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  1. I farmed him last weekend. 3 forma. Hes different and fun. Slower paced frame. That armor and high health will save u from getting one shot if ur in a bad position or have to face tank a group of enemies, like 70min into Arbitration Survival (healing return is great). Does it matter in normal content no. 8 rounds of ESO and his armor buff wasn’t needed with adaptation on. I wish they made him punch thru enemies faster and his window for petrify is small and u can easily miss enemies if ur in a rush. I petrified a 120 Nox and he had trouble punching to kill him so I’m not sure how well it scales. His Rumblers I have to work on that ability more, not sure how great they are. Staying in one area locking a doorway down until it collects enemies then blowing it out and mayhem ensues. Petrifying and punching the rest of the area. That’s fun. Just my thoughts.
  2. edit: i don’t know what to say. Night wave is just a boring grocery list that isn’t compelling in the least and S2 isn’t what they promised. It’s painful. The rest of what DE put into this game recently is just micro transactions of skins a guitar and a droid to clean ur ship and a game mode with laughable rewards (Kuva Disruption). I’m waiting to see what the future brings but now I’m doing it as a pessimist. So many amazing things could go on in this game. That’s the worst part.
  3. Have u posted on Warframe.market Thats where most people put stuff they want to sell. Good luck.
  4. I farmed and built Atlas P last weekend. Got enough Axi A6s from Derelict Survival and Xini and Heiracon. Sadly u are on a bad RNG run. I believe I got 6 from a few hours of work. Last one popped the Neuroptics (of course). The in game Codex will give u a list of missions too if u want to check it out. Interception tier 3 rot C is highest at 14% on the wiki followed by Survival and Excavation at 11-12%. Good luck.
  5. I got the gist from his post he was having trouble with Oberon in regular Corpus missions. Rhino and his easy farm is not a bad option to practice tactics and damage types to help get thru ur basic orb Vallis missions. Decent even for Profit Taker. Mix things up for him to try with little effort to get the frame. I bow out after 1hr in Arbitration’s so I can’t speak to anything above that.
  6. U can get the 3 glad mods on deconstructor and if u can manage it depending on the mission get the glad armor and health mods on ur frame with drifting contact on ur melee and pretty much start red critting right away at 2x and keep it going. It’s a lot of fun and I believe the bonus goes on even if Helios dies. Fun trick to use on frames especially those that can use the melee damage aura mod. With healing return on there too ull never die. Play around with it and good luck.
  7. Hey. Checkout out the Battacor. It deals magnetic damage (the damage u want to use). Also the Acceltra formad for magnetic or viral damage will shred them. All the kit guns are good against them (rattleguts with its high firerate) and Viral zaws are excellent. Lots of options but u need a different approach than the other factions. Corrosive is not the best here as u need to lower their shields or hit their health directly. Viral and magnetic is really good against them. Gas works but I never use it personally. Kind of have to start picking certain damages for certain missions and use certain weapons u have prepared for those tasks at ur rank and things ramp up. I have a Tiberon P with a crit Riven and magnetic build I have ready to go for the Corpus. Rhino with his iron skin and damage boost is prob an easy frame to get better fighting against them. Good luck, once u get the hang of it u won’t think twice dealing with them.
  8. This Riven used to give me instant anxiety and dread. Ha. But I’ve learned. Zephyr with anti grav and bullet jump mods, a Catchmoon with the headshot arcane and the derelicts big open rooms or plains and it’s done in 2 seconds. Get a small group of enemies together, bullet jump, shoot one guy in head, arcane headshots the two others and done.
  9. Kill 6 Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground while sliding: Go to plains, shoot down Dargyn with non powerful gun, pilot falls to ground, run up and hit Zephyrs 4. Slide around. EZ. A little time consuming but not bad. Zephyr is my go to for a lot of veiled Rivens. Great frame. It’s not just this challenge eventually they all become simple and quick.
  10. Yes this is certainly the case, but DE let it get away from them when they didnt do any real riven changes for what like 6 months, a year, longer(?). They let players get comfortable with them and then drastically made abrupt changes. That doesnt feel good, especially for those who work really hard on something. The answer: Be done rolling a popular riven more than 10 times, take the best stats and if u get lucky great.
  11. As someone who has an excellent Acceltra riven they made that way themselves with 57 rolls, my answer is no (+198%CC, +139%CD, -40% recoil). Im already dreading the day it gets nuked. Feel stupid for putting as much time and energy into it as I did. Really wish DE would reassess how they handle this. Its like giving someone art you worked on for days and days and that person throwing into the ocean. Maybe the more rolls a riven has the less percent its stats change? Ill take anything.
  12. Saryn looks a little like the predator and she is pretty sexy in her "heels". Shes one of the frames that looks as dangerous as she really is. And Frost P cagey gold helmet is my fave of the entire game. Hes a beast.
  13. I managed to get a lot of relics for the Prime Pack out right now yesterday. Lith: Quick solo is Hepit-Void-Capture or First 2 rounds of Taranis-Void-Defense Meso: IO-Defense-Jupiter first 2 rounds only NEO/AXI Xini-Eris-Interception, can do long runs there This covers all ur bases for the new gear. Its a big undertaking though. Good luck (pixelated stories on youtube has more info on this) Example: Atlis Prime Relics: Atlas Prime Chassis - MESO E3 , System - NEO A3 , BP - LITH D1, Neuroptics - AXI A6
  14. I did a lot of Survival Arbitrations solo and group over the last few weeks to try and get a feeling for Vitus drops and how they average out for time management purposes. Solo 1 hour survival was 7-9 vitus, groups always 30-40. Thats with Booster only no Kavat, with Nekros and scouring the map last one to extract so nothing was missed. I believe if Vitus drops have drastically dipped out of those ranges RNG was "adjusted". I could guess the number at the end of the mission without looking it was so consistent. I will do some this weekend to see whats going on before I jump to conclusions but if its off that really sucks. Group Arbitrations are one of the few modes that a player can get the most out of reward wise for time spent and for Kuva purchasing. *Sample size of around 30 runs total for solo and groups around an hour each + - 10min*
  15. Mothers mask is in the nakak store in Cetus for 20 more hours.
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