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  1. Thats a good idea your talking the invasion, extractor screen, have a alert that tells day or night and how much time is left. Ya i like it.
  2. My lua is all the way at the bottom of the list
  3. I am not sure if this is game wide or just in the app but I was browsing through the app this morning and was clicking on different foundry items trying to plan some hunts and got to thinking: is there a way to see parts you've already built and or mastered? Meaning lets say I have built limbo prime and there sitting in my invetory waiting to be played (or even been played and mastered) now everytime I click on one of the pieces lets say neuroptics prime (if I have an extra part) it says 1 bp 0 invetory, and though that's true I have the combined item(weapon or frame) in my invetory so shouldn't, or couldn't it say 1bp 0 invetory 1 built/1completed frame/1 builtmastered [the "/" being a "and", or an "or"]. That way I see I have an extra bp but I know already, its been completed? That way when I'm clicking through I don't have to try and remember how many or much of a resource I need when I can click on say limbo prime neuroptics see Ive built them and then can move on knowing I dont need to gather those bp or parts or resourses for that item and also know when I can sell certain parts. I think this could speed up my foundry browsing time.
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