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  1. That's not true though since many veterans can see the huge potential in Railjack for exploration and resource gathering for the clan and its members. The idea of alerts that the entire clan can participate in which yields higher resource drop quantity and chance with X(10,000) number of a specific resource as a reward. Perhaps planet & asteroid capturing, where it works like an invasion mission specifically for clans only, where we can deploy a massive fomorian looking extractor that will extract the planet or asteroids with its drones for all its resources and share them among clan members over time. PvP isn't going to ever be fun unless we can use everything we've got. That's what other games do right and what Warframe does wrong, so PvE should still be our main focus and what better way than to involve clans. There are rather a lot of downsides to being a Moon clan VS being a Storm clan, since the resource costs for literally everything is multiplied by 100x, so either allowing Moon clans to get even bigger by becoming Sun clans without increasing the resource cost all that much or by introducing these improvements and additions to the game for clans, would make being a Moon clan and joining larger communities more popular and flexible too, since Moon clans are the best at keeping players playing the game, but there are only a limited amount of things we can do to keep things up and running all the time before the average amount of active members drop back down to 60 throughout the day.
  2. It sounds like you've done very well, but don't you think there are problems with the clan system that could use improvement? Not all clans are able to achieve what you have. Most would have to kick folks after 1-3 days inactivity and recruit again constantly in order to maintain that activeness, as well as having to remove those who do not contribute and many warlords don't want to be a slave driver, so this improvement is mostly out of consideration for our clan members and our large communities as a whole. The alliance we are a part of is the largest alliance in Warframe and by far the largest community making up 1/3rd of its active population. We strive to keep things fun and engaging, and fairly successful at it, so we would like to see these improvements made.
  3. And many large moon clans do as well, but the point being made here is that there are far more negatives to being a moon clan than any positives at all, which is why it might be better to increase the size or improve everything else. The idea of having a larger clan is to lighten up the load and burden on individual members. Otherwise, where's the appeal in having Moon Clans?
  4. As an added bonus, the extractor's deployment could be it's own event, where playesrs try to keep it alive; basically the opposite of fomorian invasions.
  5. First of all, Sun tier. With the upcoming Railjack update, why take the opportunity to expand the size of clans? I suggest something along the lines of 3,000 members as the limit. Something should also be done with the resource costs of building new rooms and decorations in the dojo. I suggest lowering the base cost or at least the multipliers of each tier; the reason being, these costs are highly detrimental to higher tiered clans. Moon clans, for example, can have up to 1000 members but the amount of people that actually contribute may not even reach triple digits. Just imagine the cost of the Railjack update on big clans. This brings me to my next topic. Clan participation is lower than it should be. The only way this can be remedied currently is to kick the inactive players and hope the next one to be recruited does better. Being forced to do something is not fun and forcing someone to do something is not an efficient use of time. Instead of punishment, why not put in an incentive to participate in the clan? This is where clan extractors and clan alerts come into play. Clans could select a node and begin an "invasion" of sorts. Only the upper echelon would be able to do this. Once the node is secured, the invasion spreads out to more nodes until the planet is completely taken. They can select the base level of enemies on that node and have the resources earned scale according to that level. Once every node is taken, an extractor is deployed that lasts for a week. It will give rewards to everyone who participated and a large amount of resources from the planet go into the vault once it expires. More participation means more resources; a small percentage of those earned resources will go to the clan vault, thus mitigating the amount of farming required if my earlier suggestion doesn't go through. These are just ideas and I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter. DE's as well. Another possible change:
  6. Nah, Steve specifically said that they were going to make a limited number of Umbra frames, 8 more they stated, and many have speculated that they will be the first 8 vanilla frames that Warframe had in OBT launch. We can also infer from the Ember Prime, Mag Prime, and Rhino Prime, codex entries that these three frames will be getting their Umbra variant. In the quest The Sacrifice it is stated that Excalibur Umbra is subject 9, meaning there are 8 other Umbra Warframes. Maybe they changed their minds on this subject, I don't know.
  7. Well a lot of people are expecting , anticipating, and wanting the next Umbra to be Rhino since he was the first and original tank in Warframe and everyone's second frame back during OBT launch. Those were the days when Rhino was the most used warframe and the Hek was the most used primary before they nerfed it so that they couldn't snipe with it lol. Also I heard that DE said they will release more Umbras in their devstreams.
  8. I think it would be pretty cool if Rhino Umbra was found on the otherside in the Tau System, still active and alive, and it saves the Tenno who just arrived over there but forced to make a crash landing on its outermost planet. Or maybe we can find a Sentient morphed version of it, like Ballas, and we fight it as an enemy and then scan its remains to get the non-sentient chimera version and the Sentient Chimera Rhino Umbra can be a skin. For its memories it will probably be an in-depth flashback to the events that happened in the Rhino Prime Codex Entry. Any ideas on what the quest should be like? And what do you think it would look like?
  9. I just wonder if DE has confirmed if they will create more Umbra Warframes. Since the addition of Umbral Forma, I've seen a few concerns over whether they will continue to release Umbra Frames. That's just unwarranted concern in my opinion but I am a bit curious.
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