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  1. Just a friendly reminder to the people advocating solo play...you're right if you enjoy that gameplay style, but completely wrong when it comes to farming primes. Having 4x the chance per mission (or stage) is simply to big of an advantage to ignore when your base chance for rare is pathetic, and your radiant chance is barely tolerable. You'll run into the same problem with leveling warframes and weapons as well. SO/ESO is so much faster for affinity in groups that when you decide you're going to drop 5-6 (or in my case 7 on Wisp) formas into something, it'd be unrealistic to try and do that running solo.
  2. Sniper rifles in Warframe are bad for standard missions, and I say this as someone who would love to be able to play sniper-style all the time. Standard missions in the current version of Warframe are all about killing fast while racing through the map (no comment on whether that's good or bad, just that it is). Creating a sniper rifle that isn't a sniper rifle and trying to defend it by saying its the best sniper rifle for the easiest part of the game isn't really a defense. It's just admitting that it isn't really a sniper rifle. It's a really bad semi-auto rifle with a huge max ammo problem. You talk about melting crowds of 180+ with ease. First, I don't believe you. You have 40 shots, and even with built-in ammo conversion, you're going to suffer ammo problems or you're going to be going slow. That's not ease. Second, even if you can do that, so what? I can pick almost any weapon in the game and outperform the Komogarbage because everything in Warframe works against a rifle like Komogarbage. Just think about how damage boosting mods work. Specifically, they are all percentage based. So if I take a weapon that does 100 damage per shot, and add a mod that adds 60% more damage, it's now at 160. It added 60 damage. But that exact same mod stuck on a weapon that does 200 damage increases it to 320, or increases the damage by 120. The bigger the base number, the bigger all the multiplicative numbers that come afterwards get. Add in sniper rifles additional multipliers, and you get the ridiculous numbers that they can put out per shot...except for the Komogarbage. Komogarbage works more like a semi-auto rifle with a final multiplier. That final multiplier helps some, but nowhere near enough.to make up for pathetic base damage. And of course, you have to go into max zoom to get that doubled damage. Semi-auto rifles in current Warframe are pretty meh anyway, but when you have what amounts to a low per-shot damage semi-auto rifle, you seriously have to wonder why the devs bothered making this thing. If you really, really must have a semi-auto rifle, grab yourself a Prisma Grinlock, toss Deadly Sequence on it, and at least be able to kill things without dumping all your ammo every room.
  3. Gah! I have dishonored myself, my ancestors, and my progeny for generations to come. I shall now go commit seppuku using a broken spork to reclaim at least some tiny sliver for my family. p.s. At some point, I'm going to figure out how to make a Warframe reference out of Titus Andronicus Act IV-2 because it's pretty much a moral imperative 😄
  4. How does a shock mote buff in any way interfere with that? See, the complaint is that if your put down the shock reservoir, the shock mote's cc makes the map take longer to clear. My response is that it in no way impacts how fast you can clear a map. The CC doesn't last long enough to interfere with AI flow through a map or somehow make missions take longer. Maimquinox isn't going to be worse as a build because she's also doing shock procs to 5 of the critters close to her. In fact, those shock proc's will kill a teensy bit faster in most cases for her. The same is true of literally every other speed murdering warframe you could choose. So, shock as a hindrance is a myth.
  5. Alas poor Nitain Extract! I knew it well, Octavia. A resource of infinite use. Of most excellent cosmetics. It hath borne me in my crafted items a thousands times. And now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My forge rises at it. Here hung that helmet that Ivara wears in missions I know not how oft. Where be your recipe listings now? Your warframe parts. Your aura forma. Your Chroma Prima chassis that allowed his dragon to roar? Not one extract now to make even a javlok. Quite chapfallen. Now get you to my orbiter's foundry and tell Ordis.
  6. Yes. I am. Unless you wish to present testimony demonstrating otherwise, your unfounded, and frankly offensive, denial of my status is an affront, sir! I will not tolerate such blatantly disrespectful posting from completely random and effectively anonymous people on the internet. If you insist on persisting in this behavior, I shall be forced to do pretty much nothing. And, I shall do that nothing in the most forceful and sternly worded manner I can. Good day to you, sir! (or ma'am...or whatever honorific properly matches your gender and/or sex)
  7. My point is that there is no value in Sol Gate because it's worse than actually using a weapon in every single case, not just high level content. It's also not unique in being a bad ultimate. All of the pure offensive (ie. the ability itself does damage vs hybrid like Titania or Mesa) abilities without infinite scaling suffer this exact same problem. There is no ultimate offensive ability that is better than just taking out a gun or melee weapon.
  8. As the resident Wisp expert: 1. The CC is not meh. It's a fantastic way to prevent a significant amount of damage. You mention being semi-tanky, OP. Part of that is nothing that gets near you gets to fight back before you kill it (unless you are one of those silly people who insists Wisp has a 4th ability). That CC is wonderful even if it is just three seconds. A well built weapon kills faster than that CC wears off. Even at high levels, that CC still gives you 3 seconds. I'm pretty sure you can hit your spacebar and turn your Wisp invisible in less than 3 seconds. 2. The shock procs that are paired with that CC can be good. I say "can be" because it does require you to build ability strength, and that's not necessary to build a good Wisp (ie. you have several very viable options for builds with her). In my case, I have a 359 ability strength on Wisp. Those shock procs kill lil' stuff. They strip shields even from things they won't kill. But again, you don't have to build strength to make a good Wisp, so the shocks procs aren't necessarily good, just can be. 3. If you are building for buffs (and this you should be doing with Wisp), duration is critical. Your buffs need to last at least 30 seconds. As long as you do that, it really doesn't matter how big a defense map is. Just put down buffs at the defense point, and then point them in a high traffic area that is fairly far away from that point. With that 30 second duration, just having those two locations for all 3 buffs is enough for your teammates to easily keep the buffs up. As a side note, even at 359 strength, I had no problem getting to 172 duration which gives 51.45 seconds. 4. Range is the iffy part of a Wisp build. If you know you have a Saryn, Garuda, Maimquinox, or really any other multi-proccing teammate, your Breach Surge becomes perfectly synergized with that teammates ability. Saryn and ranged Wisp becomes a freakin' fireworks show in ESO, as Saryn's spores proc which gives a chance to create new sparcs which will hit multiple targets, each of which then proc's Saryn's spores to spread which in turn proc's more sparks, and you see where this is going. On the other hand, if you're just building for buffs and duration, sacrificing range to max those things out is also just fine even tho it does mean your teammates pretty much have to run over the flowers directly. In my experience, they do that anyway since its so much easier to see the flowers than the circles on the ground. 5. Shock as a hindrance is a myth. The CC is 3 seconds. It cannot be increased. That's a useful amount of time for whoever has the buff to react to whatever just proc'd shock, but not so long as to have any meaningful impact on AI movement. 6. In case you're curious about my build:
  9. Why put it on mobs? It's obviously an energy drain that keeps the field from staying active as it takes damage. So if you instead mounted it into the station itself, you could cover everything while having it draw on the power's station so no amount of tenno fire could bring it down 😄
  10. And why, if our archwing's lifesupport can protect us from space and basically teleport to us if we fall in the water on sealab tilesets, does it not teleport to us during survival missions so we don't have to waste time running to those weak life support modules?
  11. So do the Grineer and Infested if they chose to deploy it in quantity. I mean, someday some Grineer commander is going to look at Vay Hek or Krill and ask why they leave the vulnerable bits. Or an infested boss is going to grow their immune armor over the bright pink bits that we normally shoot at...
  12. Honestly, it's not a question of like. I like it. It looks cool and it does rip through those baby seals that populate maps that I could rip through with anything else in the game as well. The problem is that like every other purely offensive warframe ability, it's useless in situations where you are actually challenged. It's too slow to set up, to slow to burn through strong enemies, and way, way too dangerous to actually stick yourself on the ground while waiting to burn through those enemies. Then you add in ability immune bosses, arbitration drones, and now nullifiers. Why the frak would anyone try to use any warframe power versus a well-modded top tier weapon?
  13. Why exactly does DE think that making nullifiers immune to Wisp's BURN THINGS WITH THE POWER OF A DYING LED NIGHTLIGHT! was necessary? Was there a rash of videos showing Wisp just tearing through entire Corpus armies with that pathetic 4th ability of hers? Did someone actually figure out some magical build that finally made her beam stronger than the beam weapons available to any warframe? Did someone at DE slip something into the fruit punch at the last game balance brainstorming session? Don't get me wrong. I actually don't care AT ALL if DE wanted to nerf Wisp's 4th so it not only doesn't damage nullifiers, but also doesn't damage infested flesh, fossilized flesh, ferrite armor, alloy armor, or plain ol' boring flesh on top of that. She's my fav current frame, but I never use her 4th, and until DE completely overhauls the damage model including coming up with a way to bring purely offensive abilities up to par with higher level enemies, there's no way I'm going to ever start using it. Still, I found it pretty amusing that nerfing an ability that just got buffed was a priority. p.s. Before you come to the thread trying to defend Sol Gate, I suggest taking a moment to do the math. Even if you take the time and spend the energy to cast all three reservoirs and Breach Surge on your target, you're still going to come out way below the DPS on top tier weapons. And those weapons don't trap your frame on the ground, nor do they require you to burn energy to use.
  14. I pretty much expected everyone would spot right away the entire thread was a joke. Joke's on me for setting such low expectations of the internet....
  15. You: "I've burned out 8xlevel 165 corrupted heavy gunners in under 25 seconds" Me: Try that without paused AI or invincibility... Wisp's 4 is a terribad ability, but not because Wisp. Because all purely offensive abilities in the game are terribad. You basically made yourself a target for a freakin' eternity to slowly whittle down the health of your enemies. Against enemies that are fighting back, you're dead long before they are. And as you yourself point out, you have to have near perfect setup and situation to make it almost viable. Meanwhile...any of the top tier weapons...and without using energy or being forced to sit on the ground....
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