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  1. if u stay out of the black tarry goop u won’t get teleported to the beginning of the map. Took me forever to learn this was driving me crazy.
  2. On PC I thought the Sentient Ship rare caches were taken out. Little Duck sells everything in her exotic shop (the ephemera). Just Shedu parts and Shards for LD now. Before the update I had over 100 shards and never saw a rare cache. But yeah I’m pretty sure u can stop now.
  3. I’d say rifles are the weakest except the Kuva Quartak that things a beast. There are some great shotguns and a lot of them have nice Riven opportunities. Like the Strun Wraith and my favorite The Kohm (and Kuva version).
  4. I just tried the Riven on Hepit with Rhino. Enemy damage didn’t fail it and neither did killing myself with a Kuva Ogris haha. I’m not sure what happened maybe Xbox is a little different than PC with the Riven fails.
  5. I can see that triggering a failed attempt. I have a copy of that Riven/challenge and will give it another go and report back.
  6. That has not been my experience. I haven’t hit iron skin until I’m searching for the target and have never failed the challenge.
  7. Most players can’t come up with 3K ducats in 2 days. It was rereleased to get players to buy the Tennocon pack, just a ploy to drum up business.
  8. Pop Iron skin right at the start of a mission on Rhino P. Super easy I’ve done this Riven so many times. Only the damage from the Synthesis target counts.
  9. Hello. Welcome. Not sure if u use ur operator yet but Magus lockdown will really really help u. A sniper rifle with 4-5 forma built for crit and using head shots will help take down the tanky enemies. It’s a hard mode tho so take ur time getting it worked out. I really like Nova Prime to slow down the chaos but she’s not the hardiest frame. Vanilla Rhino might be a decent option for his armor and damage buff. MR3 u have the Vulkar, MR4 Hek, MR5 Rubico/Kohm/ Snipetron Vandal. I’d try to get to MR5 ASAP for Rubico. Keep an eye out for any sales or specials where u can get a Prime variant sniper like Vectis Prime.
  10. Frost Primes a decent melee frame. Can armor strip with his 4 cold proc with 1. Volt is also a melee beast with his speed boost. Rhino too with his damage buff. Saryn with a viral Zaw and her 3 active is devastating. Ember with a heat melee and her heat damage augment. Lots of options for frames and melee. Any frame with damage buff/augment u can build a melee around is powerful and uses the melee damage Aura mod is strong.
  11. Same. I’m not sure why u can even convert them at the moment.
  12. This needs change ASAP. I’ve been unable to refine as a Holes have gone back to dojo within 3 seconds of mission ending. Sucks I have no control over my own ship.
  13. The valence system still needs a lot of work but yeah, clearly warns u what ur about to lose.
  14. The secondary fire of the Kuva Quartak is pretty shotgun like. It fires 4 rounds at once and is the best rifle in the game by far for me. It’s the only rifle that can consistently 1 shot level 100 and up enemies. Mine has fire for an element and that with a viral crit build is deadly. Crit rivens are pretty cheap and very effective.
  15. Ive built and leveled every companion. Pets are only here for endgame fashion frame and leveling. Otherwise they are useless trash with zero offensive or defensive capabilities after maybe level 30 enemies. They need a refresh or rebuild or something. A Kavat is the only pet worth taking and that’s after 7 forma (it’s worth it). So much potential there that’s wasted, even the Fortuna MOA weapons are all pretty bad (built them all).
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