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  1. (mmm.... no, arbitration start at lvl 60.. what a difficulty xD it's like a sortie) and now, WHAT A CONTRADICTION ????? don't do that pls DE... increase the lvl, don't give us a chance to revive, remove defense in arbitration, and adjust the buffs by warframe, for example, 300% strengh for Nekros... it's useless Give us a real endgame ✌️
  2. PLEASE, Tridolon need a fix too failed 5 times while we were 4 charged lures .... and it's always at the gantulyst
  3. My "Day trader" is still not validated... i did it 2 times ... and both times it was written that it was completed have i to redo this ? u_u btw wich warframes are back? 🙂
  4. there's still a lot of bugs on the exploiter Orbs, we have been dc 6 times in a row this morning !! 6 ! 😪 we changed the host etc but no way 😕 I hope they will fix it soon ! \o/
  5. Hey ! i would like to participate but I do not have software to do that can someone help me ? 😶
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