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  1. Well just summoning a smoke might give people the impression that it would be another Ash's Smoke Screen. If there is no means to make Cloud Walker more combat-oriented, the "Hair Clone" idea could be a suitable backup.
  2. After discussing this online, it seemed that Wukong interaction with Exodia Hunt was an unintended bug. However, I do believe giving Wukong a Slam-Attack theme would be an interesting concept overall to work with if the rework for his kit will come.
  3. I will see to a few more discussion points I'd like to talk about this new Exodia Hunt change after gathering a few notes on other things.
  4. [Exodia Hunt], creating effects pulling enemies towards you at a chance when you perform ground slams. It is indeed a great arcane for Wukong to utilize his 4th a bit more (though I still feel his kit is extremely energy hungry). That aside, I still wonder how the upcoming Melee 3.0 will affect his 4th.
  5. I remain unsure about the new Cloud Walker Augment released a few days ago. It actually decloaks allies that attack from inside it even when they use a silent weapon. I remain unsure about giving Wukong a stealth ability at this point now. Especially since his ability kit is too energy hungry.
  6. The approach I tried with Nezha's rework in this thread was to try to work around how Nezha's powers already work. It is a bit surprising that Firewalker will now be a duration ability instead of a toggle. I also didn't expect their attempt to create some synergy with Blazing Chakram and Divine Spear. I will have to review more on the new Warding Halo later. The thing about reworks is that we have to at least test it out once it is released in the game. Examples such as Zephyr's rework did sound promising at first, but people started to notice problems with it. Other than that, I see the information of the Devshop to be attempting to make Nezha's kit more offensive + supportive by focusing more on the use of Blazing Chakram.
  7. I've already read through that. Take note this thread was made many months before that workshop arrived.
  8. I haven't touched much on this thread as I am currently working on the Banshee ability suggestion thread. But your point here is convincing and I may restart this thread in another time.
  9. If there is any feedback on the appearance of Sibyl available, I'd appreciate some tibits on it.
  10. With little feedback or any comments, this will be the end of this session for Vauban. I will be working on ideas for a Banshee Rework thread.
  11. SONIC/CONCUSSION MINE/GRENADE MECHANICS {EXPLODES INTO A SUPERSONIC BLAST DEAFENING AND STUNNING NON-ROBOTIC ENEMIES} Enemies deafen remain this way for XX seconds and can be vulnerable to Vauban's passive while the duration lasts {NEW EFFECT ON ROBOTIC ENEMIES} Mine in this version distorts robotic enemy circuitry and signals turning them into allies of Vauban The robotic enemies turned this way are vulnerable to all damage sources {POSSIBLE ADDED DAMAGE MULTIPLIER CONSIDERING THE CONFUSION THIS ABILITY OFFERS} Can cause enemies affected (mostly non-robotic enemies) to receive x #.# damage from all sources.
  12. Working on symbols for each of Sibyl's abilities. Base new body concept art for Sibyl is still in the works.
  13. NOTES FOR SONIC MINE/GRENADE Explodes blasting a single ultrasonic pulse deafening enemy hearing and distorting signals of enemy robotics within the blast turning them against their foes Enemies deafened are considered vulnerable and will be affected by Vauban's current passive Robotic enemies, while treated as allies with this grenade, can be damaged by all sources Duration of robotic enemies affected by this ability is +50% longer than the duration of enemies deafened by this grenade