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  1. I really like it, I think it's one of the best. Good rewards, good reward structure, fun content (Though the solo scaling could be better, the takeover timer needs work) Bravo DE.
  2. Nope, not interested. I Like sub 15 min blocks of content. I'll play for hours and hours, but I'll do different things and really don't like massive blocks (Wasn't keen on the prior Iso Vault 1->2->3 run either) MR30/Founder/5800+hours (If you consider it relevant)
  3. They will, most likely, be callsigns like "Mavrick" "Goose" "Iceman" and given the level of tech I'm imagine their ident would be encoded in any comms signals they make which would be stored in their Warframe. You can always say things like "In the Original Orokin, it has a, now lost, cultural significance."
  4. TYPE: End of mission UI DESCRIPTION: Almost all Deimos Iso Vault rewards (Except Adramalium) and loot do not show in the end-of-mission-reward-UI, the "Show last mission results" option does seems to show all of them. Also, the end-of-mission-reward-UI shows Affinity gained with Necramechs but the "Show last mission results" UI does not. VISUAL: See video below REPRODUCTION: Complete Iso vault, possibly need to not complete all stages EXPECTED RESULT: All rewards and affinity gained shown on both screens OBSERVED RESULT: Both screens are wrong in d
  5. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Enemy Necramechs can still perminantly prevent the operator from void dashing. During an (also bugged) T3 iso vault, some combination of Enemy Necramechs, nullifying the operator, low framerates and maybe my Bonewidow getting destroyed resulted is my operator being unable to void dash (Crouch+space resulted in an operator jump) REPRODUCTION: Unknown EXPECTED RESULT: Crouch+space resulted in a void dash OBSERVED RESULT: Crouch+space resulted in an operator jump REPRODUCTION RATE: unclear EE.log of that event is included on ticket #2360
  6. TYPE: Ingame: Iso vault progression can break badly DESCRIPTION: Started an Iso Vault T1 (30-40) at the Necralisk, completed at the usual vault location near the Undulatum. However after completion the Mother quest giver at the Abcess did not offer the next Tier 2 vault (40-50) only the T1 I'd just completed. So I went to the Catabolic Gutter to see what that Mother would offer and she also only offered the T1 again. Eventually I re-did the T1 and got a T2, but the T3 was back in the Undulatum Vault and the first phases got skipped as I had already unlocked it, after destroying 3 Necr
  7. I saved 100% of the extractors for each phase of this bounty:
  8. What is primary fire supposed to do when ironbride is active, it seems to animate weirdly and no nothing? Youtube video, note the overlay with button presses middle mouse is my melee, numpad 1-4 are my abilities, f is transference
  9. To be absolutely clear on the topic, DE would love to allow cross-platform saves but currently cannot and want to be clear that they don't want to give "any additional hope"
  10. Devstream 5: Nothing has said this at all. All we know is how our Prime's are built. We know nothing about how or when the transition from using people to creation with just a foundry and raw materials happened. Your assertion has no in-game or dev-word-of-god backup at all. We don't know if none/some/all of the Primes were created from people, The creation of Umbra shows that Prime-style warframes were created out of people long after the Creation of the Primes (as per the Vitruvian existing before Umbra was created) Dark Sector is not, but anything can be taken from
  11. Scott posted on Twitter that he was working on it, complete with Video, it's not "easy" but it is in progress.
  12. Outside of the Dark Sector skins we have a custom Proto-Volt design what is 100% made-for-warframe which pretty much confirms an eary non-prime phase of Warframes. This might match-up with the "Bio-drone" era before the Tenno. We don't know the timeline for sure but we have a few data points: DE repeatedly refers to non-primes as the "Tenno" versions and that "They fit the Tenno aesthetic", additionally we started the game exiting cryo (and with the latest NPE update, not cryo, but with similar origin) in a Tenno Warframe, which confirms that Tenno versions of the Warframes existed
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