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  1. This Bug is insanely annoying. got to be something done about the invasion screen when more than 4 invasions are up. trying to open the final window is just horrible. it may be better for now to just have all the windows open with details until you can get scrolling fixed. (what i mean is, when you scroll over a window it pops open the details of that invasion. instead of having it pop open with more details, please just leave them all default open, this will allow scrolling through the quests easier without it jumping back up due to the auto close/open window you have set currently) sure this will make the invasion window a bit large, especially when many invasions are going on, but it will reduce my need to facedesk any time i want to view the invasion screen.
  2. I've just been hunting on the orb for about an hour getting this nightwave out of the way. after calling the bird, i jump up onto one of the mushrooms, turn invis, (as ivara) trang in hand, aiming ready, bird lands literally right beside me, i fire twice into the face, the bird glitchs sideways a bit, then takes off. .. this happened 3 times in a row at 3 different spots. how can direct hits to the face not be counted. i was point blank standing beside the birds, less than 5 feet from their land point, and fired at thier heads. how are these not considered hits? just gonna ignore Sawgaws til they're fixed. DE its a useless addon if the animal is invincible and glitches out of the way of your shots. if the physical character of the bird and its digital hit box are not in the same place, then please get that sorted. a direct hit should be counted as a direct hit. not wasting my time with Capture nightwaves if this is the kind of BS you're expecting to put us through.
  3. Aye. I helped 3 friends link their accounts. and i had mine already linked obviously. myself and 1 friend got the drops, but my other 2 friends received neither. I was chatting with them while the streams where on, so I know they were all watching the show. i had them make sure that they were logged into their twitch while watching too. so I know they where all linked correctly. but 2 still did not receive either drop. It would be good if your script team can account for these people also.
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