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  1. Rekkou

    Is Mote feasible?

    I also haven't invested in any operator contents. I basically finished the quest with a starting operator. So yeah it's very possible
  2. Rekkou

    The Sacrifice and forced farming [Spoiler]

    Completely false because I literally never participate in any eidolon hunt, never build any mote amp, or anything related to operator based grinding yet still able to fight the boss battle. Some parts is annoying indeed, but no kind of forced to do something is needed.
  3. Rekkou

    Steam Workshop Warframe Tennogen Tool

    So does this means Axe skin for heavy blade is officially acceptable?
  4. And complaining to other people in a game forum supposed to help them?
  5. But to play as Stalker you have to be MR 30 and pay 10000 plat each time After all, it requires sacrifices
  6. Just because it didn't matter for you, never means it's not an issue.
  7. OP didn't imply that, he simply imply that durations are just too quick to be useful. You're the one that keeps making exagerration that we want the abiility to be OP when unranked. And what about unranked speed that only gives 5s duration of 10% speed boost? Ash smoke bomb with invisibility that only last for 2s? 35 energy for stagger? They barely show any function disregard of enemies levels. Several abilities starts at short durations and then doubles or quadrupples at max rank, while some other abilities start at good duration and then increase little by little while some other abilities have same duration on all ranks. You're overthinking something that is really just a result of bad balance
  8. New players lack tools or any mods, their abilities are the one that can help them without anything else. If they received an ability then it needs to be useful at that point, If they have to wait for mods or another point to make that ability useful then that's just another proof that the system is broken.
  9. Wow, I'm surpsied by the ammount of elitism concerning such a valid problem You people probably can just hop into high level mission and quickly level up to 30 without even needing to push a single ability button till you reach rank 30. But many new players will take their time, leveling up their warframe are part of their new player experience. The journey needs to be as fun as possible not just the destination, if your only answer is just go to X or use Y so you can get to rank 30 instantly you're only giving more proof of how broken the problem is.
  10. On OP case it might be bugs or other unforeseen factor. But on your case it's probably not. Elemental mods and Damage mods works additive to its own type but multiplicative to each other. Adding the same type too much will cause diminishing return. For example if you have Serration,Heavy caliber, 2 elemental and 1 dual mod. You get (100+165+165) x (0.9+0.9+0.6) = 1032. If you replace dual mod with +99% damage you get. (100+165+165+99) x (0.9+0.9) = 952.
  11. Yet, you're still here. I guess you don't actually have any better games to play after all
  12. Rekkou

    Help Identifying DevStream/Primetime?

    You can check the wiki, they have lists of devstream and its content
  13. No, because agreements works both ways. DE have their responsibility and we have no rights to use founder items as leverage to get more stuffs. DE kept their end of the bargain and we should too.
  14. Rekkou

    Update and Hotfix timing

    Hotfix is rare, night cycle happens multiple times everyday. You're making it obvious now that this is just a thinly veiled attempt to demand easier farming.
  15. Rekkou

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Adding custom effects to your weapons can be appealing, but why don't start with fiery wave effects or something like Genji's energy dragon for melee? bullet trails or laser beams for firearms? Making flowers grow out of your enemy is quite a bad start to convince people about the potential of these mods.