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  1. I hope you will leave the Ash/Vauban relics in circulation longer on the switch due to all the missed time getting them. I see on the news feed you are only giving us 6 relics in total? I hope that is a joke. 15 of each type of their relic would be better compensation. It's really unfortunate you had to tie the relics in with the old blood update, Ash and Vauban relics are seriously needed in order to get the prices down below 1000p. I know it's not DE's fault (mostly) for the delay, but every day the relics are left out of circulation on the switch is another day a player is getting screwed over in the switch market place. But then again a lot of the market place problems could have been solved right at the beginning if you had allowed people from the PS4/Xbox to migrate inventory over instead of just PC.
  2. The Ash and Vauban prime vault package is available on the switch, it was released the same day as on the other consoles, but the Saryn and Valk relics havents been removed from the drop tables and replaced with Ash/Vauban.
  3. Ash and Vauban Primes FINALLY get released on the switch and yet their relics aren't dropping, Saryn and Valkyr relics are dropping instead. Any plans to fix this? As a people on the switch are very well aware, Ash and Vauban are the 2 biggest scams on the switch right now as they both sell for over 1000p each. This was an opportunity for DE to finally take the knives out of the backs of switch users and yet it feels like they have been plunged further in.
  4. On the switch they quit once they get a taste of the trading on there and realize they can get a lot more for a lot less on other consoles. It's 2019 almost everyone has a PC or laptop in there house. When the PC transfers stop scamming everyone maybe more people will stay. Nintendo has been geared towards kids for over 30 years, and kids can not afford what traders are selling especially the vaulted items. PC transfers are to blame for that. They have been nothing but vultures since day 1. Pretty sad when Ash Prime Systems alone won't sell for less than 900p, or Vauban Prime for 1200p. There is no reason for people to keep playing on the switch if its better for them to play the game elsewhere. DE could do more to get vaulted items into circulation on the switch, especially the items that have never been available there yet. You could put vaulted relics up for sale in the market at least for a few months. People would rather give their plat to DE than to a bunch of scammers from the PC. Enough is enough already and anyone who says its all supply and demand can go back to the PC and stay there. You sh*t won't float on any other console warframe is played on so why should it on the switch? I've been in clans on the switch where I asked to help the clan founders farm Ash and Vauban primes and other vaulted frames and weapons then go to the market and try and raise their prices up as high as possible. They are sitting on hundreds of the relics and it's all about greed. Obviously I declined and left those clans. Warframe on the switch is bad enough for the lack of people on it and those people are just making it worse by driving more people away. The only positive thing on the switch trading right now is that people are indeed getting fed up with the PC users and calling them out as SCAMMERS in trade chat. They started this mess on day 1 of switch release. IF they actually gave a sh*t about Switch Warframe instead of greed then they can start to clean it up and stop looking for those desperate suckers to try and f*ck over.
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