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  1. although it's great that new content is coming/being tuned, I think it'd be more productive to make more of the old stuff more enjoyable or better worth the effort, which would honestly probably give the creative team a break from their normal grind, which as any artist or gamer can tell you, that change of pace can make a huge difference in the positive. I as well as Violet_Xe, who I've followed for a while have several posts on possible ways to go about it.
  2. probably just a bunch of newbs who joined the game recently, or people coming back. WF got a huge player spike right after emperyon came out, and though its gone back down some, its still more people than before
  3. I do that irl anyway, idk whats so weird about it
  4. was is was is the was to quote r/dankmemes flairs
  5. your complaints are mostly reasonable, but chill tf out
  6. you need to kill several of a particular enemy type (ie, X amount of railgun moas) and it fills up very slowly at first, if you need help figuring it out, the wiki is always there. Also, just hang in region chat, there are vets who deadass just sit around waiting for someone who needs help because they've got nothing better to do.
  7. cease thy blabbering to be real with you though, the old ember was a mindless, useless "press 4 to get dissapointed" frame at worst, and a sub par CC frame at best and now plays like a more-fun mag (imho) and nothing's worse than a boring frame where 1 button is the only way to play so how about no
  8. m8, its been such a glitchy garbage storm up until like a week ago, I've barely touched it. My bad
  9. AlfredDean


    On multiple occasions, DE Steve has talked about things being 'islands' where you can go, separate of everything else to grind for things that may/may not be useful somewhere else (the prime examples of this are: archwing, free rome, railjack, conclave and one or two others) The problem with these islands is usually not weather they're fun or not, they tend to be very fun actually, and a nice change of pace. The problem is that all of the time you spend grinding to improve your amp so you can kill eidolons easier has little to no effect on your ability to run 2 hours on mot, or kill your lich sub 2 hours or whatever it may be. Your progression, however great it may be, is singular and isolated. Because of this it can be really frustrating when they, for example, lock a great weapon with an accompanying story quest behind killing eidolons, when you've had no reason to upgrade your amp until just this moment, and now you can't even kill the damn thing's shield. My proposal is to create bridges. In this post, I will note some things I or people I know find annoying, explain why, and propose solutions to them, sorted by island. Conclave: You can only get any meaningful conclave mods from within the conclave, which almost no one plays who isn't a hyper dedicated, toxic maniac (There are some good people, but trust me, they're rare). This makes it nearly impossible to get into conclave, regardless of its endless potential, if conclave mods dropped from normal missions regularly it would at least make the barier to entry less daunting, being outclassed AND outgunned creates impossible odds, whereas merely being outclassed is a reasonable challenge and an encouragement to improve. In addition, playing conclave is only really worth it to get specific fashion items (I love fashionframe as much as the next guy, but hear me out) and not much if anything else, so making it say, a good affinity source, or a great focus grinder would make it much more worthwhile. Archwing: Archwing is one of the less isolated things in terms of progression, giving normal resources, being usable in submersible missions, free romes and railjack, but if you want to progress within archwing, you need to play archwing specific missions, no good archwing mods drop from normal nodes on the star chart, or at the very least not often enough to matter, so though its more connected than the other islands, giving small chances to encounter useful archwing mods in railjack, free rome, submersible missions... etc. would be greatly appreciated Free rome: I understand that the Idea is that they're isolated communities with little to no space travel available, but the fact that they're practically only useful for zaws, kitguns, and amps which kitguns and zaws have great, if not better alternatives and the grind for amps is extremely tedious, at least to start, and that you can only gain rep and resources in the free rome can make it all feel kinda pointless sometimes to be honest. One thing that I suggest is that they have missions, much like the normal free rome missions, but have them be in (and im just spit balling here) railjack, where the grineer are sending a big supply ship to PoE, for example and now you need to go kill the ships protecting it, then complete a hijack, sabotage mission chain inside the ship. It's just an example, but DE could do a lot of really cool things with this that would let you gain rep and perhaps even resources (maybe a trading system at the end of the mission where you can give up some railjack, or normal resources and the people of cetus, who have found some use for them, will give you PoE resources in turn) Of course there's more examples and more Ideas, and the starlink (I think that's what they called it) that they proposed last tennocon is certainly going to be a start, but there's a lot of content that were it given a once over, could not only be improved on its own, but also improve player's experience interacting with warframe at large.
  10. ack & brunt, I have a riven with +base combo and +crit (doubled on heavy attk)... I think we all know where this is going
  11. you should probably write it in chunks on a cloud-saved document service (I use google docs) and copy/paste bits in later, so them getting deleted wont be an issue, I know you've had problems with it before
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