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  1. Agreed. Continuous viewing of bright colors is detrimental for eyes. I couldn't play after 10 mins. Please consider giving option to change color or remove the explosion effect color!
  2. Almost all the missions in warframe have endless and innumerable enemies spawning. It would be good if there were certain missions which had fewer enemies where we could fight them one on one and progress to the objective. These enemies could be beefier and of different factions if needed but that would definitely add more flavor to the existing gameplay.
  3. Lavos can have an augment where the element he infuses can be used by the weapon he uses too. For example, if he has viral active and he uses his melee/primary/secondary, the weapon will deal viral damage!
  4. yes. max 3 procs. so at max you will get 240% damage from CO
  5. I don't understand the reason to nerf melee so badly. For the past 2+ years melee has been meta and players like me were used to playing with melee only. Non stacking of attack mods is understandable but why did you nerf blood rush and condition overload? Was it paining you, players were enjoying a game in terms of challenge? In Warframe, the only thing enjoyable is survival (Steel path and normal star chart). How does it matter if we play with either guns or melee or warframe abilities? Please use your nerf hammer sparsely! Hoping after the dev workshop, melee changes are reverted or at least proper balancing happens for Blood rush and Condition overload.
  6. yes. I have duration of 208% but still if I am playing in void, I have to keep track of those nullifiers and kill them plus keep my splinter storm up (in Steel Path especially). It would be good if there was an augment where the splinter storm duration refreshed when killing an enemy with splinter storm.
  7. The only downside to keep splinter storm up always is to keep spamming mass vitrify which makes gara really clunky as you constantly have to keep a check at the splinter storm duration and keep casting mass vitrify to keep the damage up! At least give an augment where the stored damage of splinter storm will not disappear when enemies are getting hit/killed by splinter storm similar to eternal war augment for valkyr's warcry. Please DE consider this suggestion.
  8. absolutely right! Y axis makes Lavos really sad! Hope DE considers this suggestion and make lavos better!
  9. Even after his tweaks, it feels that his catalyze doesn't cover enough range above and below. Verified it in new corpus defense tileset (which is really boring given the stairs and all) where the corpus enemies just don't die even if they are just above/below the ground around 15m! His catalyze should cover at least half or 3/4th the distance above and below the ground of the range applicable to his 4th given to him. Secondly, his vial rush is way too fast. I find it difficult to maneuver him especially on congested tilesets like the infested ones. I have to constantly jump to break the run else he just falls down the holes! Maybe just give an option to spout the vials using toggle or something instead of drifting around !! Please DE, make him better! This warframe is really good and has a lot of potential !!
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