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  1. FoxFX

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    POSITIVES ON REVENANT High shields allow preparedness for ranged enemies Damage of Revenant's 4th scales well and balances out 2nd ability's defensive mechanic is rather unique NEGATIVES Requires a lot of casting of Revenant's 1st to create more Thralls to make some of his skills stand out Some aspect of Revenant's 1st could be best if it had some AOE 3rd ability's traveling is EXTREMELY wonky and uncontrollable THRALL ABILITY SUGGESTION Revenant uses the Senitent Eidolon "Scream" to seduce surrounding enemies to become his thralls. From Revenant, he blasts an AOE turning surrounding enemies into his thralls Thralls in this variant could have some limits to how it can spread MESMER SKIN SUGGESTION Could have enemies that are stunned by this ability have then give Thrall {the suggested version} some Energy instead of the 0 Energy cost effect REAVE SUGGESTION Revenant enters the ghost form of the Vomvalyst while draining power fro surrounding enemies This version of Reave becomes a toggle (or low duration temporary mode) that allows Revenant to ignore all damage sources but has an AOE aura which drains Health and Shields from enemies inside the aura. Could also have this form grant increased running speed and bullet jump while toggled on Danse Macabre SUGGESTION Maybe have this ability offer Revenant free degree movement? Have the above Reave while Danse Macabre is active have some special effect on energy wells created?
  2. FoxFX

    Khora's Planned Changes

    I'd think Whipclaw would benefit better as a conical AOE attack. But other than that, maybe make it so that holding down Whipclaw allows Khora to unleash a fury of whip attacks infront.
  3. Trials so far have been formatted into a series of puzzle missions which would lead straight to the boss fight itself. I can imagine with so many of those puzzles jacked into the mission would eventually cause bug and issues [DE] needs to deal with. Trials also include a strong reliance in Warframes that can mass Crowd Control enemies, and this alone leaves a handful of Warframes to be recommended for such an occasion. There is little room in Trials to combat as opposed to avoid combat. Do you guys feel the same way? Do you think that the current format of Trials exclude engagement and combat most of the time? What are your thoughts of Trials to be truncated into one single mission: the boss fight. Not just a single boss fight, but a boss fight that features a series of phases of puzzles that also will require combat in them?
  4. When I was first recruited to do the Law of Retribution, I imagined the Trial to be some sort of very difficult battle me and at most seven other players would partake in. Looking back into it and thinking also on what Warframe is all about, I wanted to express my thoughts on this mission type in a more logical and sincere response. Warframe is a fast-paced action game, and in some perspective the Trials felt a bit short on that aspect. I've asked around many players about their experience with Trials and their frustration with the content itself. A majority of them enjoyed the idea of meeting with new players and the rewards of the Trials. And yet, there was one specific downside to their experience they a majority of them had in common: Engagement. The was Trials are designed, they follow through the more engaging part of this operation by going through consecutive puzzle-based missions. When it came to Law of Retribution, those puzzles involved standing still on platforms, restricting movement through Hijack, and a massive requirement to Crowd Control as much as possible. At the Jordas Verdict, there was some points that allow players to fight enemies, but it felt more like a series of escort-based missions and maze-like missions. I feel that the balance between the puzzle solving and the combat engagement was offset when it came to Trials. The format of Trials may have missed the mark of Warframe's fast-pace, and the large scope of the Trials may have resulted in the continuous bugs and errors. But I feel there is still a place for puzzles to remain in Trials, and there should be some way to have players engage in this mission type. But this is merely my thoughts and reflections when it comes to Trials.
  5. @[DE]Rebecca Will there be a post addressing [DE]'s plans for the rest of Ember's kit:
  6. I can understand this. I guess that this is part of the reason for DE's Ember plans. However, I feel there maybe a way to make Ember's 4th ability both into a defensive ability and an offensive one.
  7. Been thinking of renaming {Temperature Points} into {Kelvins} for sci-fi purposes. Other than that, there has been a suggestion about having World on Fire be a new different ability which comes with a passive damage stack system when toggled on and releases as an offensive ability when toggled off. I will explain what this is in detail later.
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience with Ember. It is a surprise to see you rarely use her 4th. I also feel before changing around Ember, her passive needs to be severely reviewed by both [DE] and the Warframe community. I feel the topic of Ember's passive gets dismissed a lot.
  9. WHAT WE KNOW IS BEING PLANNED FOR EMBER: World On Fire - 5 seconds after casting, a percentage will begin counting up on the ability icon. As this percentage scales from 0% to 100% over 10 seconds, the ability’s energy cost and damage dealt both grow to double, while the ability radius shrinks to half. WHAT THIS SUGGESTION IS TRYING TO ADDRESS With World on Fire plans to be more expensive Energy-wise the longer it is active, there is an issue over the other two offensive abilities of Ember. While I do not see any reason to change Accelerant right now, Fireball and Fire Blast are two abilities that should be considered looking into. This also addresses Ember's passive which only grants Energy if she is ever affected by Heat. I feel that the recent changes from Warframes have also taken into account making passives much more convenient for many contents. Ember's passive is heavily limited. THE SUGGESTIONS FOR EMBER'S CHANGES PASSIVE/MECHANIC MECHANIC: MELTING POINT - Each cast of Ember's Fireball, Accelerant, and World on Fire stacks a {Temperature Point}. Could also gain {Temperature Point} if ever affected by Heat Proc but this passive reduced Heat Damage to Ember by XX%. Based on the amount of {Temperature Points} accumulated, Ember gains the following passive effects: Renders Ember immune to Cold Procs Ember's body temperature heats up allowing XX% Damage Reduction from enemy projectiles Each {Temperature Point} improves the damage of Heat and DoT effect of Heat procs A threshold of {Temperature Point} can cause Heat procs from Ember to also melt enemy Armor based on the damage dealt from the Heat proc PASSIVE OPTION #1: OVERHEATING STRIKES - [Inspired by the Fired Up Sentinel Mod] Each attack Ember initiates via Primary/Secondary/Melee amplifies the Heat Elemental Damage the attacks does. This buff will gradually decrease over time if Ember is not attacking. FIREBALL Can be charged to increase damage and blast radius or can cause multiple bonfires to erupt from Fireball's impact creating environmental fire hazards for the enemy. Stacks XX {Temperature Point} WORLD ON FIRE Stacks {Temperature Point} while World on Fire is active FIRE BLAST Consumes XXX {Temperature Point} instead of Energy if the total amount of {Temperature Points} reaches a certain threshold resulting in a more powerful Fire Blast. Will consume Energy if the threshold is not met. Fire Blasts' damage and range improves based on the total amount of {Temperature Points} accumulated Can turn the area inside of Fire Blast's ring into a molten field (OPTION) Fire Blast exhausts heat accumulated from Ember's {Temperature Point} providing some Health Recovery (OPTION, based on Ember's Phoenix appearance)
  10. I have a few questions I wanted to address pertaining to all the Warframe Changes mentioned in the Dev Workshop: Will ZEPHYR'S Tail Wind be affected by Melee/Parkour Mods? Are there any suggestions being made to change Ember's passive? Much like Vauban's passive, Ember's passive does not seem as convenient as most of the other Warframe's passive which has a more overall purpose for any content. For a more defensive effect and adding to Banshee's powers to control sound, do you think that an ability called Concussion could be made which allows gunfire from Banshee to have their firing sound amplified so much that it deafens enemy hearing? That being asked, I feel there is an opportunity for Ember's 1-3 abilities to be reworked as well and to have Fire Blast play a special role in Ember's playstyle.
  11. FoxFX

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #163!

    [DE], You have my gratitude for showing my Awakening Mode Fan Concept in Prime Time #163.If the idea and the work presented may be of use to you in terms of the Focus System and Melee Channeling, let it be so. I shall continue what I love to do most: playing this game and making Fan Concepts for it. -FoxFX
  12. FoxFX

    Coming Soon: Devstream #86!

    Any update you can give us pertaining to the Dark Sector?