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  1. Doing Survival Arbitration an 2 players decided to extract, host and 1 other. Me an the other player decided to stay. After host migration I was returned to my orbiter with nothing
  2. Same problem here. I thought hotfixes were to fix or improve certain attributes (bugs) and not introduce more bugs. Or DE, is your definition of hotfix entirely different to ours?
  3. A few days now this is happening.
  4. An look soon after I mean like 1 min after making this post joining another 5 mins later joined another an host left. I cant solo, this aint co-op, bugs taking 1 year to fix, Anything I reported so far is ignored by devs. I cant host my ping is not consistent. AI update will be next year Old years night @ 11.59 pm
  5. So, running missions to farm up some intrisics etc etc. I joined a mission An he left. Co-op right?
  6. Amm why does Ivara and Ivara prime have the same base armor stats?
  7. The most distasteful thing in this mode, Me smashing my keys to get the job done an the idiot host, cant wait for the others to loot and navigates back to the dock even without refining.Not to mention the amount of Host Migrations and mission lockups I have gotten. So this is me suffering at the cost of DE laughing. Big announcement Railjack is live, big disappointment cant even release a proper working DLC. I so badly want to do this solo, Mostly everything I did is solo so i cant be bothered or hassled.
  8. Also adding to my list Sungem Railjack skin, why is my Dubbed ST TNG railjack looks like a custom car with a number plate side installed? No matter where you go on this ship stuff dont render.
  9. Yea? I assure you all at DE you definitely ignored mine. Posted on Novemeber 14th and still not fixed. Anyhow read on Railjack Bugs Pet Larger than the railjack. Head was actually in the roof Entering the Crewship, stuck GG Forge Area not rendering Gunner FOV broken up with blackness Somehow I had no Archwing and was walking on Earth's Stratosphere like Goku/Wukong Traversing from front to back, back to front through the Railjack Doors there is a hardspot. Avionics, using the scrap tab, would be nice if we could get something highlighting which mods we have currently equipped so we dont accidentally delete those. Re entering Railjack still in Archwing mode My railjack went totally invisible, I was solo Enemy ship was invisible, joined a friends session.
  10. Havnt got my Glaxion yet either. Also can you all put the redirects on overdrive? I am downloading the update @137kbs. Also Watched the stream for more than a hour
  11. The ribbons inside share two colors, likewise the bubble does not Same colors just inverted Ran Mag a few times, only once they stopped sharing the colors, but it catches back eventually
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