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  1. Is it possible to make the (less than 20) rare/impossible to get codex scans as rewards for watching the work from home streams?
  2. Yes I understand completely. That is why I wanted to put forth the idea as using those bugged/insane entries in the codex and instead of fixing something that just breaks again on the next patch, why not use the twitch rewards from watching the work from home streams as a way to give players those ridiculous codex entries. Because really I’m mr30 and while my ps4 account isn’t to old (going around 770-780 day I believe) I’ve been playing on and off since 2014 (so close to being around for Excalibur prime) and today is the first time I have ever gotten the work around for the Manic Bombard Exim
  3. Hi I know this wouldn’t be a fix at all but it could cut down on some frustration. Well since it’s less than 20 enemies (I think) why not add them to the reward pool for watching the streams (working from home). Say watch for 50 minutes and get a completed missing scan in your codex or get Manic Bombard Eximus, Jackal Eximus, Bailiff Eximus, the 3 new corpus engineers that are currently not spawning (probably an incorrect tag in the script, it’s a simple slip so it’s possible), the normal Orm ships, some Deimos enemies, J3, storage containers, etc. if it would be easier to code for.
  4. Well I’m doing my night wave right now and had a thought about a possible way to get the missing/removed/ultra rare codex enemies. Why not expand on Cephalon Simaris’ research. If Cephalon Simaris became a ranked syndicate and had research available based on your rank with the entire enemy codex as the research list with rank 5 being say the removed/retired/ultra rare (ex. Manic Bombard Eximus, Bailiff Eximus, J3). By doing this you give players more reason to go back and do Simaris’ missions rather than just stealth scan on adaro with ivara to get standing and it can solve a long standing wan
  5. Yes! Thanks DE, we’ve been waiting (impatiently) for this update like always 😝and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into Warframe (I might not like everything about the game but the game wasn’t built for just me so I won’t like everything as much as everyone else and I can’t expect a game to pander to only a few individuals and not the community as a whole) and pushing on even when some members of the community feel entitled and give bad pr. Long live the Lotus
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