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  1. Okay, so if I were to switch by attacking with my melee, how would it be different from holding the switch button? What differences are there? Is automatic blocking in one, and manual in the other? Does the combo count build up both ways? Heavy attacks?
  2. I haven't played the PC version of the old blood, but I kind of liked that idea. This is coming from someone who never really got the hang out of pressing and holding a button to switch into full melee mode. Did they remove it?
  3. Anyone feel like the game was a bit more engaging before operators? I don't know, theres something to it. I tried playing on a new account and... Wow. It was amazing. No operators needed.
  4. How bout trying to explain why you think what you do, instead of spitting derogatory terms at people you disagree with? Perhaps that'll work a bit better? Not to mention that you seem to be using the word "white knight" out of context. "White Knight" (also known as “Internet White Knight”) is a pejorative term used to describe men who defend women on the Internet with the assumption that they are looking for a romantic reward in return. I suppose in Warframe, a "white knight" is tenno-slang for "anyone I don't agree with."
  5. Say what you want about new frames, but I like them! The newer frames, IMO tend to be a lot more interesting than the older ones (that haven't been reworked). Gara may fill the same role as Frost and Gauss may be very similar to Rhino, but they're a lot more fun to play, If you ask me at least. Should they be the main focus of the development team? Probably not. They could use the effort and time to polish old content, like Archwings and the rest of those old tilesets... You could try them out first I guess? All of the frames feel different. I haven't tried Grendel, as I'm on switch, but Garuda's pretty fun to play. 😞
  6. (NSW)Edcaous

    The Feels

    Rolling Guard was it? Also, I've heard they've gotten rid of pause combos at last. I hate those things.
  7. I don't know, he seems to be using it with a negative connotation in mind. If somebody called me a "white knight" or a "gay" person, then I would take offense, because that is how the word is used nowadays. Your reply was fun to read though.
  8. How so? Are you trying to label those actually enjoying the rework as "white knights?" Or is it something else you're angry about? That's because he actually has animations now.
  9. Huh, I was wondering if I was the only one who felt that way.
  10. "Hey I really liked this new update! Melee feels a lot better than before, and many weapons have gotten their respective buffs and nerfs. They finally removed channeling, finally changed maiming strike... I know that it wasn't perfect though, which is to be expected, as it is only phase two, so let me check the forums to see what-" WTF.
  11. I like a lot of these changes. They look really interesting, though we'll have to wait to see whether if they really are good. I don't know if they can get worse though. I really hated the old melee system, so I'm looking forward to melee 3.0
  12. Don't know about you, but I've played quite a few of those, and they don't even come close to Warframe. Honestly, I feel like having to call everyone who disagrees with you a white knight is just silly. Almost everyone has a reason to believe what they do believe, so when you pretend that the only reason they have for disagreeing with you is because they are "white knights," you're really just lying to yourself. How are relics comparable to lootboxes? You don't pay for relics, you earn them in-game, and you upgrade them via in-game methods. It doesn't seem like your riven comparison is fair either. I don't know about you, but I feel like the more recent quests have more work put in them. And compared to a few other games, this game's RNG isn't nearly as bad, and I'm speaking from personal experience. We talk about the "good old days" but were they really all that good? I doubt it, judging from the old videos of Warframe, it looks quite boring.
  13. ...Alright? I wrote several sentences, something wrong there? ...So you're saying that the majority of Digital Extreme's income comes from build times and rush costs? That seems really unlikely if you think about it. It doesn't help that Digital Extremes makes much more from cosmetics and Prime accesses/vaults.
  14. You want to tell me where you got that part from? That seems highly unlikely. From what I can tell, it mostly comes from people who don't want to waste time farming with platinum (Prime access) and those wanting to make their frames look cool by purchasing cosmetics. If you're at that point, you're probably somewhat experienced. Most impatient new players would just quit if they're frustrated, no? You don't seem like you're much better than he is right now.
  15. IT. IS. LITERALLY RIGHT UNDER THE PURCHASE BUTTON... Keep in mind that most of the money DE makes usually comes from experienced players who usually have completed a good chunk of the game. Not newer ones. Typically, its: 1. Find item in Market, 2. Click on "BLUEPRINT." I have about 300 hours, and I have yet to purchase platinum at all in this game. Many color palettes are attainable for free. Slots are a problem DE needs to address for newer players, but honestly? As far as problems go, they weren't that bad. If I remember correctly, I immediately bought a bunch of weapon slots with my starting plat, and the rest came from free items that came with slots, like anniversary weapons. I'll agree though, that 75 platinum for some palettes aren't worth it, I built my first prime much later, so if you're starting, maybe you shouldn't be focusing on them? They aren't they big of an upgrade. (Don't know why they aren't mastery locked) I can't relate at all friend. I personally didn't remember needing that much platinum at all early-game. I didn't even touch potatoes til MR 6+. Same goes for trading chat, I'm a Switch player, and not a lot of people buy things like they do on PC/other console. You mentioned earlier about platinum discounts, which separates us even further. Console players don't get them at all. People are being "toxic" because you started off with a statement that seemed completely false. If you're looking for help, we can give it to you, but from your original post, it was almost as if you were describing a different game.
  16. That was part of the old UI, it's gone now. Of course, most veteran players don't care, many of them still like the old version for whatever reason. "Pay for a slot and color every 7 days?" What? "Get 5 platinum after 7 days gameplay"... ...Uhh... I'm a bit confused...
  17. I always thought she was a more interesting Chroma. Her buffs can be better, and her abilities are much cooler too. 😞
  18. 1. They go to Cetus, it takes a hell of a long time to get to locations, not to mention all the enemies are way too hard, and quit. Or, they go to Venus, do Orb Vallis, try to finish Vox Solaris, can't finish Vox Solaris, quit. 2. They don't know what to do, and get confused and leave. Theres no clear direction where to go at first, some players will try to do the Mars junction first. 3. (Pre-UI changes) They can't find the "purchase blueprint" button for weapons in the market, and so they think weapons can only be attained by paying. (This has been fixed now) 4. (This never happened to me, but I can see it happening) They play public and always get grouped with other more experienced players, who skip all cinematics, and complete the objective before they even understand what's going on. Bored, they quit. (When I started, I never skipped cinematics.)
  19. This is good advice, I guess. In hindsight I think it probably wasn't worth the time I put into it.
  20. ...You seem a lot more triggered than I am right now. Also, you go from sarcasm to seriousness so quickly that its difficult to take you seriously... Okay, grown-up. I think you mean move-on... but I don't think the general idea of this sentence was true either. Perhaps we both need to move on.
  21. It's not a lesson. I thought my initial post was nice and clear. Right, because people can't reply unless they're given permission... since we're talking about rules, didn't you break this one too? You resorting to labeling and name-calling doesn't mean I don't agree with you any more. It just makes you look pathetic poorly in front of others. My bad, I thought everyone knew this. It also didn't help that I just came from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DryCk_uIsik.
  22. If you're not going to even properly read, then why bother responding? I still agree with you, but I can't do anything for you, friend. Please don't waste time responding, unless I've gotten something horribly wrong.
  23. I agreed with you at first... But now since you've resorted to name-calling I can't listen to you anymore. It's just as MCgamerz said...
  24. but wasn't supra vandal going to come this weekend? 😞
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