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  1. id honestly rather the usual 100 ducats than 1 single argon i mean at least make it 2 argon since most builds need at least 2
  2. compensation for duplicate NW rewards?
  3. i'd love it if this were a feature tbh, it would make grendel way more useful if he could just carry the prisoner to safety and i don't see why it cant be a thing if limbo can practically do the same minus the belly
  4. how about you just bullet jump less and let us worry about how we get around maps
  5. oh okay i agree, it should be a thing. typing is annoying on consoles
  6. have they updated/changed grendel's missions for console or do i not know what matchmaking means? it's a very flexible mission in that you don't even need to buy the keys, you can just find a game in recruitment chat and make sure at least one person has a key. or did they patch that out?
  7. please tell us what bug free games youre playing
  8. or maybe just let us merge a frame's polarity into its prime version so i dont have to go through the forma grind for min/max again...? i want to umbra my harrow so bad but he'll probably get primed soon and i'll have to wait for another season of nightwave
  9. could we maybe get a merge mechanic for warframes and their primed varients? i'd happily pay/grind a special type of forma/potato that lets us merge our polarities onto a primed version of a frame since quite a few frames still haven't got primes, i stay away from playing most them since the idea of having to forma all over again really puts me off getting invested when i know they'll be getting primed versions soon...
  10. my archgun has been a life saver on many occasions when my primary has run out of ammo and there's too many enemies for melee the big laser one is amazing against orb vallis corpus if you mod it right
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