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  1. Firstly, it's because they are aesthetically based on Cowboy chaps, not a duster, secondly it's because that with the current cloth sim system (and most likely any runtime capable system) concave cloth shapes (anything that wraps around) don't work. Which is why you don't see wrap-around cloaks or any other such thing.
  2. Yes, DE signed a contract with Steam. that contract gives them them Steams mechanisms for accepting, paying for and licencing Tennogen but requires that DE use their payment method as all licencing is through them on the PC platform. Tennogen wouldn't exist without this contract DE have explicitly stated that this will not change
  3. No, but this is not one of those situations, if you had the background experience you'd know that. So much nonsense. The fact you think there is a definitive "properly" here is so telling, and it's not a good look. Ignorance and hubris, the classic Dunning Kruger combination. I'm not. You're just too ignorant to get it. And I mean really painfully ignorant, you-would-have-failed-an-interview ignorant, I wasn't-this-ignorant-and-unaware-15-years-ago (And I was pretty full of myself back then) kind of ignorant You keep pontification all you want, you're obviously doubling down (Classic Dunning Kruger again) and you're not worth my time, given your complete lack of humility in an area you know (quite obviously) worse-than-nothing about. It's time for the sweet silence of the block button.
  4. Wow, You aren't a developer for a living are you, or if you are, I wouldn't work with you. Firstly, when you have a live service that is paying everyone's salary there are frequently codepaths that you cannot risk altering. Things that would just cost too much money/time to get right again. In that situation if a new feature requires a change in that code path then it just doesn't happen. This is even worse in gaming, where developers have massivly compressed timescales and have to integrate work from non-programmers at a scale greater that most other industries by an order of magnitude. Now often "fab" new features are constructed as proof-of-concepts based on what can already be made (Emperyan/Railjack was one of these) I'll bet rivens are just that. And given Steves tweet some time ago about switching to binary JSON representation with a database upgrade I'll bet that a number of new features are done as JSON documents in a generally RDBMS. So now we're talking about JSON blobs stored in rows in a DB that normaly stores minimal data. What is the performance penalty on what critical data retreval paths if that one table gets "Too big" and what is "Too big" in this case? I can't tell you, but I'll bet DE have an idea, and that riven limit is driven by that consideration. Remember we don't just care about just storage we care about storage per unit of read or write performance. No one cares about $50 consumer HDD's when server-side item queries start timing out. Never assume malice when ignorance is a more likely explaination, in this case, our ignorance as (where appropriate) non-developers and more importantly people-without-any-visibility-of-the-Warframe-codebase-and-historical-decisions. Assumuing you can school a developer in their own field is the height of hubris.
  5. Simply put, DE don't want to exclude anyone, if they could make it run better, they would, and those optimizations would-and-do make their way to all platforms. DE has many many PC specs all running the game non-stop looking for performance regressions. DE Steve is constantly looking for more performant ways of doing the same or better things. He tweets about improvements it a lot But there is a limit. What we have now is the best DE can do without cutting into development time needed for content. In addition, laptops with integrated graphics or mobile GPU's are often in a bad state because the vendors often fail to update their customized driver packages making performance fixes that DE needs to rely upon unnavailable.
  6. No. I just want more game, whatever vague attributes players assign to "Endgame" has no real meaning and the specific are generally awful. Do I want: More extreme gear checks: No Forced teaming: No Sparser reward and even longer time-to-acquire for even smaller rewards: No. PvP: No That is 90% of what people mean by "Endgame" I don't want any of it, because it's lazy, awful content.
  7. Yes that's what I said (Emphasis added) You seem to be deeply concerned about targeted ads here: Which is why I mentioned it, as this totally mitigates any targeting. Personally I have virtually no ads so I'm not sure what steps you take to avoid them but mine seem to work. But I also live in Europe (for now) and the GDPR allows me to opt out of tracking at the visited-web-site level. Basic Cable here is ~100mb downstream, which is pretty common. Depending on how FTP games work on Stadia (It's not totally clear yet) i can see kids using Stadia Basic to hop onto the "Fortnite" of the moment. Even more so if Google roll some enhanced Stadia access into a Google Play/Youtube Red subscription. Hell I know people who can get ~$10 of Play store credit from a few months of surveys on guugle Opinion rewards, that could pay for a teeneager's Stadia Pro subscription ever other month or so.
  8. Statia is just an application of their compute infrastructure, If virtually free for them, that's the beauty of it, It provides base load for one of the other big offerings Also, Glass Is actually selling fairly well BTW, to industry. That's your perogative. But I think you misunderstand how Google ads work and just how much data all existing consoles already collect for MS, Sony and Nintendo. This is no worse than the walled-garden consoles, it's just has different pros and cons. Also, You know that you can just refuse targeted ads right? Also, there is zero indication that Stadia can interupt a ruinning game to do anything, let alone ads. Anything comparable in Google's arsenal (Like the Play Store) simply allows Developers to insert ads if they want the extra monitization, not jamming them into a 3rd party product. I see no reason why DE would choose to add interstitials.
  9. Given that Google Tier 1 networking peer they would be much better at migigating DDoS on their service than anyone smaller. And given that Stadia uses Google's compute infrastructure, it would be tough to DDoS that whole infrastructure more than it already gets from basic usage.
  10. There are a number of super interesting things about Stadia. Anyone playing Stadia would have negligable network ping to all other Stadia players (The latency of your video feed woud be an issue but it's a very different kind of latency and Google's cloud infrastructure guarantees aggressive network locality) Stadia has API's to make Stream aggrigation trivial, How would you like to have picture in-picture of your other teammates while on a mission? Very easy to add. Deep-learning based post-processing is trivial to do in Stadia, Fancy a layer that makes everything look like a watercolour, trivial to impliment shadow-filtering and anti-aliasing. Disconnection from stadia doesn't have to abort your game session, removing Host migration. If DE wanted to they could favour Stadia to host making even a single Stadia player in the group result in no host migration for everyone else. In addition to that stadia is vulkan-native, so it would be a great route into giving DE another monatary reason to investigate vulkan Also, the Ouya was a kickstarter that just happened to use Android under the hood, it was nothing to do with Google. Stadia is simply google "pulling an amazon", they need to have aggressive amounts of cloud infrastructure so building a service offering on top of that that pays for itself in just giving them a boost in paid-for capacity to the infrastructure they need for many other services. I'm very suspicious of cloud-anything. But expecially for hop-on FTP games like warframe it may be a good fit.
  11. As a vet myself I'm perfectly happy with this as an intermission, many thanks. I have to admit when you launched Nightwave I was suspicious of you being able to produce VO/Diorama/Story/Boss content for the seasions regularly enough to truly replace alerts. This is all good stuff, there is nothing there I don't want, except the Gamma colour picker and Rift sigil, but those players who didn't get those things they need an oppertunity as well. Maybe put something else in the non-debut-unique-item slots (Credits would be fine) as well just so they're not totally dead weight for people who already have then?
  12. It's trivially easy to come up with multiple reason why one is ok and the other is not, expecially if you're a developer yourself, but you do you. I'll just put you on ignore. Must likely the same reaction you'll get from the devs.
  13. Blease don't discount the notion that extra work may have been done for the Hecaton. That work may be single-use and not be applicable to the Bravura or it may be a generic change in systems that happens since the Bravura That said, sure, this does mean that as of now it's possible, but it doen't mean that it's trivial nor that it's not possibly more work that was put into the Hecaton. IMHO it's worth asking, it's not a good idea to assert things we can't currently know about, given that we only have two disconected data points.
  14. I believe he was aware of the risks, but if I'm right that he fused parts of Margulis into Natah, He would most likely believe he had both area's covered. After all he betrayed the Orokin for the Sentients and He was Margulis' lover so he could easily believe he was somewhat safe. Also, he was prepared to destroy the Orokin just to get a chance at something like Margulis back, I think he was very much willing to risk it all. As far as the void goes, Natah is "New", she was "born" during the War (According to the dialogue before the Ropalolyst fight) and she comments that the void is "Still poison to our ancients" suggesting that the newer sentients have more resistance. In addition to that she was "Changed" by the void, possibly because she was already fused with some human qualities from the remains of Margulis
  15. That not my experience, every competitive game I've been involved in has been significantly more toxic than non-competitive games and each non-competitive game that has added competitive aspects has become more toxic, Without exception. I'm super happy that DE is dealing with persistent offenders like this, we simply don't need them.
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