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  1. Apparently the spawned Pylons from Profit Taker won't get shown with a red-ish marker anymore as used to be for its location. Only very rarely they show up sometimes with a marker but also only for a very brief duration and disappear again. This makes it quite difficult to find them without the used red marker. I assume this wasnt intentionally changed and is just a bug. This makes it very annoying to fight her right now if I need to play Hide&Seek. The visual 'binding' between the pylons and profit taker arent clear enough to be solely aware of its location. How it has been before:
  2. Nerfing from 0.8 down to 0.6 is by far more significant than your 1.25 down to 1.05
  3. Down to 0.5 Dispo next time, calling it. RiP
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