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  1. To surmise his response to this: DE neglected to make it return over those seven years instead insisting the mod would be generally released in some capacity DE_Soon. This created some artificial scarcity during a time when DE started targeting sources of dirty plat movements and RMT which should somehow be acknowledged by DE. Which only makes me laugh harder as I watch the market crash.
  2. Another thing to try, since this happened to me is to use the other thumb stick to zoom into Saturn. Once you finish a mission there, you should be able to click on it just fine.
  3. I’m not personally experiencing this but I’ve met a lot of people on general chat and my friends list experiencing this same issue. This has also been going on a bit longer than the hotfix, I first heard of it from someone at about Midnight EST. These were the attempted fixes: -Use /normal to end /dnd -Toggle party options in the upper left corner around before resetting it back to global -Open options change the matchmaking settings around, set it back to all invites and make sure the game saves -Open options and perform a network analysis All of these attempts did not fix it and everyone told me their network analysis reported “all systems nominal” they still appear as offline even though I can send them whispers, and in one case a friend request. However, they can not join groups and all attempts to invite them into a group result in “This player is offline” This is beyond my means to troubleshoot and I have no idea what could cause it to happen. If you want the user names for specific affected people I worked with I can pm their names for their troubleshooting unless they’ve already contacted you directly.
  4. I was going to post this here but since there’s already a topic which details it succinctly, I’ll add my own two cents. The periods I experience the most frame drops and performance problems involves dynamic spawns. When the ship is boarded and a bunch of greener spawn it’s like the whole system is playing catch-up. This also happens on Crew Ships after your on them for a few moments and the large group of Grineer spawn in to defend the ship. I don’t see this when I’m dealing with static enemies and after getting rid of these spawns, everything starts smoothing out. I also don’t see this problem on static objectives like defense platforms and satellites which run a lot better than other Railjack interior areas.
  5. Being unable to leave the bridge or whatever room I’m in when the ship docks happens to me too, you don’t have to leave dojo, you can fast travel to another point in the dojo and it will continue fine, you may sometimes end up wandering around with your weapons drawn though. The chat issue happens in the gunner seats and when your on pilot/gunner stations in crew ships. You can either leave the seat or push + and mouse down to the chat window to click on it and open it. The loading issue with crew members not seeing your Railjack and being left behind isn’t tied to rising tide progress or completion. It happened to me when I was a client and it happens sometimes to crew when I host, I already posted a workaround - left behind crew members must quit the party and the host reinvites them when the mission loads.
  6. Sometimes once completing a Railjack mission, the clients will get a mission complete screen and when they check their inventory back at the dry dock, the intrinsic points and loot they received from completed missions won’t be added to their inventories. I haven’t had this happen to me as a host and I haven’t seen hosts have this problem but usually it will affect all the clients if this issue happens. As to when or how this happens, it is a crapshot and I don’t know how to replicate it. The workaround I used is to close Warframe and relog. Every time this happened to me my inventory would update when it did that. Everyone else I suggested doing this to reported it working as well.
  7. Right now I’ve had this bug happen to me as a host and client where the host is able to board their Railjack and start missions and some of the other party members won’t be able to see or board the Railjack. When the host starts, the other members not aboard won’t be pulled into the mission aboard the ship and the party on the ship will be caught in an endless loading loop. Sometimes other odd things will happen like party members being randomly kicked off the ship if this occurs. The workaround I’ve used is to have anyone who gets left behind in the dojo and can’t board drop out of the party and the host will re-invite them when the mission loads. They’ll load onto the ship fine and things will work from there.
  8. This happens for me quite frequently. I’ve found three solutions for it: First, just go ahead and run up to the boarding platform, your ship may just “load in” Second, reload the dojo or go to a featured dojo, it may reappear there. Third, board the ship from your orbiter and you can return to dry dock from there.
  9. Yes, as long have thermia, you can start the orb fight.
  10. I have. MR 20 also 700ish hours. Only Argon (loot build - Nekros, Hydroid, or Korra) and credits (Index build - Rino, Revanant, or Wukong) needed farming for me. It’s annoying, but not impossible for non-vets.
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