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  1. if you can auto ban for something as stupid as a slur then you should be able to just force cut words from the game.
  2. Everywhere says that the emblem must be 128x128 pixels. looking at the emblems of other clans gives me the feeling that I have been scamed.
  3. "if you reject the conclave, I will kill you" ~Teshin Dax
  4. When ranking up with a syndicate, their "sacrifice successful" and "ranking up" dialogue is replaced with the sacrifice request line, caption and all.
  5. Some weapons remain in the warframes hand when not in use.
  6. dynamic lighting illuminates your surroundings depending on where you are. In my case when the syndicate doors of the relay shut behind me, specifically the one for the perrin sequence the lighting effects flicker.
  7. bruh this was posted literally 40 minutes after midnight. no way you thought this was serious.
  8. Just found out that the pyrana synoid skin does not work on the primed version of the weapon. If this was intentional it shouldnt be.
  10. preforming a mercy finisher while being forced out of bounds caused me to lose complete control of my cheracter. i can only abort the mission
  11. How about you make that a normal part of grendels 4
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