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    War within bug

    Yo guys I fixed it? more like that section with the dark bugged out choices is just that part you have to just get out of the stage literally blind, I was able to finish war within and you have to use void blast to stun the golden maw as a dude said and then you have to press R1 first then L1 to do the transference ability then rush to the exit ( btw if theres two buttons for controling golden maw one is like bite attack the other is a dig. I dont know the controls as i just spamed buttons and after the golden maw part you should have normal gameplay) hope it works for you guys too
  2. (NSW)Creature8

    War within bug

    Guys I also have the same problem and apparently this is a known bug among all consoles and we should really get this bug found by the dev team so they can fix it on next hotfix cause right now this is making me not want to play warframe because of this bug and i don't know about you guys but it happens after making a choice.