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  1. What mission is better and why between - Peregrine axis - Khufu envoy
  2. What is best mission for farming right now?
  3. What is Pros Cons of this 2 weapon
  4. What is best Kuva Bramma elemental now ? And what elemental mod that use in Kuva Bramma?
  5. What is good silence weapon? I will use for Ivara Prowl .
  6. So i do not put any mods in Exergis if i want to use for specter ?
  7. I seen most people use Volt + Exergis Specter, Why it good?
  8. I seen most people use Volt + Exergis Specter, Why it good?
  9. What is the most effective way to farm relics for use in farm void traces? (Sanctuary onslaught?)
  10. i love this weapon too much but hate this bug and this bug apply to every skin too!
  11. My Sepfahn Zaw 1. Blade and scabbard is in not same position when i hold it 2. My scabbard color isn't change when i change color Is everyone has bug like me or only me?
  12. 1.What is mathematics of Kuva weapon Valence fusion Elemental Bonus? 2.Can I Valence fusion Kuva weapon as many times as I want ? 3.Can I Valence fusion Kuva weapon which has 60% dmg for change elemental?
  13. Can someone help me build Gauss for Thermal Sunder use just for in void fissure (Defense/Mobile defense/Survival) mission.
  14. How many murmur that we need to reveal all mod? I think the number is increase in each mod
  15. Why i seen warframe player use Decaying Key in steel path, it useful?
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