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  1. I agree. It's a small change that is helpful and won't effect the game in a significant way.
  2. Actually that IS a point the OP used to put forward his suggestion. Therefore I used it to put forward my rebuttal.
  3. True Tenno care not about FASHION!! Only in defending the Origin System from it's enemy's. I care not what my frame looks like, as long as I return covered in blood.
  4. Are you kidding?!? You are not "wearing" your warframe. Only your consciousness drives the frame. It is only a tool we use to defend the origin system. What that tool looks like is irrelevant.
  5. In Bad Company is rebuilding. In the wake of hit and miss players, antisocial hold outs, and noob kids, we are looking for vets. Those who know the game and the clan structure. Those willing to help finish our research (Hema and colors), build up our dojo, and help train new player so they and we can become greater in the game. We are already part of THE biggest Alliance in the game. If you want a challenge check out our forum club. We look forward to hearing from you.
  6. This ties in with my thread.
  7. Now this is a constructive post. Thank you.
  8. WOW! So much hate and discontent over one little post. I'm disappointed, do you children have nothing better to do? And not one of you is from DE, which is who I posted for. Oh well, Please enjoy your game.
  9. OK enough is enough. 5000 mutagen samples for Hema at Ghost tier! A Shadow tier it goes to 15000! Not to mention the drop rate of the resource is very very low. And lets be fair, the weapons just not that good. We respectfully ask that you increase the drop rate of samples, or reduce the amount needed to something more reasonable. The game is great, but this level of farming is unnecessary.
  10. Not sure about the shoulder spikes, but I'd like to see it in game.
  11. That great!! As a Rhino fan, I'd buy that in a heart beat. Well done.
  12. Awwwwwwww I was looking forward to time travel.
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