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  1. Astilla fires a single slug and also automatic.
  2. Back then i had a bug where my foundry item just disappeared. I provide proof that the item still exist (the icon still show that i have unclaimed foundry item, but the item is missing). Support somehow claim that i accidentally sold it even though i haven't even claimed it from foundry. This bug exist, if support says we accidentally sold it, then that's probably part of the bug too.
  3. I simply use Ash and just switch teleport everywhere. Maintaining combo wasn't that hard if you equip combo duration mods.
  4. Usually on the saturday of early july, so this year it's probably july 4/11
  5. Thanks for the fix, but unfortunately, the skin is still bugged. The prime bits is using the astrea texture instead of Ivara Prime's texture https://i.imgur.com/NKYjc4y.jpg
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