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  1. Mag Prime Being the first female prime is hard-work but I have prevailed thus far. I have a certain 'pull' on people owing to my magnetic personality, but I can be a polarizing person. People are torn between whether they like me or not, but so far the people who have liked me have fallen head over heals in love with my many talents. I am a very social and charismatic person and can 'control a crowd' with ease. I would love to meet a good support who would shield me from harm and let me flaunt my abilities without interruption. But be warned, if you cross me or make me mad, I will 'crush' you. Likes: Shields, Magnets, Tech (projectile accelerators in particular), Bows, Sniper Rifles... and long bullet jumps on the beach. Dislikes: Nightmares, Alad V, Broccoli (reminds me of the Boiler) Favorite Quote: "I think I have kind of a natural magnetism" - Wesley Snipes
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