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  1. They fixed it now, before the conduits were inaccessible from Round 10 onward on Ur.
  2. It's the opposite for me. Ur bugs out after Round 10, and 3 runs got me 3 Akarius BPs only. ! in 9 rounds and 2 in 9 rounds
  3. Been having this issue for quite some time, the sheath for the Sepfahn never goes away unless you unequip it. Even equipped, there are always two copies of it floating about. Bugged out sheath in action (I've hidden it so there's one copy of the scabbard, sometimes two) Hope this gets a fix soon
  4. Which channel is the voting on? Edit : NVM found it under brainstorm
  5. Hey man I know you're stacked up with the requests, so please do this if you can. ( 0.41 onwards) Basshunter - DotA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTsaS1Tm-Ic
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