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  1. Found two visual bugs with the Fulmin. First one is that when using the Oberon Noble Animation set, while in auto mode your Warframe's arm clips through the gun. The second one also concerns the Oberon Noble Animation set and auto mode. When standing still your Warframe will do an animation where he'll lean the gun on his shoulder, if you start walking during this animation the unique way the Fulmin is held during auto mode screws up and reverts to how other rifles are held, causing the silencer to clip through the gun as it's still attached to your left hand. This will then remain this way until you let the animation play again and don't interrupt it. Images: https://ibb.co/Tt1J5zj https://ibb.co/GknJM21
  2. tranq rifle still killing animals for me, I'm using Volt so it might have something to do with his passive damage build up
  3. How about you just don't screw with the Operator Meshes. Add new stuff, sure, but don't change things that will inevitably ruin people's fashion.
  4. Please change back the Koppra hood, it looks really bad now and I bet it ruined a lot of people's fashion.
  5. What did you do to the Koppra Hood? I bought the thing because it was the only hood (when opened) that was sleek and wasn't flopping around all over the place, now it does exactly that while clipping with everything that comes across its warpath. Please change it back, it looked a million times better the way it was.
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