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  1. Sculpting, baking normal maps, texture painting, retopo for helmets, weapons, and syandanas. Pretty much everything except rigging and animating. As someone who has been a 3D amateur for at least 10 years now (Well, doing modern stuff I was making meshes for Quake in 96 using Imagine on my Amiga 4000), producing good Tennogen is super hard.
  2. There is no way you were killing enough with the weapon you were chosing to level for that to make much of a difference, the only way that tips in your favour is when someone else is killing the surplus and ranking your weapon passively, that's why groups do hydron, because it's easy to reach newly spawned enemies with AOE abilities and passively rank gear.
  3. You specifically said that the less people in the mission the less affinity for you, hence you must have been relying on radial affinity. If you aren't using the weapon you are trying to rank up then you are relying on others to do that for you. DE Steve has said many time he considers that a flaw in the current affinity system and wants it gone. If you're using the weapon then it doesn't matter how many people are in the mission as you aren't relying on them to rank up your weapon.
  4. How about, and I'm just spitballing here, levelling your weapons and warframes by using them rather than relying on the radial affinity of other's kills? That way you aren't affected by team members and you won't be caught out when DE finally get around to changing the affinity share system to prevent ranking weapons without using them as they said they'd do when they implemented the MR-based capacity for weapons and warframes.
  5. Sorry, non of the console manufacturers allow porting or accounts out of their walled garden. For a short time they allowed duplication of PC accounts into their platform, but that was one off and not in the direction you wanted.
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Juno Galaxion Moa... isn't equiped with a Glaxion.. I mean it says "modified" but that doesn't even vaguely resemble a Galaxion. It's a neat little pod for something but why call it the Glaxion? Visual memory an all. The Weapon on the Juno Dera Moa at least looks like a modified Dera, the Disc Moa weapon looks like a disc thrower EXPECTED RESULT: Weapon looks like the Glaxion, even a little bit.
  7. I played Guild Wars For a long time, I played GW2 for maybe 3 months They too tried to ease long time players into their new property. It did not go so well for them. I would much rather DE work on what they have rather than reinvent their wheel because the only way that will end up is with 99% of our investement in Warframe being thrown away. It has always been that way in any 1/2/X transition. I do think DE should find another game (That works) for their studio to work on so they are not 100% reliant on Warframe but it should not be WF2
  8. We litterally have multiple story quests where we build Warframes from scratch with no involvement of human subjects. Limbo, Chroma, Titania, Inaros. Mirage, Octavia... This is no a lore vs Gameplay thing. Our Tenno can manufacture warframes without human hosts. We didn't "Stich Umbra back together" be built a new one complete with the memories of the destroyed one, Ordis is quite clear about this: No parts, no repair, nothing but data and schmatics.
  9. Again. That is headcanon. the only thing we know is what Alad-V said on the topic: All we know is that Alad-V experimented on a Valkyr warframe. We don't know anything about "Original" or otherwise. Out-of-game DE stated that the Profit trailer was intended to feature Valkyr but they hadn't finished the Mesh in time so they used a Mag, if that is accurate then the intent was to suggest that the Valkyr that Alad experimented on was rescued. But again, we don't know enough to be certain, and asserting things that we really don't know just makes more pople upset when their headcanon is shown to be incorrect.
  10. We literally do this in the game, so at some point it must be possible.
  11. Did it ever occur to you that some of the experiments Alad-V did might have been based on data he had about the Prime. Possibly seeing how the Tenno-build version differed? Maybe the Tenno-version was calmer after being exposed to Tenno "Taking her pain away" and Alad was trying to bring back that Feral Rage of the Prime. We don't know, it could be that, it might be something else. So we don't have enough information to assert "It makes zero sense"
  12. So, lot of people have their own headcanon on this topic. Disputes and questions on the topic predate the reveal of the Operators, but the truth is, we don't know enough to make any solid calls. The facts we do know: There was a period where Warframes were made from individuals using the helminth Infestion strain There was a period where Warfames were used without/before operators and were considered "failures" and destroyed (Ballas calls them Bio-drones) but we don't know how long that was At a later point Warframes can be mass produced from non-human raw materials. DE Words-of-God (Devstream 5) says that the base Warframes are the "Tenno-made" version and the Primes are the "Originals from the Orokin Era" we have no idea how that transition happened nor how many of each were made. Umbra was made after Ballas' betrayal when means it was after the Vitruvian thus after Operators were in use. While the Tenno Warframes are often shown in response to these stories were don't know if that is accurate. It may be bad information based on half-forgotten myth. Or our Tenno being incapable of recreating Primes without Orokin-era blueprints so everything we make by default is a "Tenno version" even if the source of our daya was a Prime. It may vary with the story. Canonicaly there are definitely multiple of, at least some, Warframes. The Profit tailer shows an Imortal-sikn-Excalibur Waframe being destroyed by Alad V and normal Excaliburs then continue to be featured in later tailers. So for all we know there was a notable period were warframes were deployed in the Old War, possibly even as Primes, that were just a partially-infested Orokin empire subject (The "Best" as we are told) It's possible that all "singular" stories about Warframes refer to this era, with no operators. Or We are told that out Operator though that the were the warframe they were in prior to the Second Dream Quest. So maybe that was how the tenno were used in the Old War era, believing thet they were the warframe they were in. Maybe never changing Warframe, maybe being memory-scrubbed by the Orokin if they lose their Warframe, so they could be re-used as a new Tenno. As an aside, the idea of a partially-infested Hero fighting for a force that infected them deliberatly and doesn't care about them is basically the plot of DE's (non canon to Warframe, but with lots of similar ideas and designs) earlier game "Dark Sector". Also the armoured from of the hero of that game "Hayden Tenno" is a skin available for Excalibur. So maybe the Hero-stories of the Warframes are from before they were re-created to serve as armour for Operators and before The Orokin wiped them out for rebelling. But we don't know enough to be in any way sure.
  13. This isn't true unfortunatly.Textures are compressed on disk, RAM and in VRAM because RAM -> PCIE -> VRAM bandwidth is finite as is the amount of VRAM itself and even NVME SSD speeds are many. many time slower than that. Remember that all graphics cards on the market right now can handle texture compression natively (DDS format textures for direct X, probably BC1 or BC3 compression) so the largest assets in the game DB (Textures and possibly VO/Music/Video) are all natively handled by modern hardware needing minimal CPU effort.
  14. Well I'm MR28/~5k hours/~1500 day tribute And I'm very happy with the login system since the revamp, I get boosters and useful resources and the occational milestone pack, enough to keep me logging in even if I don't have time to play. Much much better than it was. Which is all I can really ask for
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