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  1. No drop for me either, watched the entire stream 😭
  2. You're welcome! The best part was that I found out by accident!
  3. I had it happen yesterday while doing Phorid invasion.
  4. I got this achievement on xbox by being teleported back on a bounty completion. If you watch the extraction timer and slide as it's about to run out, as long as you are far enough away it should pop. It worked for a clan mate as well.
  5. With the upcoming vaulting of Oberon Prime I have been farming as fast as I can for the systems, but as per usual when time is limited RNG likes to throw everything else except that part at me! Does anyone have any spare systems around that they would be willing to trade? If so, let me know your price. I would even be willing to trade for 2 depending on price as my son is also short that part. Many thanks for reading this!
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