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  1. in my honest opinion, the waiting isnt a big deal at all. ALTHOUGH, im getting irritated that ontop of waiting patiently, they cant even take 5 mins to say how its going. i understand theyre trying to get it all worked out ASAP, and working hard at that, but still, just a lil update would help a lot.
  2. people like this lol. same person who post WTSSSSSSSS WOLLFFF SLLLEDDDDGEEE 1kkkpppp PMOOOOOOOO on trade chat lmfao.
  3. been nearly 5 hours, any update so far on how its coming along?
  4. I wouldn’t count on it being that soon, sry man
  5. So, lemme get this straight. DE messes up on some coding, or whatever, and you think “this is everyone on Xbox’s fault, everyone who’s not Xbox should get something extra”? We didn’t ask for this, maybe if DE could take stuff serious these problems wouldn’t happen lmfao. I thought that was a great statement all the way up to your edit. Sry.
  6. You’d think with all this unhappiness DE would have the noses to the grind stone, but...
  7. Not talking about you personally, but people in this thread
  8. I absolutely realize that. WHAT IM SAYING IS, if you guys are reporting bugs, that’s because YOU are experiencing the bugs and YOU want them fixed for YOUR platform. You’re not beta testing for us, like multiple people have said in this thread. You’re testing for yourself (.) I’m not saying there’s a single thing wrong with that, I’m just saying don’t preach that you’re our saviors when you could give a crap about us.
  9. Actually, it is affecting pc also. Go check the last page of this forum lol.
  10. Once again, very compassionate. I never said you did, I said y’all act like ya do. Big difference.
  11. Ropa fights one of the buggiest things in the game rn, peoples consoles are literally shutting off mid fight, but go on about how y’all have saved us pls
  12. I love how pc acts like they just do the beta testing out of the kindness of there hearts for all the consoles. Most of y’all don’t care what so ever about anything happening on console, you’re just happy to play. Most of you probably don’t even submit feedback lmfao.
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