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  1. Just one point, I think you're misremembering, I've been through every desvstream for lore and I'm pretty sure that Steve simply admitted that they "created a problem for themselves" in designing Valkyr the way they did, not that there was any form of mistake. DE could simply have decided that all Prime Warframes must be artistically based on the version that players can earn, not a deluxe skin, as a design-level requirement. Which in turn created a lore void that some people want clarification on. Think about it this way, if part of DE is trying to make sure that they ship a Prime Access
  2. Or the more obvious third, Nidus is a warframe like any other, who's power focus is the Helminth infestation strain itself and the Myconians learnt secrets from the Helminth strain in Nidus, because the Helminth strain was somewhat "tamed" by the Orkin compared to anything else the post-collapse world had. Regardless of what DE were thinking at initial design time, Valkyr Prime exists with a trailer that has been through it's lore pass, and it is feral, that is the original Valkyr, there is no non-berserker Valkyr. DE do not want to make Primes with difdferent powers to their T
  3. I mean, I literally said this when the Gradivus Dilemma hit: I even mentioned ME3 later on, but at that point we had noting but a line in the Gradivus dilemma indicating civilians , since them we've gained: Cetus and the Ostron Fortuna and the Solaris The Myconian Colony Iron Wake for Steel Meridian. Also the Kavor We are in a much, much better place for fleshing out the life of the Origin System.
  4. You are mistaken, unless the verbatim words of Ordis in the Sacrifice quest and the Limbo Theorem are somehow not considered canon. However Warframes were made in the beginning, by the start of the game they can be replicated in our Foundry from blueprints and non-human raw materials, complete with helminth infested organics and whatever fragments of personality remain in them.
  5. Let's be clear here. DE have been very careful to be as vague as physically possible in almost any "lore" related information we have, as a result it is virtually impossible for them to "break" their own lore. Literally the only Lore information we have on the Prime Warframes is dev word-of-god from devstream 10 where the Primes are stated as being the "Orokin Originals", virtually anything is possible We the players see a whole and complete world and feel like DE are just revealing parts to us, when actually DE are deliberately ignoring vast swathes of the world and history as
  6. Indeed, I think it especially telling that in the Arid Eviscerator Synthesis, Avantus and Bilsa both considered it obvious that only the two of them needed to survive out of a whole Orokin Tower. Also interesting is that in "Sands of Inaros" the detail we have is of Inaros taking a single child at a time, from the Entire Mars colony, which suggests a low volume of Yuvan. That said, It would be really useful to know for sure.
  7. We know that Archimedean Perintol was most likely not immortal Orokin but of the same class as those who became the Corpus, it's possible that Sylvana was of the same class. A technical functionary for the empire but not Orokin is the context of Kuva and continunity. In the context of The Naberus Orokin, it's possible that Orokin locked in unsuitable bodies lose their access to the Tech/Resources needed for further continuity. We are told in the Guardsmen Synthesis that all Orokin systems are DNA locked such that when the Executors were all gone the majority of the Empire systems w
  8. Well, Story and Lore are very different things. The Sory is, IMHO, pretty good unless you have a grimdark urge, because It's pointless presenting us with "morally grey" questions if you only want to play a bloodthirsty psychopath. However if you persue the story as intended, as a troubled child soldier with many more years experience than looks suggest trying to recover some semblance of humanity and sense or right and wrong, then it's quite nice. But it suffers from the problem that all MMO's do in that it never ends, so each "resolution" needs to be made irrelevent for the next cal
  9. Whole lotta hypotheticals there. Simple matter is, that the Helminth system gives: Customisability beyond what we previously had The ability for players to fill in usability holes in frames that we like but have problems, without waiting for DE A good reason to rerun rexisting content for Warframes A good reason to acquire warframes that the might previously have avoided A resource sink that isn't actually so bad for the patient. So IMHO that makes it a sucess, regardless of what it might inspire DE to do or not do. (And maybe l've a lot more faith that D
  10. This is DE erring on the side of letting player play new content. Because the Exploiter Orb it tied to a global event that anyone can see they let them run the Explaiter Orb out of sequence. The intended progress is: Venus -> Vox Solaris quest -> Old Mate in Solaris United -> The War Within -> Vox Solaris -> Exploiter Orbs Nobody should be doing Vox Solaris content until the are Old Mate to SU and have the Operator fully unlocked. If you were here when it launched that is the order you would have been forced into, DE are adverse to locking content away from n
  11. Well you're not losing anything, you're just not getting your progress copied to another platform. If you get another Switch or borrow one all your progress is still there, nothing has gone. But no, there is no way at all to transfer from a console to PC, never has been and I doubt there ever will be, DE want it but I doubt they'll ever get the legal side sorted out enough for it to be a smooth experience.
  12. Read the Mag Prime Codex entry, it makes it pretty clear: The Solar Rails push ships into the Void where distance has different laws so the can exit at another point in space without covering the distance in between. The pre-sentient beings created by the Orokin built the rail points at they went (Look at the Detron Crewman Synthesys Imprint), obviously travelling very fast. Tau is 11.9 LY away so it's possible that they could make it in a livable timeframe (For the non-immortal Orokin Subjects) The Orokin didn;t expect their creations to be able to return, mainly bec
  13. Not sure, where are you looking, my ingame profile seem correct (Other than it refuses to show a couple of my K-drives as mastered, even though I have the Mastery points) That's true, but I'm OK with that, I only had so much money available at the time and I got what I paid for.
  14. As someone who is two weapons away from MR30, I think virtually nothing is needed. There is no reason to annoy the playerbase who don't like to grind MR. And no need to give founders anything more than a slightly early number (And maybe not even that, if the next dump of gear is a Prime Access then anyone will be able to get MR30 first)
  15. Teshin is the driver for the Natah quest, which begins TSD and then leads to TWW, sooo, that doesn't really stand up.
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