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  1. The hemocyte fight has gone to sh.. the flap mouth doesn’t open half the time and if I try to go to another head it will just spin in place until it is back to the flap mouth, no matter how much I move around or dodge I still get hit by its attack, the blade one will still do a ground slam and it’s weak points can and will disappear into a rock or hill for the most part, and not sure if it was made like this but the voidrig’s arquebex can’t hit it and does no damage (or very very little)….and with that I’m probably NOT playing plague star again because NOTHING got fixed. Thank you so much. Oh, and you can’t reply if you try to go through the game so I had to make this on my phone. Again, thank you so very and much bless your heart’s.
  2. I get the same blank screen as well when I go to the cred offering screen
  3. Looking at needing to level the Helminth 5 more levels, it would have been nice to get some xp for those who apparently wasted subsuming all of the Warframe’s already since I was capped at 10 for a bit before I ever finished that…once again something not bothered to be addressed
  4. Looking at these changes, i gotta say im not sure if your intent with closing the gun/blade divide is going to be the end result. The way your nerfing melee and with how the changes are overpowering guns is just going to have you come back in another update and nerf...sorry, rebalance what you just buffed. This happens every few updates and im sorry to have to tell you this but guns (all) arent balanced at all, currently you just try to make all of them useful but not great in end game content which absolutely destroys the point of having anything locked by MR. Guns might have a better balance if they were balanced for the MR they become available which would clear much confusion on which gun should/could/would be useful for the level of content players are at. If new weapons were locked behind SP that was balanced for those at that level it would make SP more important or maybe give a damage boost based on MR (ex. MR 1 damage boost 1 so base damage MR 5 db 1.1 so a 10% increase in damage for MR 5,10,15,20,25,30 with MR30 db of 1.6) sure this will cause a divide in players but i dont think anymore than the division currently in place. Also this would make adding a sort by MR a needed addition. Im not trying to say your doing it wrong im just saying take look at the past changes with rebalancing involved and a lot of those changes didnt last or just made things worse or got rebalanced again in a later update. So ,please look at your approach to the issue of balanced content because something isnt gettting done/communicated correctly from the drawing board to the update. Well after an opinion like that i think its time for the good side of things I loved dog days again was able to get all the stuff this time around, the changes to railjack have been great and definitely in the right direction i cant wait to see how it plays after this update, love the visuals as always, load times have been great on the ps5, and a whole slew of other great things i cant think of at the moment (multiple sclerosis has negatively impacted my life in multiple ways and memory is one of them) but im sure my fellow Tenno can pitch in for those things we do like since im sure whoever reads these gets tired of comments about what we dont like.
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