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  1. I think that making the primary progress metric one based on breadth of acquisition rather than depth of acquisition is, quite frankly, one of the things keeping me in this game, it's really positive and completely changes the dynamic compared to other MMOs/Looters. Every other loot-based game makes every item that isn't at the apex of efficiency completely redundant. Rewards from old content become redundant the instant anything is perceived to be "better" in it's perceived niche. Content becomes pointless to run because the rewards are redundant, new players never see this content because players/wiki's/guides advise them not to do it. Every player who wants to pursue the primary progress metric (and the fact that it's option is also great) will need every weapon/warframe/companion. That is a huge amount of progression-content. MR-locked content levels are low and easy to get to without excessive grind through undesirable weapons. For the most part a player can get the weapons they want and just stick with them if the so desire. It is the best RPG-like primary-progress metric I've seen in the last 30+ years of gaming. The downside is simply that all weapons count as progress and thus should never be offered in time-locked events as it locks later players out of critical progression. Also, no weapon should ever be EOL'd while allowing other players to keep them. It would be ridiculous to say to a player in another progress-based game that they are forever locked from getting XX% of a level because they missed X event. I'm a founder, I literally have everything except the Lato Prime, all in my inventory, all potatoed so this doesn't affect me, but for the other players, they should be given the opportunity to get the same level of progress I have if they put in the gameplay, not be locked out because they weren't there, and yeah, that means the MR from the founders stuff as well. E.G. I would have preferred if Umbra/Skijati/XXX shadowed the MR from Excal Prime/Skana Prime/Lato Prime. While the items need to remain exclusive (I wouldn't mind if they were available again, but I respect the initial agreement and desires of other Founders) Nothing in the founders pack stated that founders would have a permanent head-start on MR.
  2. None of us have exposure to the details of the deal that another company made, what it cost them or what compromises they had to make to get this working. To suggest "There is no excuse" in DE's context with no exposure to the detail of either deal is pure Dunning-Kruger, and it's embarrassing to read.
  3. Man.. I literally used this as an example of typical PvP'er behaviors not a few posts ago.
  4. It was DE Scott's opinion, it's be confirmed since then (In the DC) that there will be an opt-out.
  5. If they're trying to jam something into my gameplay that strips away the game I want to play for the game they want to play, then yeah, it's super personal already. I'm mean I've been where you are right now, being moderate and enjoying a little PvP here and there when it's well implemented. Maybe 15 years ago, but slowly but surely people playing PvP ruined that game for me, and every multiplayer game I've played since, so no, I'm all out of balance and consideration now.
  6. Scott disagrees, and I agree with Scott, not on the end effect of disallowing an opt-out though, but thankfully the opt-out is confirmed. It's hard enough finding teams without people who just want to mess up your game, let alone giving them an actual tool to do it. I'll be opted out, and I fully expect the majority of the playerbase to do similar. Save for the few who: Set up a connection conditioner to ensure that any invading stalker is lagged to hell and guaranteed to lose (which is trivial to do) Trade kills on some external website to farm whatever rewards are offered.
  7. PvP is toxic because people who revel in interpersonal conflict have a higher tolerance for it, and hence rarely see their behavior as bad, then get defensive and retaliate when called out on it. Hence "carebear", "crybabies", "cowards" etc.
  8. Unless I'm very much mistaken that not what they're saying. They're pointing out that non-targets in an invasion situation can make the Stalker's job much harder. The mode has to have an opt out, it's got to be simple ( and that will make it DOA IMHO, but I don't mind that at all). all @chewarette is pointing out is the ways that someone who doen't want this game mode can mess with it given some of the suggestions floating about.
  9. Which is the simplest to implement and the safest, so it'll be what DE starts with.
  10. No, Scott said that he thought that if they gave an opt out then no-one would play (Which IMHO means it DOA but hey) The only official statement regarding the presence of an op-out has been in the DC, and they do not match Scott's opinions.
  11. I give up. I literally write infrastructure software for bank-scale clients for a living and I'm telling you DE would be mad to try it, which they know, it has zero upsides for them. Think what you like, but get used to disappointment if you carry on like this.
  12. Perhaps you have a different understanding of "Mass hosted" If DE ran servers instead of running Warframe P2P every single concurrent team would require an instance holding the state. only DE have numbers on how many of the ~50k average concurrent steam users and unknown numbers on non-steam and console players are in teams. We're still looking at most likely tens of thousands of concurrent instances, and associated bandwidth. Pop over to conclave and see how many instances a typical beefy PC can host, the current number seems to be between 6 and 24 (for really beefy machines) That hundreds, if not thousands of machines. Like I said I've been a developer for 20+ years now, I work on network appliances, security systems, infrastructure stuff, I would want to touch re-engineering a product like Warframe into a centrally hosted system. I simply wouldn't take that job, it would be a nightmare. Please understand it is not as easy as you think it is.
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