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  1. I play one song on my Shawzin (which is awesome, btw). Then pause and open trade chat, respond to a message, then attempt to play another song. Shawzin still 'plays' but is no longer audible.
  2. Allen 'Limbo' Stark (25 yrs, male) What is wrong with you people? You'd think a well-dressed, gentlemanly man such as myself could get a kiss goodbye! It's like I exist somewhere between a stranger and a gay best friend, a state of Limbo where I never get laid. To be honest, my work is more engaging than my dates. I'm on the verge of something great - something BIG. My device is going to let me travel through the void and make unlimited booty calls. First test tomorrow, so get in quick ladies, or soon you'll have to fight just to get a piece of me.
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