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  1. Weapon would be cool. Just make it a reward u can spend the credits on not locked behind a grind wall and no one should have a problem with it.
  2. I am that player that uses his 2 to level melee weapons in SO like a crazy person. I really like the frame but in his current state I can really only take advantage of either his speed or his discharge or survivability. Can’t really play him to all his abilities. I wish we would get reworks not new frames. We need reworks. There’s so many frames that no one touches because they have so many issues. I see Wisp but almost never Hildryn anymore. Make the foundation better then build on it.
  3. I will throw in that 400 Endo seems to drop frequently on Kuva Survival. I’ve noticed I’ve doubled my Endo stores the last month or so. Tried Arbitration’s but weak teams drove me away (I’m not amazing myself). May try again.
  4. So I’ll take a shot answering this: Pressure Point (Primed) Condition Overload Blood Rush Organ Shatter 2 60/60 mods (I do viral) Berserker Drifting Contact/Reach (Prime) I use drifting contact when I might not have access to enemies all the time. Riven mod may change things up depending on its stats. But this is my build for almost all my zaws except for some specialty builds I play with. I would have gone with the P Krip/Seekala/ekwana jai 2 or ekwana 2 jai (100% status) for a balance of speed/crit/status but ull need 2 Forma or so either way. The build is a personal preference as the damage numbers I’ve seen are really close. I like speed over a little more damage, personal preference! When ur at 3x multiplier it red crits like crazy.
  5. What I’ve noticed is I have to be careful with Saryns strength. I have 2 builds that all have high range (270ish). One is a low strength of around 70% for say Sanctuary onslaught or low rated enemies. The other build has all the strength mods for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught or Sorties. If ur too strong it will kill the enemies too quickly and u won’t get prolonged spread. So match Saryns strength with content. If u get it right ull notice u hit ur one once or twice a round in SO or ESO. Something to play around with. But I’m not an expert on the subject. Good luck!!!
  6. I built the Tigris Prime for that same sortie (only needs 2 forma). Very powerful can one shot anyone on the map, 20k slash. Youtube Layzaargaming has a nice Tigris build thats fairly cheap. Some of the shotguns I've put 5-6 Forma in but this was really quick to get right. Excellent against Sortie 3 with elemental resistance. Good luck.
  7. I’m at mr14 and I’m bummed that’s it for the weapons. DE make some really hard missions with the reward being new weapon parts for higher rank players. Or every rank after 14 has a mission and the reward is a new weapon.
  8. I have been face tanking it with Rhino and a supercharged corrosive Catchmoon. I did want to add that I think Rhinos stomp freezes the Laphantis so u can make him really vulnerable w/3+4 abilities. But I will try Limbo and see how he does, thanks for the tip.
  9. Ha, is shipping coming to WF? I never think of these things but hey, u have fun with it and I will look forward to the discussion from afar.
  10. Damn thats pretty good. I just built it but will work on a radiation build to take on Eidolon hunts. I will use Rhino's 3 with a Catchmoon radiation riven build to 3-4 shot a limb, this may be better. Thank u for sharing.
  11. I thought I heard TacticalPotato say NW Intermission is dropping this week. BUT are we really getting a Plague Star event soon? That makes me so happy. I just missed the last one and I have been getting my Cetus rank maxed for it so I can go crazy (have rivens sitting around for it).
  12. Once u get a stealth frame: Solo-Earth-Cetus free roam (day time)-Run around until drop ships hyper jump in and shoot the guys riding the ship when they get close dont need to take the ships down just shoot the level 15 guys. It takes less than 20min, if they dont spawn leave and go back in. I've dont this many times with Loki and Ivara and a decent pistol or a rifle. Good luck.
  13. I can give u a Hells Chamber. Get them frequently from Kuva survival. Hit me up around 10pm EST tomorrow night. Just remind me u want HC might have a Blaze for u too. Hendrix923
  14. I just opened a Riven for a plague kewar or something. I think it will return kinda soon or at least at some point if those rivens are still popping. Right? Please DE!!! I also missed the event and I want to jump into one.
  15. Go farm Ivara then. U need a stealth frame. Pretty easy if u have a free hour or so.
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