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  1. Still, i dont think it will be kept that way for long
  2. His 2 is also a mess imo Invisibility without taking profit on stralth multiplier is kind of something no one needs
  3. They will probably add a cooldown, but they reset on revive anyway (probably)
  4. To this post all i can say is, you are wrong in pretty much all you say about those reworks. Vauban is a nice cc frame, he locks down zones like nobodys business. Chroma is the top pick for eidolon dps, what do you mean by needing a rework? Limbo is awesome as is, you wanna do damage? Either the limbo is shait, or just get out of the cataclysm bubble... Or just roll. His ability to defend is among the greatest. Wukong doesnt bring any contribute to a team in any way, shape or form, he simply exists. So yeah, he really needs a rework as a priority compared to the other frames, since every other frame either does multiple different tasks or is really good at what he does. And surviving is a think that every frame does, sure, wukong does it better, but its not needed nor asked, if one cant do anything other than surviving, as wukong, that person is just a occupied wasted spot on a team
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