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  1. [COMBO DURATION] and [COUNTER PER HIT] as two additional gun stats can easily solve and balance out the problem you are referring to. With duration, you can make one short enough to have to maintain enough accuracy. With CPH, you can control how much counters generate. Also, you could control the multiplier a weapon receives with [COMBO BONUS]. There are already some weapons out there that won't need as much combo tiers to stack well against higher level content.
  2. I may also post a subtopic about how this combo system could help out "side-grade" weapons IF this particular system could work out.
  3. Which is totally possible if implemented right. My worry is about how it would interact with the Corrupted Mod [Corrupt Charge] (My other worry is if DE would introduce a Mod to make this sort of thing work out).
  4. I have thought about that possibility, but I felt that separating the melee combo counter from the gun combo counter has its benefits. Considering that some guns due to their fire rate can accumulate combos at a faster rate than the melee one and that the Combo Multiplier for certain guns may need to be slightly higher/smaller than the Combo Multiplier Melee has now. And there is the issue of how Melee Combo's Duration stat should mesh with the Combo Duration of a Gun. There are a couple of thing that we would need to consider if we want a "Universal Combo Counter System" for our weapons
  5. I have been thinking of adding a section involving how we could add this gun combo system and create/replace some passives from the Focus System later on.
  6. It would take time to consider how much counters each gun hit would give and the duration they can last before decay/dissipation, but it would be by experimentation an option for rewarding gunplay. It is practically too late to take away the combo system from melee since we already have mods supporting it especially this far into the game.
  7. Currently, Melee Weapons have a greater edge against guns over the following: Most Important: a Combo System granting Melee Weapons a Damage Multiplier for Heavy Attacks Also, Mods that also stack different bonuses based on the Combo Counter [Weeping Wounds/Blood Rush] applied to Normal Attacks Containing Mods that allow players to use them as Healing Tools [Healing Return/Life Strike] Focus System's Naramon Tree can grant Melee a decaying Combo Counter making it easier to maintain higher level Combo Bonuses No ammunition resources limiting their uses
  8. A new version of this is in the works. The lore behind it will involve a possible addition to the Sanctuary of Cephalon Simaris. Details on the storyline and some new changes to this concept will be first made in reddit then posted here on the forums in another date. For now, if there is no other feedback, I will have to consider this version concluded.
  9. The time will come where I will bring this back and reformat the storyline behind this. Stay tuned.
  10. I had though about the possibility of charging Airburst creating stationary Tornados and leave a new 4th ability for Zephyr.
  11. I'd like to include a few other thoughts for this Inaros Rework Suggestion in the future if possible.
  12. If there is no other thoughts about Parazon Finishers and Mercy Kills and possible revamping them, I will have to close this thread off.
  13. I feel giving Chroma's 4th a similar feel of Titania's 4th isn't the right way to do it right now. However, I would like to see more thoughts on the matter.
  14. A third possible way to make mixing better can include this: Make every enemy hit by Lavos' abilities be marked by the element they are hit with. Being hit by a second ability with a different element triggers it to deal additional damage as the combined element. Holding down the ability turns the ability to "mark" the enemy.
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