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  1. After 3-4 days with this update and it’s included changes I haven’t logged on since. I think DE knew all the things that have disappointed me over the last 2 years and put it all in one easy download. So now my PS4 is in my office, I got a new TV and I’m working on Metro Exodus. #gethypedforProteaRework2025
  2. I think Nezha, but I still have all 4. Haven’t found a frame that really needs/warrants one yet.
  3. I’m hoping with it’s delay DE is rethinking their plan and roll out. It sounded like the liche system without thralls, mini bosses and the cool weapons at the end. It’s kind of already in the game. I will say rewards were not really part of the early player convos it was short cuts to get to level 100 plus enemies over 1 hr Arbi survivals. Just give out a random forma or statue here or there and players will be cool with it. Well know soon enough.
  4. I have a few forma on my Zephyr. Play him(?) a few times a month. His 3 is useful for damage reduction. Everything else is pretty bad augment or not. So maybe after Nyx/Loki/Banshee/Chroma we can get a rework on Zeph because there’s potential there. His 1-2-4 are kinda just like throwing wild punches at enemies. After that I really want Ember to get buffed, mainly her 2 ability and energy consumption. Ember P with a viral weapon should be top tier atm. Really gotta say a lot of frames are in a decent place right now since shield gating and status changes. Nezha is a monster.
  5. I just built the same exact parts to that TF primary. I am waiting to see what happens with them as I have a Gaze primary I’ve formad 4 times and it only has a 10m range and I hate using it. I’m pretty sure some balancing is coming with them one way or another. But the TF is prob the best primary KG from my research.
  6. Kuva Quartak with the heat element and viral build and a nice roll crit Riven w/HM. That secondary fire mode will drop level 100 plus Nox with 1 head shot. And with Wisp the regular fire mode is a beast with inc fire rate. My favorite Kuva weapon/primary.
  7. The MOAs are more fashion frame than anything else. I built one to use the hack consoles mod. I got into a vault all sneakily and the MOA is looking at me from the other side of the glass outside. Never got into the vault. Haha never forget trying to use it as a newer player. I’ll stick to my kavat and or Djinn for serious play time.
  8. I get it I really do but ur job as Khora is to protect and shut down alley ways for enemies so ur objective/team doesn’t take damage. Maybe do some farming too with her augment or help in survivals. I think she’s the best farming frame with the best potential for damage and utility. It’s ok to slot into a team and help in other ways than damage, see what frames ur with and help work together. Try a full range build in Hijack Sortie and take the mission over.
  9. So I’m in the camp that thinks primaries in general are a little lacking (especially with rivens thrown in). If I could only take one weapon to a mission there’s so many melee and secondaries I’d take before any primaries (Kuva Quartak my fave). So I think the balance is off there. I built the gaze with splat and the bigger looking grip (names escaping me). I like the big beam but the range of the rifle is bad maybe 10m and u can’t fix that pre build. There’s a range mod with +12 range(?) meters maybe, that does help a lot but ur sacrificing a slot there. I also have all the KG Arcanes and the battery one is laughably slow q bullet every 2 sec and the others are terrible indoors (headshot one) so I’m not even running one. I previewed built a lot of them and none really intrigued me stats wise and there’s really no Arcanes to boost their performance like zaws. Missed opportunity to excite players and start strong but DE does this a lot, start low and then collect data/feedback and buff down the line. So don’t get too worried I think they’ll improve and some players will hit on a winner. Maybe we’re getting new Arcanes for the rifles. Edit: New players u do u, it’s all good have fun. But if u have limited resources and this is a big undertaking to make a primary KG, might be wise to sit back and wait a week or two collect stuff and see what’s worth ur time and investment.
  10. I agree to an extent, top new weapons are good for business. But I think the nerfs and DE not committing to an over all vision has hurt the game over the last few years.
  11. I edited my post I was not referring to the OP but the power creep group.
  12. It’s already been nerfed in a round about way when DE did the AOE changes and ruined other weapons in the process. It was so much more powerful for about 2 weeks when it released (plus it’s a pain to get). Not for OP but if u don’t like people kit play solo or get better, the games supposed to be fun.
  13. I’ve got 3.5k hours into WF. I’m ready for some big changes. I’m just worried they will continue to ground the game when we need more exciting interesting mechanics. So sure make changes but think about the game play and make it better along the way. If A.I. improves, my character/weapons gets a nerf BUT my speed and mobility is increased (pre melee 2.99 movement speed and range) along with some of my abilities (like Frosts 1 would slow a whole group), that may be a welcome change. Another part of this equation is Rivens and I hope they rework that whole system.
  14. Not recently but I remember DE talked of an infested open world area or something similar. Maybe last year. I know there’s something in the works with the infested. Hopefully they gain some intelligence and new models.
  15. For me it’s Ember so much potential that’s just not there. I was really let down by her rework and energy use. Grendel and Banshee finish out my top 3.
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