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  1. Been a lot of Zephyr rework posts made, but I have done one before and will have to leave it to the more vocal BirdFramePrime to handle that notion. I feel when it comes to Hydroid, I felt that his theme of being the "Water Manipulator" to be what should define him most. Water is fluid and adaptable, has no true shape, it has the power to sustain as it also has the power to kill. There are some things I see in the current Hydroid that seems to fit that feel, but I personally feel improvements especially with how evolving the game is should be warranted in the future.
  2. So in your case: you don't want to lose the Undertow + Tempest Barrage combo? I want to keep in mind this article was made weeks ago and that was before the recent Mainline Update. I had discussed and asked around a lot of other players through live chat on their current thoughts on Hydroid. I will eventually update the OP in due time.
  3. I was trying to make a suggestion to change Hydroid's Tempest Barrage into something else entirely at first... BUT From some discussions I had, a LOT of players did not want Tempest Barrage to change due to the Augment [Corrosive Barrage]. Things are now a bit different with the Damage-type changes, and there can be room to settle how the ability works now. But I wanted to try to keep Tempest Barrage to avoid any backlash on the possible removal of the Corrosive Augment.
  4. In that regard it could be either. I used the Wukong Cloudwalker as an example of the free movement the ability could have (albeit on the floor like how Tidal Surge/Undertow currently performs). With Cloudwalker, Wukong has the ability to not only move on the floor but also to elevate himself to higher heights. With the Hydroid variant being stuck on the floor, and IF the duration could play out like Cloudwalker, it could have a higher duration. Another ability that has that duration-stealth is Wisp's Will-O-Wisp which has at base double the duration of CloudWalker. But if it would be a a more fairer Duration-type deal: I would be thinking more about how [DE] changed Nezha's Firewalker and its Duration changes (max base 30s). This due to how the suggested Tidal Surge creates a water blast at the end of its duration similar to how Nezha's Firewalker Augment: Pyrocastic Flow creates a blast once the ability ends. The duration in that form could be slightly less than Nezha's due to the invisibility/invulnerability, but could still be manageable. Overall, it would be all up to what fits the bill.
  5. Did the suggestions I have presented on Tentacle Swarm seem like something you would welcome?
  6. I feared that was going to be a case. What are your thoughts on Tempest Barrage instead dealing Blast?
  7. THEME SUBMISSION: INUGAMI https://imgur.com/a/MqoBH https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Inugami_Physiology THEME EXPLANATION: Based of the Japanese lore of an actual Inugami: a Dog Yokai conjured from a complex and utmost savage ritual {I advise you do NOT look up how an Inugami is made}. HOW IT CAN FIT IN WARFRAME: In this game, Inugami can be a Warframe that also contains the genetic makeup of a Kubrow. A Ghost Kubrow Warframe that can summon packs of Kubrows much like the Drakk Masters of the Grineer. Storyline could include an Orokin story about a famous hunter and his Kubrow. POSSIBLE PLAYSTYLES: Ghost Kubrow Pack summons Headshot Support Revenge Tactics, Activating AOE counters upon receiving damage Curse Marking foes Self-Sustain health recovery
  8. Will be heavily studying up on how the new Enemy Stats and Damage-Type changes have affected Hydroid's new performances. May even post an excerpt on the subject.
  9. I only suggested the invisibility due to the current Undertow making Hydroid invisible. As for Tentacle Swarm, the big problem I found with any suggestions for it is how its Pilfering Augment works and how changing Tentacle Swarm to be something besides a "capture" ability could mess with looting in the long run.
  10. I'd hope I could also receive some more feedback on Hydroid as a whole, but I will let this thread rest since I feel there is enough told for now. Frost will be my next target to critique on, and I hope this one is a bit more thorough.
  11. I wanted to make a point about Hydroid and Grendel and how the proposed change to Tentacle Swarm differs to Grendel's 1st, but I may skip out on that topic unless some of you are interested.
  12. Attacking the pet does feel a bit weird I have to admit. Perhaps this could be rectified somehow in due time. I tried to suggest these changes to that ideas for synergy can be left to anyone's interpretation and imagination. All of those that you made are possible options. Having a flood passive like you have suggested could be seen as a bit powerful for a passive especially for the 70% slowdown, but I would like to see how other people will respond to this idea a bit more. I could add your post to the OP to see if this is something you want to be highlighted if you wish.
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