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  1. I don't think most of the ideas will change; it would be a matter of seeing the community's reception to DE's Workshop plans once it is released in the game.
  2. I believe the sniper weapons Komorex and Sporothrix has some explanation on how AOE attacks count for the combo system. In both weapons' example, the AOE does NOT register the combo counters for the sniper. We could do the same for the guns but also make some exceptions as well.
  3. I apologize, but this thread was to be closed over 5 years ago. I remain unsure who brought it back.
  4. Gun kills could be a potential add on. I decided the on-hit combo style to encourage more skillful use of guns and rewarding the use of them more. With on kills, I felt there are some weapons that have a harder time killing enemies due to weird gimmicks they have or due to armor scaling. With on-hits, they are more consistent especially if it can reward more combos hitting vulnerable spots.
  5. I'll add the suggestion to the OP. I'm not sure if ti is possible to program that particular mechanic, but I think it is something worth experimenting.
  6. It is definitely possible for the Rite ability I proposed to have a hold-cast variant [even Mag's Magnetize has one...that is questionably useful].
  7. NEW VOLCANIC EXIMUS DESIGN CONCEPT Eximus unit slams down sending telegraphing fireball salvos from the sky. Has its own cooldown to it. May not leave a patch of fire hazard.
  8. It is an interesting take. The thing to consider is how the strength/duration/range of this particular ability would be scaled.
  9. Thanks for those that shared this thoughts on this suggestion so far. I hope we reflected enough on this.
  10. I'll be going over a new take on Trinity's 1st, but since Well of Life is Trinity's current Helmith Ability, I am low on options to suggest anything for it.
  11. I'd like to share some thoughts on the announcement of a new Water-like Warframe coming soon for Sisters of Parvos.
  12. Understandable. Alas, a reason I am bringing Dark Sector up is how significant it was to DE and my personal take on how significant it could be in Warframe as the game mode it is now.
  13. I will soon make a post on some planets I feel can be occupied/reworked for newer storylines/content in the future. If there is no thoughts on the matter of Dark Sector, I thank those that shared their opinions.
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