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  1. As I said, the sister doesn't exist when you enter the void. You know that when you enter the Granum void you are messing with Parvos Granum, right? Then Parvos Granum is pissed with you after the visit. You fight a normal female corpus (Obviously for gameplay reasons you know they are special as they are a unique model but... gameplay) and then Parvos pulls them into the void on death and then makes them a sister, that is said in the dialogue they demoed to us. Punch Parvos, -> Dead Corpus is pulled into Granum Void and a sister is created I'm often critical of DE's messaging
  2. I believe the idea is that Sisters are made inside the Granum Void but that the "Larvling" isn't a sister yet. You entering the Void draws Parvos' attention to the Ship you used to access it and he then chooses to drag a defeated female Corpus into his Voidspace for Specter-based immortality declaring them his Sister. Then they exit the Void, and start taking over places. Think of the Granum Void as The Kuva Fortress (That's where they are taken for conversion), and but instead of the really unsatisfying "Do TWW in the Kuva Fortess once then run Adaro every time you want a Lich" We have a
  3. You are mistaken, There is finite development time and finite time that is going to be allocated to rewards, especially rewards that are out of the usual scheme, as I have already said multiple times. DE have demonstrated a latitude with the individual artists that allows them to suggest work (Like adapting assets for rewards) as long as it fits in the time allocated. And I know that, given what was done and what I know of the times involved and what the dev themselves said earlier in this thread that the options were, what we got or some other, much similar from-scratch cosmetic, what you wan
  4. Firstly, I did not suggest "encouraging" anything, this is a strawman, I responded to you and to this: Which is nonsense, the armour is ok, it's fine, it's not ideal but it is better than the other option, which was no armour. Now the rest There is a difference between "I don't like this, I would much prefer to be able to choose, I'm not going to use this as a result", this is feedback, it's verifiable by DE (You know they can check the stats on use and acquisition right?) and the nonsense vitriol in this thread, like you here: This is just insulting and frankly ig
  5. You are mistaken, the work needed to adapt two existing meshes is tiny compared to the work needed for a whole new asset. Additionally, from what I've read about their art team they would never mesh-deform-adapt a female lowpoly mesh into some semblance of a male mesh (Because it gives low quality results) , at the bare minimum you'd need to adjust the sculpt, re-topo the sculpt, re-rig and re-UV (And maybe engine texture setup depending how automated their PBR pipeline is), which is one sculpt away from a brand new asset. So yes, they had two assets that could be non-plat rewards for vas
  6. Non-platinum cosmetics are not some platonic ideal, they are a compromise between time needed to implement and value to players. This was the sweet spot of time needed to value to the majority of players. The choice was between what we have and nothing, not what we have and the version you wanted. Maybe that dev will have the time to re-segment both sets because they like the idea and want to make a few of us happy (Many kudo's to them if they do), but hopefully it's plainly obvious that it isn't and won't be a priority for DE, and for good reason.
  7. The New War has consisted of the following content so far: Chimera Prologue. The Jovian Concord Erra Operation: Scarlet Spear Unnamed Sentient Mothership cinematic Operation: Orphix Venom Railjack Orphix missions Are all part of the New War Sentient invasion. It's been going for a while now.
  8. Because they are based on Teshin (An old model) and the unnamed Female Dax we see in one of the cutscenes (A new Model). They made two sculpts for two characters (One a lot later than the other) and then later tweaked and split the parts for cost efficient content for operators.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have no problem with mechanic/boss based content. But any content that doesn't scale down to solo while having unique content and/or rewards, will create more toxicity than it's worth. It happens is every online game I've played in the last 20 years. DE scrapping the Trials was one of the best calls they have made (Up there with switching off Dark Sector battles) Do not bait-and-switch players by pivoting higher level content into the social PvP that is forced teaming content. If people want to do that sort of stuff and optimise thei
  10. I absolutely get that toggles are much harder that most of the playerbase comprehend, shuffling that visual data on host migrations, making sure nothing messes with the state. Annoying stuff, if you don't have the time to make things like this properly systemic I understand not doing it. That said Do you not think that the feedback was unified only because people who didn't like it would call for a change? I personally prefer Gara with the visual indicator of the power status, this change is bad for me as a frequent Gara player.
  11. The Gloom FX seems to have a full-sized swirl on personal Sentinels and larval Panzer Vulpaphyla. Depending on how you move (Diagonal Left seems to be the worst offender) Over 1/4 (Sometimes 1/2) of the screen is blotted out and the warframe is completely obscured. I don't see any reason that Gloom needs to put any FX on a sentinel.
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Excessive spawing and respawning of void sinks, creating excessive VFX especial for a solo player (Not the old bug with multiples of the VFX playing on loop) VISUAL: See Below at 09:47 REPRODUCTION: Play a void storm mission Solo EXPECTED RESULT: Void sinks should stay away for a moment when shot, not instantly respawn, 5 sinks in close proximity respawing is too many for a solo player. OBSERVED RESULT: Too many void sinks respawing too fast make the display a seizure inducing nightmare. REPRODUCTION RATE: Random Please cap the
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Necramech weapon Mausolon cannot shoot Void Sinks VISUAL: See Below at 02:57 REPRODUCTION: Try to damage void sink with a Necramech using the Mausolon EXPECTED RESULT: Necramech using the Mausolon can destroy sinks OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing happens to sink REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  14. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Sevagoth Gloom VFX affects sentinels, often blocking the screen REPRODUCTION: Activate gloom with a sentinel move camera to include sentinel VISUAL: See below EXPECTED RESULT: Gloom VFX is not needed on sentinels. OBSERVED RESULT: Gloom VFX blocks screen REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  15. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Mission markers duplicate, use incorrect colours, are sometimes blank, often aren't removed when the objective is complete, and multiply REPRODUCTION: Any mission content, unreliable activation but will happen often VISUAL: See below EXPECTED RESULT: Mission markers appear when needed, disappear when complete OBSERVED RESULT: Mission markers duplicate, use incorrect colours, are sometimes blank, often aren't removed when the objective is complete, and multiply REPRODUCTION RATE: Often, but not 100% depending on the type of problem
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