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  1. we knew this but we didn't know if lavos/cedo would be in a vendor store or behind a bounty grind or simply in a dojo lab. the reason for the upset is them not telling us where, if i had known i could have used my standing later on to get cedo, i could have used those cells to prioritize arcane energize and spent my month long waiting 132k standing on cedo if i felt too burned out on the event
  2. i'm not usually one to complain about the choices you guys make but i'm siding with the people who feel a little bit miffed not knowing lavos would be so easy to gain and could have used those cells on arcane mods .-. i had to choose between energize and avenger because after grinding lavos and cedo, i had no incentive to carry on with the event for that amount of cells... idk, it feels kinda shady happy for those who don't have to grind as hard now though
  3. the one today was brutal, i didn't realise how strong the elemental resistance was but i tried again with nyx, stripped that bad boy's armour and made it ez
  4. they're quite tough to kill, especially for a new player and it doesn't take long to reach The New Strange quest so that's more pointed towards already knowing what Simaris targets are and still choosing to kill them
  5. hi friends! i'm thinking of making a youtube video about the unspoken rules of Warframe and its community, focusing on new players who are yet to unlock all of the content that comes with finishing The War Within. after you finish TWW, you gain access to fully functioning operator, sorties, liches etc so this is more directed at behaviour in standard missions/communication/frame behaviour etc so i'm asking you guys, the community, of any unspoken rules you follow (or break lol) to make public gameplay experience a pleasure for everyone! some examples that i already have noted do
  6. i surprisingly haven't encountered many, none that i can remember that had me needing to leave the mission etc
  7. he needs his own invasion mission, like that infested boss
  8. lavos cooldowns aren't even that bad 😂 his 2 has a cooldown of like 2 seconds which you can use to say adios if enemies are overwhelming you you can boost his efficiency so his 3 reduces the cooldowns quicker but i said meh to that, threw on blind rage and just used these things called weapons to kill my viral proc'd enemies whilst my 4 cools down i wouldn't be mad if we got another cooldown frame in the future
  9. the warframe wiki will tell you who has prime variants
  10. they've said plenty of times they're working on cross save
  11. i think my next milestone is 600 days... i can't remember BUT i joined feb 2019 and my friends gawk when i tell them i have 2000 hours logged on steam alone i really wish i could go back in time and get excal prime lol
  12. this is like being on facebook back in the 10s when your fan girl friends had "mrs. justin bieber" as their profile photo whilst screeching about one direction
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