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  1. Still looking into other Warframe Anomalies. I'll keep you updated on what my thoughts on this breakthrough is.
  2. I'm looking deeper into the Kuva Lich System for something of a critique on it. I can affirm that I wouldn't recommend that type of content in this particular proposed idea here. Will still be updating the Fan Concept link to this.
  3. The possibilities for this is there for a gauntlet. I'd like to see what others would think about it though. It is a rather interesting add-on. Will add to the OP soon.
  4. Do you understand the context of the article? I don't think you get what I have been trying to point out.
  5. Garuda: Creates Blood Totems which heals enemies on the opposing side. Can be destroyed. Gauss: Enemies on the opposing side pulse one Heat or Cold AOE from their bodies. Grendel: Enemies on the opposing side gain Toxic Damage buff temporarily.
  6. I did to. It maybe a bit of a stretch for some players to have this sort of content due to their views on the Conclave though.
  7. Looking into the Old Blood content and seeing what from it I can include in this concept. Stay tuned.
  8. Analyzing content on the recent Old Blood. May include a few things in this but I hope to hear some more feedback on this idea.
  9. WARFRAME ANOMALY BRAINSTORM: Baruuk: Creates temporary AOE zones that damage players if they attack with their Primary/Secondary/Melee in those areas Chroma: Enemies on the opposing side gain a 5 second damage buff which triggers when they are hit. Lasts temporarily. Gara: Enemies on the opposing sides gain two glass shields which oscillates around them protecting them from damage. Lasts temporarily.
  10. I may in the future tackle my thoughts on Conclave. It is true that this proposed idea can be a suitable content for Clans.
  11. The next post will introduce a new possible lore behind this concept and a Faction we all have seen in Tennocon.
  12. The Fan Concept thread for this proposal is still going as strong as it can be. Currently listing possible Warframe-Type Anomalies for this content. Will also rename the content to PVEVP.
  13. WARFRAME ANOMALY BRAINSTORM: Atlas: Summons Rumblers on the opposing team's map Equinox: Temporarily reduces amount of Health/Energy gained from collecting Orb on the opposing team's map Valkyr: Temporarily increases the speed of melee-type enemies on the opposing team's map
  14. I'd like to see your reasoning behind your reaction to this content idea.
  15. I never heard of the Index being anything like the "Competitive PVE Mode" I have presented from any of the Devstream/Prime Time notes I reviewed. Well, at any rate, the Index/Rathuum seems like a viable and optional content the way it is now.
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