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  1. After you successfully link to Umbra on Lua, in the cutscene that follows when you pick up the Skiajati, a duplicate Umbra can be seen in the background of the cutscene.
  2. The explosion textures are missing in the cutscene at the beginning of the Erra Quest.
  3. During the War Within quest, when outside the Yuvan Theater, when looking into the wind, the operators face mesh pulses. I think it is switching between the primary and secondary face, but I am unsure if this is accurate. This only happens when looking towards the wind. My settings are Default High Settings (motion blur disabled), Enhanced Renderer, DX-11. Here is a video of this happening: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qq7pjoviuiw0ry8/Warframe 2021-10-06 22-36-55.mp4?dl=0
  4. In the war within quest, I noticed flickering lights periodically throughout the quest. Seemingly related to the yellow light sources in the mission. This happened at multiple different points throughout the quest during the Mountain Pass sequence. My settings are Default High Settings (motion blur disabled), Enhanced Renderer, DX-11. Here is a video of this in action: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2uzty4bq4bigji/Warframe 2021-10-06 22-28-08.mp4?dl=0
  5. When playing the War Within, I noticed that when there is a white-screen after the queen is using the kuva on you and ordis says "Transferance overload in 3, 2, 1". The HUD is still showing during the white-screen when it should not be there.
  6. During the War Within, in the asteroid field mission, when you go out into space to see the Kuva Fortress for the first time, the extraction waypoint stays at the exit to the asteroid where you switch into archwing, instead of out in space where it used to be (where it would lead you to see the Kuva Fortress). This causes players to turn around and go back, or go around and outside of the map, sometimes not even seeing the Kuva Fortress because the waypoint is confusing. I hope there is a fix for this soon, because I have seen tons of players get confused. This seems to be reproducible 100% of the time.
  7. After you shut down the defense systems in War Within, and go into archwing to see the Kuva Fortress for the first time, the extraction waypoint is at the exit of the asteroid where you go into archwing, instead of out in space towards the direction of the Kuva fortress like it used to be. This is confusing for new players, as they turn around and do not even see the Kuva fortress, or go out of bounds behind the asteroid trying to get to the waypoint. This is reproducible every time. Thanks for your hard work!
  8. Rell is supposed to spawn in for the first time after you pick up the Donda in the 2nd mission, but he does not show up. This bug is reproducible every time.
  9. There are a few new visual bugs I have noticed when playing through The Sacrifice. IMPORTANT NOTE: Enhanced Graphics Engine Enabled, Settings on the Default High Preset with Motion Blur Turned Off 1. When you first equip umbra and he grabs your throat, the operator appears before they are supposed to. You are supposed to be forced out of transference and appear for umbra to grab you. But the operator is in the scene the whole time. Well not the whole operator, but their suit is there. Their head doesn't appear until it is supposed to after the transference visual effect. - I was using the Bishamo Armor set, in case it is relevant - This bug seems to be reproducible every time as I have seen it on streams of other players. 2. When you first enter Umbra's mind there is a missing fade in. In all the other times when you do this it fades into the scene. In the first one it immediately pops you into the scene and then does a fade to black and then back in a second later. I did not used to do this. - This bug is reproducible every time. 3. In the final scene when you are in Umbra's mind, and your operator is there, the lighting on the tree in the background shifts. Sometimes there is light coming from behind in rays through fog like it is in all the other scenes, but sometimes that goes away and it is just the silhouette of the tree. This also seems to cause the weird flickering and lighting shifts in the scene all around. - This could be potentially related to the Enhanced Engine, but I have not tested it. - Seemingly Reproducible every time, I have seen it on other players videos. Thanks for all your hard work!
  10. This bug still exists, and is not fixed yet.
  11. When you meet Daughter for the first time during the Heart of Deimos quest, she plays the line that is supposed to be played when you talk to her again after the quest. In this line she references her brother whom you have not met yet, saying that you have already met him, making it confusing. Here is the incorrect line that plays: "This would be where I showed you my birthright of my ancestral fish, but... well, you've already met my charming brother. Some remnants of the original genetic matrix appear to have survived in the exocrine, though the Infestation is steadily claiming them. If you can catch any and bring them to me, I'd appreciate it. We can salvage anything useful. I can't undo what he did, but I won't let him have the last word." This is the correct line that should play first, it still plays but not until after the previous incorrect line: "Oh! Aren't you a fascinating specimen? Organic-ferrous exoflesh, hybridized internals, Untime trace... you're a Tenno, aren't you?" Also because of this bug, she does not play the proper line when you talk to her again after the quest, because it already played at the incorrect point during the quest. Other Notes: This bug is reproducible every time, and I believe on every platform.
  12. Yeah that's what I mean. The kitgun arcanes themselves are pretty useless, but they are meant to synergize with the warframe ones, and those ones can be useful for some very interesting builds.
  13. The new abilities are good, but I do not like Invigorations. I don't think it will have the intended effect. People will just use it on the good Warframes to make them even more powerful, and will cause RNG imbalance between players which is never fun, especially in things like events and raids (if you ever add them back). This system should not exist, there are other ways to incentivize the use of different Warframes that do not cause insane power creep or are based on RNG. Edit: one example would be if invigorations gave the player a loot buff for only that player if they used the invigorated Warframe. This would not affect other players or make you stronger than them, but would give you an incentive to use different frames. Other things like that would work as long as they do not affect the players power or other players. Edit 2: I think I would be fine with invigorations if it were a daily instead of weekly thing. That way you can get the selected buff in a much more reasonable ammount of time. But I think it should be disabled for events and possibly some endgame content if it is still going to give power increasing buffs. But even then, there is still the issue with squads requiring certain invigorations for missions which is very very bad. And I don't know how to resolve that issue.
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