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  1. Hey ... DE, (All what I am going to mention below, it's not critical game breaking, but it is a matter of life improvements and make my or maybe other fellow tenno life easier.) I am not sure whether other people have said this before or not but, recently it occur to me a lot that when I'm trying to sell Prime parts for ducats, I have difficult time to know all these below information from the User Interface: 1A.) I don't know what crafted weapons I've in my Foundry or Working Progress; Because I unable to access my Foundry UI. Henceforth, I'd like to access my Foundry as well to know what's need to be exchange prime parts for Ducats or not. Because of this, I made a lot mistakes by selling a lot of crafted warframe prime parts or weapons component I need by accident, due to I am being lazy to go back my Orbiter and check Foundry, and fly back to Relay again and again, of doing Back & Forth. 1B.) I like the UI appear for the Warframe as shown in parts I've crafted, I also like to have on Weapons blueprints as well. 2.) In addition, if its individual component like Paris Prime String, or Soma Prime Stock, I wouldn't know if I already have craft Paris Prime or not, by hovering the component and not the blueprint itself. However, I know I can get the information from my Profile at the spot; but yeah this is about Quality Life Improvements, which it allows me to see it on the spot, rather than going through layers of different UI to get the information I want to see. * Unless you told me to write everything in a paper physically before hand. Cheers, Ryeiss
  2. Hey DE & fellow Fashion Framers 🙂 Just a thought about Cetus Bounties Mission. Shouldn't Cetus bounties mission objective have like a Bonus Standings objective as well, compared to Fortuna bounties? What do you guys think? * I remembering there's Cetus had a recent patch content content for past months ? (I might be wrong) Thought DE would patch a system or object like Fortuna has, for a special bonus objective during completion of bounties. It would be great, if we had this and speed up the progress on Cetus. Cheers, Ryeiss
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