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  1. The issue still be a mystery here 🙄 Glad they still keep our uptodate with another console though
  2. Thanks For the hardwork DE 🙏really appreciate it . Almost got unplayble since the dog days update amd now the performance really smooth ... cheers !
  3. Since theres staff here i wanna tell my problem Whenever i got to 1 mission and extract to orbiter the fps drop so down fells like 5-15fps and i dont know the issue too it happen after the quatz or 25.4 update and already unplayable for me .... already seek for some peeps who got the same problem but they didnt and i already reinstall the game several time. I install it to 128GB sdcard with 18GB free space (already make it bigger but doesnt make any difference ) but at the first login it run smooth i feel like whoaaa 60fps on switch
  4. Cetus run smooth? Got issue here where fps drop after 1 mission and get back to orbiter (and stay until i restart the game) since the new GPU/CPU clock update i cant even play it on long run. Already re download the game several times and still got no luck even i delete all of my orbiter decor . It's already unplayable and after the fps drop try to go cetus and straight go to PoE the loading takes forever it wont let me out (waiting about 30minutes and the tricap squad already yelled wheres the support )
  5. Got some issue with laggy orbiter At 1st i thought because i put too much decorate on my orbiter Try reboot the game voila its gone but after one mission it became lag again It's just me or everyone else got the same issue?
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