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  1. I've successfully unlocked all 3 tiers of iso vaults (I'm on PC, so they are unlocked permanently for me), so I wanna do Arcana Vaults and skip Iso vaults entirely. How can I participate in multiplayer content with other players for Arcana Vaults? First, Arcana Vaults are selectable only from the Drift, so you NEED to go there. Then if you go there - you are being matchmaked with fishers, miners, K-drivers, conservation hunters and just everyone else and they do not want to do Arcana Vaults. Like ever. So you go solo. Then how you actually matchmake with other Arcana Vault players if
  2. This won't be changed because this is one of the multiple things from which DE makes money to support their f2p game. That's right, this restriction incentivizes you to buy forma or 3-forma bundle from the market for plat.
  3. Is Thermal Sunder a LOS ability or does it damage through walls?
  4. It's not true, Stropha has innate punch through (possibly unlimited), but it hits necramech parts only when the wide "pulse" is somewhat aimed at weakspot. Ignis (Wraith) innate punch through also does not work, you need to aim directly into a part with hitpoints (arm I mean), then AOE from explosion does it's thing.
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