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  1. too much effort for a thing that can be done with a fast frame like titania in the same time
  2. Yep, bugged. Hopefully the fix will be soon.
  3. idd I got lucky with harrow(1 kuva spy mission and first mission on the escort thing) but Ivara was one of my most painful farms - 250+ missions total... rng was terrible
  4. They were a bandaid before release, and they remain that way after testing. Primaries and secondaries are a lot stronger with them but the main issues remain - ammo, single target weapons, reload, mob clearing potential etc. All they did is made the strongest primaries and secondaries even stronger and the others are still unusable. Melee nerfs didn't do anything except making melee little more annoying and little less fun for the red crit lovers. tl;dr now everything is kinda on the same boring annoying plane so I guess they did it, yey
  5. This has nothing to do with respect, the game is made to make you play longer (like any game tbh). It does it job perfectly.
  6. waiting for them to fix the farm got one grigori toxin and was very annoyed how much it took
  7. 1. Most of the missions are too easy with her and not in a good way. Kinda like octavia you can sit in place, put 2-3 powers on and you essentially are done(even sp yes) 2. She is not the easiest frame to get for new players as for wukong/prime... the normal one is from the dojo, the prime is still cheap and you can essentially put auto build on him and he will still work. For protea to get to that level you need some kind of a good-ish build at least to reach 20-30% of her potential.
  8. Because there were some ridiculous nerfs in the past. Like when they nerfed Limbo when SS was around and his kit is broken from then on.(Defence target sometimes getting damage with cataclysm and stasis on, a thing that wasn't before.) All because his kit was good in one event/mission, that it was designed for. The nerf to revenant because of liches. There were many others that I just forgot because it was ridiculous. qft That's why nerfs are not needed, what's needed are cool mechanics. The one thing they did good was the glass boss in a way but they didn't go with the idea further. There it didn't matter how much damage you can deal or how do you mod - it only mattered did you understand the mechanics of the boss fight and can you time your jumps and throws. If that idea evolves it will be much easier to come up with boss fights because "abuse" would not be a problem.
  9. They are not a joke ...but close to one. :D They were a bandage before release, they are a bandage now after testing. They do make weapons stronger but not nearly enough and the point about single target weapons complete useless still stays. The whole update was because of sp and it didn't do it's job, like I said and many others have - they made melee little more annoying to use but still the best choice and 1-2% of primaries and secondaries "usable". Next time listen to the whole conversation, not just some points.
  10. To OP: Don't like something too much because every ability that gets a lot of attention will be nerfed for subsume at some point, because of comments and videos like this: For example next on the line are the forementioned gloom, khora's ensnare, wisp's breach surge and a couple of others that the nerf-crowd deems op and goes on the pitch forks parade every time.
  11. melee is still powerful but...with this changes it became more annoying to use you can feel it most in the follow trough nerf overall if you wanna go to high levels you would still use melee but it will be less fun to use that was the nerf, melee isn't fun anymore and 99% of the guns aren't strong enough to replace it complete fail
  12. yep last year we had an inaros free for all one shots with one rad lich it was fun to see how the inaros brain was confused what's happening ^^
  13. Did a max range cc build for him, pretty good but otherwise not much else.
  14. Nothing, this point was discussed many times. They have to change the whole game(enemy count. drop rates ect etc) just to accommodate single target weapons.
  15. There is no concept. Buffing resistances is the same as buffing armor and health. We have and had the tools to deal with it for years. A good concept (or at least a slim idea for it) was the glass boss fight. So no, another lazy implementation for what could have been an interesting boss fight. Again they are still just a box to deliver your new weapon. When they implement good mechanics there will be no need to buff their damage or resistance or anything.
  16. nah they were and they will be always a box to deliver your new weapon, nothing more
  17. This is the best part of the new update. Everything else is meh or bad, but with this one they managed to hit the bullseye. Don't know who is responsible for this, but they should get a raise.
  18. No, guns are still the west side of meh. The tentacle bow is better tho with the multishot and arcane for moar damage on it, but that's about it. Most of them are still full useless when you go to high levels and on low levels...it never mattered, because guns were great there. tl;dr this update did absolutely nothing.
  19. looked at the stats - it's meh no grind for me ^^
  20. I get only 2 weapons constantly(over 20 runs) and I farmed them both before. Gonna leave the thing for now until they fix it. Also it's way way more annoying to get them compared to the kuva weapons - there the mission could easily be over in about a min.Here it's 3 (you have to wait for the dude to spawn to get your crown again etc)
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