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  1. Yes! Thanks DE, we’ve been waiting (impatiently) for this update like always 😝and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into Warframe (I might not like everything about the game but the game wasn’t built for just me so I won’t like everything as much as everyone else and I can’t expect a game to pander to only a few individuals and not the community as a whole) and pushing on even when some members of the community feel entitled and give bad pr. Long live the Lotus
  2. Yes thank you so much de. I just forma’d most of my prime frames with an aura Forma (mr 30 already but wanted to play with frames I normally don’t). Merry Christmas and happy holidays p.s. for an idea what if de sold universal Forma for plat only that would give a universal polarity for any slot or for those that don’t have plat allow us to Forma the same slot like 3-5 times with a different polarity to eventually make it a universal slot as well.
  3. I fused the new one to the old one. The % was 32% for the one with the invested time and resources the other one was 40%. I’ve checked after restarting the game and it still was basically like I never had the kuva karak. The warning was replace 32% impact for 40% impact
  4. I just finished a recovered kill/convert lich and went to valence fuse the kuva weapons. It replaced the property didn’t not increase it and it destroyed the one that was maxed rank with a catalyst and eximus adapter. So I lost 5 Forma, a catalyst, and an adapter.
  5. Update: I was able to access the necralisk just now and am able to start a mission. Will only update again if I get the same bug.
  6. I was trying to access the Necralisk (yes I have it unlocked) and after selecting an instance I get “This Operation mission is currently locked. You must unlock it first in order to join a squad.” I was able to get to the necralisk through the cambia drift but I am unable to do any missions. All other nodes work fine, I did the weekly ayatan mission before this and tried a few after getting the error.
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