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  1. After doing some testing it appears that adaptation is NOT giving damage resistance to types from an enemy except for their highest damage type. For example a heavy gunner deals impact, puncture and slash damage in that order if I'm not mistaken however you are getting the resistance for impact but NOT for puncture or slash. I recreated the results in the simulacrum and had noticed that this was indeed the case after noticing the impact resistance while taking puncture and slash procs WITHOUT receiving any resistance towards those damage types. Hope this helps in resolving the issue as I rather enjoyed the mod when it was working as intended and now it makes playing some of the higher level missions a bit tedious for me personally while playing frames with lower armor and/or health stats. Thanks for your time.
  2. The Adaptation mod is still only providing damage resistance for 1 damage type and I not sure that is even working properly.
  3. Thanks but Adaptation mod still isn't working correctly.
  4. Adaptation mod is not working correctly, it provides damage resistance for the first damage type taken but does NOT apply any others until the timer for the first expires.
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