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  1. If things aren't all well balanced, then some things will be better than others. I would like better balance with weapons and enemies, but we really need a damage rework first. When Noxes, bursas, and ancients feel like engaging minibosses then we can talk about weapon balance.
  2. Honestly, these quick 2 day long alerts are fine with me. I don't see any reason to complain. I understand people being upset about the new frame needing nitane extract and then they took away the way to get it... But a cosmetic for a 10 minute survival? That's pretty silly to be upset about.
  3. I used spare plat to buy Khora and Ivara because DE designed their grind be absurd in order to drive sales. I guess it worked in a way.
  4. This is quite true, except it's a very bright laser pointer that makes it hard to tell where you're aiming.
  5. Honestly, there is no way you are going to make her 4th ability usable until after the damage overhaul they are working on. As of right now, Sol Gate is a complete waste of energy. Her teleport and #3 really aren't all that great either. Her wisp mote things from her #1 are really nice on low to mid level defense and interception missions. That's all she's got. She is not well designed or powerful. She does not fit her ghost like wisp theme either. I was initially hopeful that I was wrong, because Sol Gate makes you feel powerful. Sadly, she isn't all that useful except helping friends level at Hydron. It is perfectly okay to play a frame for fun as that is the reason to play a game in the first place. But in Wisp's case, you won't be doing it for her powerful abilities. So much of this game's future rests on their damage 3.0 update. No pressure DE.
  6. Well, you a probably correct. I've only been playing since January so I wouldn't really have a feel for that. But even still, it feels like a lot to me.
  7. I can't figure out why these changes make people so upset. I actually like the smoother transition between weapons. The autoblock makes blocking happen more often without effort, so I just keep my melee weapon out when I'm not shooting to reduce damage. Now, what I don't like is the host of bugs and issues that came with the melee changes which remain unresolved.
  8. I think Wisp is fun in things like defense or interception. I just am not fond of DE's plan to crank out new frames so fast. It makes each new frame feel less special. I would much rather have the new damage rebalance, bug fixes, and more content to do with the frames I have. I have more warframes than I have pairs of boxers. I'm also not afraid to take breaks from games of this nature. It's just kind of bitter sweet for me to think I'm getting close to that time with warframe as I have enjoyed many parts of it even if it also has a lot of frustrations.
  9. I've only been playing since January and I'm already burned out on new frames. I have enough of them already. I want stuff to do with them. I hate to say it, but I'm getting kind of bored even after the new update. New frames are not going to fix that for me. A bit of a Warframe break may be in my near future.
  10. That's one of the many unfixed bugs from the last melee update.
  11. I work more than full time hours as it is. Reporting every bug I find in Warframe would be at least a part time jobs worth of time on top of that. I don't mean to sound too negative as I enjoy the game, but it is a buggy mess. I do like the idea of the new tile set, but I'm mostly holding off until there has been time to fix it.
  12. It's cool stuff and the new tiles look nice, but there are a lot of issues to sort out. Tons of spawning problems, falling through the map in places, and the enemies sometimes look like they a floating a few inches above the ground when they run. I think it will be neat when this stuff gets sorted out, but I don't think it was quite ready for release yet.
  13. Wisp is probably the best support now for low and mid level defense and interception missions. She also has a hidden use in that you can help your buddies level and forma their frames with her health booster. I've played her for a bit now and honestly her #1 power is the only thing of value she has. Her teleport is sort of fun to play with, but doesn't have any practical purpose. Her 3 is sort of okay at low level. Her 4 is fun as all get out and a power trip until you realize that your half leveled secondary does more damage. She doesn't fit her ghost theme and is honestly pretty weak overall. I actually think her kit is kind of fun but it's also random and not useful at all in the majority of game modes.
  14. I do somewhat agree here. I especially don't like how it's harder to tell the rarity of relic rewards now. It's a step backwards from actual function. I get the same feeling when moving from my Linux "work" computer to my Windows gaming computers. The new tiles do look nice but they are buggy as all get out. Enemies get stuck while spawning and also have a weird gliding look to them as if they aren't touching the ground.
  15. The point at which Frost's Snow Globe is broken in one shot is so deep into endless missions that the absolute vast majority of players will never see it. This point does exist, but only a tiny group of players care about it. For what DE considers end game, like level 100 sorties and such, the Globe can be stacked to the point of functional invincibility. Gara can't stack her wall, but she can clear a room of weaker enemies. I enjoy both frames for sure, but Frost is honestly the better from for defense with globe and his ability to reduce enemy armor. You can also make a slow zone Frost by going for ability range mods and his freezing augment. He is a very defensively focused frame, but he is more versatile than people give him credit for.
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