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  1. There have been concepts I've made that were describing such a thing, but one ol' one I did was something called "Endless Assassination" which was more like a stationary variant of the Stalker's Acolytes fight. I didn't push the idea further because I felt some people would argue over how different Warframe's gameplay is in comparison to other games.
  2. I can understand visually that the datascape may seem a bit bland, but do you see how the setting of a digital world like the Datascape could allow room for [DE] to make some endgame content with it. Since the Trials are foregone now?
  3. I still feel that we should consider using the Datascape as a setting for a challenging content {possibly an endgame like Trials}. The fact that it is a digital world allows the developers a lot of freedom to try out different and unique missions, objectives, and mechanics that would truly challenge players much like the Mastery Rank Tests can do.
  4. DATASCAPE RAID MISSION MINI-PROJECT For a while now, I have been thinking of implementing a mini-concept within this one to think up a new endgame-like content within the Datascape world of Warframe. I rather not suggest which rewards this concept would offer yet, but there is a definite possibility of giving players the challenge and fun due to how much you can do with this digital world tileset. For the time being, I will be working on a few excerpts of Datascape Raid Missions mostly for as many planets that I can try.
  5. Another idea has occurred to me to have the "Datascape" act as a unique Mission Mode for specific tilesets where players can invade enemy computer interfaces and take on new challenges to obtain extra info on them. I am not sure as to how this would work out due to lack of feedback on this particular idea.
  6. As of now, preparing a concept for an event in the Plains and another area based on an actual event. It will have some heavy involvement with Hunhow. Will work with this while there has not been much talk nor feedback on the idea of using the Datascape more for future content in Warframe.
  7. [QUESTION] Do you feel that Simaris could be the best character to host a new challenging content with the tileset of the Datascape?
  8. Posted a thread in the feedback to discuss the potential the Datascape Tileset can have fr future Warframe content.
  9. The Digital/Datascape Tileset and its Application for High Level Content A LINK TO A FAN CONCEPT SHOWING A STORYLINE/CONTENT EXAMPLE WHAT IS THE DATASCAPE? The name of the tileset which players partake in Mastery Rank Tests, the Simulacrium, and a setting which takes place of the last part of the Octavia Quest. WHAT THIS THREAD IS BRINGING UP? Much like the Fan Concept I've done a few days ago HERE, I have a strong feeling that this very digital tileset would be a major potential setting and place for a future endgame content in Warframe. I have come to believe that the trope of fighting in a "cyberspace-like environment" would allow [DE] to explore unique challenges, missions, objectives, and enemy types to implement into this particular setting. Unlike the daily content we get to do in Warframe, the digital world can have specific rules and perks that are not as bounded as the settings in higher level content like Sorties and the common missions. The setting of the Datascape also leaves much room for players to test their parkour skills more often than most tilesets in Warframe. COULD THIS PARTICULAR SETTING SUPPORT THE 8-PLAYER TRIAL CONTENT? I feel Warframe performs best with a 4-man team max due to how the game was initially designed. Relating to certain issues that had occurred in Trials have included scenarios of 5 players wielding [Corrosive Projection] leading to enemies with wacky occurrences. Though this type of scenario has been dealt with in the past before and may even be re-balanced in the near future, I feel a bit adamant on making a Trial-participating content in a setting such as the Datascape. But, I see the potential in it. WHAT STORYLINES/CHARACTERS COULD BE ASSOCIATED WITH AN ENDGAME CONTENT IN THE DATASCAPE? Like the Fan Concept I have done, the #1 content on top of my head that can support this tileset would be Simaris. Simaris's Sanctuary could be the very area that would be the right place to have such a content in. There are also the possibility of making traveling into digital Datascapes in Grineer/Corpus controlled computer interfaces in the Star Chart. Doing so could potentially make for a much tougher but "digitized" variant of a normal mission. It could open up a "secondary Nightmare" level that isn't randomized but accessible at any time. There is also potential to have a Warframe who's body was fragmented and scattered across the Datascape and will require collecting these fragments to bring it back, but that is a matter for a different time.
  10. I'd like to know some of your thoughts on introducing mimeographs of past Sentients defeated during the Old War in a content like this?
  11. Especially with the setting this concept presents. For the time being, I am prepping up a Feedback Thread in topic of the Datascape tileset.
  12. I'd like to address the idea of this concept in a feedback article discussing how the Datascape tileset could be a very useful scenery to use for future Warframe content. If possible, I think this could be a good basis for a content that would be similar in challenge like the Trials.
  13. WIP STORYLINE FOR POSSIBLE "DATASCAPE" WARFRAME Image from Fine Art America In the golden times, we Cephalon were reborn from a time once our own. Our golden masters gave us a home to dwell in, to observe, to direct the flow of information...the Datascape. A digital nexus which we find comfort in our newfound forms. Then the Sentient came and they dominated every aspect of our master's technologies...our home...our Datascape invaded by these perverse mistakes. To protect ourselves and the information in the Datascape, the golden rulers found a new weapon...Digit. Unlike the many suits that were made before, it was capable of mastering the arts of Synthesis. It was capable of materializing things from the Datascape and digitizing others. It battled the Sentient invaders in our was our hero. One day, the Sentient launched a powerful onslaught; this one would not last without casualties. Digit...our savior...why did you sacrifice yourself that day? We lost you in the very bits of data you vanished into. One day...our hero...we will find your remnants...we will bring you back.
  14. The story is still in progress. I am just in the middle of collecting some visuals to show here in the forums and in the document.
  15. Working on a new section in the document to discuss an additional storyline that can be included in the concept of this content. This will tie into the old Orokin society.