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  1. yes i was about to update my post xd nothin more satisfyin than making a bug happen on purpose and knowing why it happen
  2. hyperlinks in chat are not responding... idk what cause this, tried a couple things, no idea sorry. I restarted game and its working fine. thx
  3. hello viewer. I am a man and just realised why i'm not upgrading my weapons, characters and companions with forma, reactors or catalysts; prime variants. I've made 4 or maybe 5 accounts on different platforms and enjoyed ranking up and i notice a pattern of how i do not want to WASTE forma, reactors or catalysts on the weapons, warframes or companions I have , not one bit. I do have a mr23 account heading for mr30 once that is possible to reach however at the moment i am playing a mr5 and I just picked up oberon this morning and I was thinking this thing is pretty weak with only a couple of mods and not much fun so perhaps i should add a reactor but then i thought whats the point when oberon prime exists which i'm probably going to get eventually so I'm like damn i cant possibly use this precious thing on this weaker version... big problems in big town. Do you, reader, think we should be able to disamantle catalysts and reactors and maybe forma on stuff back into the blueprint and get the resources back for say 200k credits? Do you think it would be harmful to the game for this to be added or not?
  4. Joined public game, orb vallis, no bounty selected, players doing the thermia fractures, im using garuda with only fragor and when i select sunpoint plasma drill from my gear wheel it does not equip it but selecting it does enable the plasma drill HUD and im getting the ticking sound as well but the drill is not in my hand, the name is stated at the bottom right of screen and i can use fragor, jus did some research and find that tranq rifle has the same bug too so im gonna rename this bug, additional i found using a synthesis scanner resolves the bug and that the bug seems to correlate with having fragor held in the right hand like its a sword... can open. worms everywhere.
  5. Hi It's been a few days since i discovered this so please bare with me dude . I was in regular kuva survival as saryn with a team mate as limbo and i use vapor specter which i love as wisp (pro tip, especially when using nekros) the vitality mote was acting so strange i began to get confused as to what was causing the bug, sometimes the specter would deploy the vitality mote whilst inside limbo cataclysm, i would recieve a buff notification next to health and shield however not receive a buff or perhaps i didnt even receive a notification but i do remember testing that PART of the bug and i said to myself ok specter mote inside cataclysm broke hahahahhahah!!! another time i would randomly receive the vitality mote buff all working perfectly for the normal duration of 30 seconds, I get limbo is a weird one and i know how it works (pro tip; enter the rift then cast cataclysm so it hits enemies far away then snipe them while in rift mode) but this was really strange to me lol. anyway. wish you luck mate thx
  6. Hey man I was able to get 6k ducats within the time Baro was here and I’m sure some people was able to get 4 or even 5 primed chamber mods! So no it really doesn’t respect how rare it WAS..oh well! I sold mine for 280p and 250p, feels bad man..but to me it was easy plat after watching grind hard squad review on the mod, my gut tells me the price of primed chamber will go down! But not by much as it costed 3000 ducats! But on the contrary that’s 30, 100 ducat item’s which some cost 10 plat so you could say 400-500 plat depending on how many there are now, idk man could be anywhere from 100-1000 plat but for reference of what mods we can get for 1000 plat in the trade chat now I really think primed chamber stinks hahahah
  7. After using energizing dash and returning to warframe as loki the outline of the operator appears stuck in the air in the position where I returned to warframe as if it is invisible
  8. Klamora prism looks like its firing where it wants and it doesnt look good dude
  9. With only melee equipped it is possible to do spins in the duration of a wall latch 1. engage wall latch 2. aim to the left or right slowly using the right analog stick until you "disengage" from the wall 3. now use the left analog stick to dance! Also works with primary equipped too its just that you need to move both left and right analog sticks at the same time it seems and it is less noticeable if you have a long zoom weapon
  10. i had same problem i posted about it, only happened once, i think it happens when you lag badly and switch to kdrive quickly from a different action such a reloading for instance idk
  11. they're kinda not good are they lol i was jus playin em and thinking damnm this is easy until i died on one and had to abort coz i couldnt revive then i came here and write post
  12. very chill video game but polls rule man im not that bothered about this update for nightmare mode i still got tonnes of content to be thinking about even at mr22 but i do like the mode, it was released when? devstream 10?
  13. i agree with this um take away to make it hard not being a good idea although it would make nightmare mode more than what it is and always has been i was hoping to express more of a buff to enemies but then i jus kept thinking about the skulls you can apply on halo mission which would make you spend like a whole day if not aa week trying to complete 1 mission, one skull was no checkpoint saving which i dont think would be available for use in de's warframe but that was something that increased difficulty because you would need to memorise every situation in the mission and although you had the option to speed run you were risking your progress, i jus want it updated really and to me it seems like applying restrictions on things that already exist would be easier on the devs than to add things that do not, our characters are smart compared to most things in solar system and tht makes the game a really fun one to play casually one eye close feet up and the stalker is just weird i think that thing has the lore to be the most powerful thing in the game, considering nightmare missions are not a go to mission for fun i think it dont matter if the changes made to it would be noticed if they were bad ones
  14. harrow and revenant have large shields and the reason for ability restriction would be to make it more difficult nightmare mode should be more difficult and it is gonna be easier to copy code from arbitration to nightmare instead of making a new piece and also what about not endless mission when i die im jus dead for the rest of the mission and receive no reward arcanes disabled because why not hahaha you can use them on different mission disable operator is the same reason why other things stops me from using my ability and perhaps because the stalker is around and he hates you devil and your operator isnt going to be disabled forever just for the mission that isnt invalidating any progression besides they were just ideas and in a nightmare when you go to sleep you dont really like it do you and you dont get to say what happens then it does this idealolgy of you not being able to use stuff which make it tedious is why you should play the mission with your friends at first and discover what is good and what is reallly good and gear should be disabled. i shouldnt get to use a spectre in a nightmare. i was expecting more than 1 idea from you but that is all i have and a bunch of questions asking why with false information that enabling restrictions does not add difficulty adding restrictions will force the player to rely on teammates or force them into being more skillful or quitting the game and if you choose the third option you should not be playing the game in the first place we dont quit next time add more good stuff instead of being mean
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