Huh, I always wonder what 4 extension things on her back are supposed to be. But now it make sense, she's supposed to be a spider frame and the extensions probably supposed to be an additional limbs
  14. That'll be a good incentive to actually complete the set. Like Vigilante mods, 25% and 30% isn't really that much different, but lots of mods in Vigilante sets aren't that good. I rather use the slot for mod that is actually important rather than using the slot for +5% crit chance and enemy radar or shield recharge.
  15. Khora exalted whip, please don't!

    I think they probably ran out of idea. Kavat and Exalted Whip, those are basically 2 separate mechanics that are now integrated as abilities. Her 1 probably will be a quick whip lash, while her other ability is probably buff for the kavat. So If my guess is correct, Khora will be a warframe with 2 melees and 2 companions but no real ability