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  1. yeah a model for Mesa's gun would be appreciated so we can change their color. I have a fashion frame idea for a contest only for the golden guns to stand out and throw whole thing off T_T rip me.
  2. Thanks for the hard work, want to know if the Map inside of the Twin Horn's cave in Plains of Eidolon has been fixed yet. It very easy to get lost in without the underground map, especially if your settings makes caves dark and spooky.
  3. Did they fix the map glitch in the plains of cestus that makes map blank inside caves? So people that are new (or don't know where they're going) stop getting lost.
  4. I was thinking be funny to see the Moa do a "peepee dance" that triggers when the player is idle or not moving too long. While it is hopping up and down/ crossing and uncrossing legs it can be making impatient noises or noises of urgency.
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