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  1. i wouldn't mind if i could place an invisibility bubble where i'm standing whilst fishing so i can just be ignored
  2. max strength and duration replace her 2 with something like pillage put on her augment that adds damage boosts to her 4 ghosts you should end up with about 500% damage boost in eclipse which can reach to 1100% on arbitration if she has the 300% buff
  3. ...no lol, sortie missions are not challenging bar some jarring and strenuous assassinations you would waste so much more time farming the steel essence instead of completing the actual mission
  4. i'd rather just be able to earn standing for simaris via ESO first so i don't have to worry about targets dying at all
  5. my front area was COVERED in floofs before i had to remove them all, i hit the limit before i could fill it out entirely with kuakas
  6. i need a frame that can morph into having 8 sharp legs that allows it to move faster and deal slash damage at any enemies that get in the way
  7. nyx doesn't need a rework tho, her 1 needs modernising and that's it
  8. Helminth has already fixed nyx: just replace mind control with pillage and she instantly becomes ready for the steel path
  9. just think of it as initiation to warframe's grind
  10. i love railjack but the corpus missions are missing railjack centric goals it's like they went to the other end of the spectrum lol. the grineer missions are ALL just kill fighters and crewships with maybe something extra, the corpus missions are just normal missions with a tiny bit of prep if they could just nail the perfect blend of railjack and diversity!
  11. to be honest, i'm not opposed to this as long as i can organise my weapons into folders or tags to let me quickly find the right build for the right faction i can't be bothered to change up mods every time
  12. 125% strength since her 2 caps at 100% defence reduction at 125 maximise the range and duration so her 3 completely commands the battlefield and her 2/3 last long enough replace her 1 with pillage so you can insta restore shields with a huge buff and remove status effects her 4 will suffer a bit but that skill isn't that good anyway unless you use it as a way to stun over a medium radius
  13. nyx does not need a rework, thank you!
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