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  1. With the AI paused you get a 700% stealth bonus on every hit. How do people not know that yet?? Will you you make a new video with the AI not paused and you not invincible? I’m genuinely curious.
  2. Sometimes I do wonder that myself. If they didn’t want to proceed with consoles anymore, ok. But give us a chance to transfer accounts to PC. I never ever even heard of the game until I was browsing through the online store for switch at work. Looked cool, got hooked. Ever since I have kicked myself in the ass for not just starting a PC account. I have a beast of a machine just sitting there, and is whispers to me every day... “ Austee, Austee, you are a dumb ass, come play me”. What ephemera are are we missing? Besides the obvious updates and fixes.
  3. Yea, this and the Gauss buff wait time is becoming a bit ridiculous. I understand 2/3 weeks but for Christ sakes.
  4. Titles the thread with, “wf energy HAS to change” Sounds pretty demanding to me. But maybe that’s just me.
  5. I found it performs better when I drop cyro rounds and replace it with vigilante armaments. I use a rattleguts for my main when using gauss as well and find that in disruption for instance, that my rattleguts starts to fall off around round 13/14. The Acceltra cleans them up a lot quicker. I do try and stay back though so it’s the aoe causing massive hunter munitions procs. Like the others have said, it’s really about the aoe explosion.
  6. So now none of the nikana’s have an option to change holster positions. I believe it was 20plat to get the back position. Will this be added back or maybe a refund?
  7. Well, I heard DE is actually changing the games name to “WhineFrame.” I was hopping they would go with “CryFrame” but that might just add to much to the butthurt minions It’s quite fitting actually.
  8. It be great if a mod could clean those last few post up. Mr. Forum Noob got a little out of hand. This is borderline Aspergers and completely off topic.
  9. WTS [Lex Prime Receiver] 120p. What? No buyers?? Ya’ll BROKE...
  10. What ever it takes so I can finally have that Cephlon Suda jump suit with the purple energy for my Tenno.
  11. Lolololol. Seriously? The victim card? You can only play stupid so long.
  12. Thank you for my plat DE! I’m still stoked I won this morning!
  13. As the title says, no option to move the position. Nikana prime and Dragon Nikana still have the option but the skiajati does not.
  14. F*** Rhino Umbra. I’ll take Mag Umbra all day. Please give us Mag Umbra. Mag! Mag! Mag! Umbraaaaaaa.
  15. Project much? This might come as a surprise to you but not every one pisses and moans when they get called out on something. “Why you’re being useless” Lmao. Wait for it...
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