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  1. Its hard to believe they STILL haven't fixed this. And I cant use my astera skin to get past how awful the transparent bits look on the switch.
  2. Who is this “we” you speak of. Crossave will kill the player base on switch and I don't want that, pretty sure a good number of people don't want that
  3. Long story short npc vision is far higher than it should be, hostiles can spot you from across the map even when your on the spawn platform. This test is doable but entirely dependent on luck. Things like glaves/gunblades and warframe passives help however its really down to weather or not any npc outside of enemy radar range (with mod maximization) turns and spots you when they are effectively just a few pixels across. I have done this mr test and cleared it in the past, back then it was a challenge but very much doable with a little prep and practice. Hostiles had good vision but would not spot you across the map and through platforms. For the record i cleared it with ivara and the dark Ratka dagger. Attempting this now it feels like a completely different test. One in which your required to use a ranged melee weapon to even have the chance of beating it. And thats all you get, a chance its luck if your redeemer pellets hit their mark, its luck if they kill your target and its luck if your target decides to investigate what just shot him. Everywhere I've looked reguarding this test several people indicate its overtly bugged. Almost everyone else admit the spotting is far greater than is reasonable. Please DE take a look at the MR 19 test on all platforms and see for yourself. I know its not a critical issue but it is obviously not working as intended.
  4. Did you miss the part where they said next week? As for the “numerous posts” I think you'll find that there aren't that many individuals speaking doom and misery. And most of the people think differently wont even bother with arguing here.
  5. So you would rather have nothing then? And have farm that much more for the relics and drops once the update does arrive. I get your frustrated but you have to admit your being overly dramatic about it. Nothing is being withheld from you, DE and Nintendo has not caused you personal harm. Inconvenience sure but thats why there giving us the bp’s for vauban ash and the weapons. And if you don't want those either, I could use the Ducats But if you truly live a privileged enough life to be outraged over these delays I envy you. Must be nice to not have to worry all the other worldly problems and focus singularly on this one. If you even get to this point, sorry for being antagonistic, hopefully you'll see the absurdity of this and just chill. It ain't worth the blood pressure man, its coming. Just gotta wait a lil more. We all update together.
  6. I agree Im simply saying so that others may see our perspective.Such an option could lead to a sinking ship scenario, if its given outside the context the switch port actually being a sinking ship due to hardware/nintendo complications. If the warframe switch port becomes non sustainable, and I don't think that likely. Then only would it be wise for DE to issue the lifeboats to move to other platforms. It may otherwise provoke a panicked bandwagon off the switch and kill the Nintenno community.
  7. IF and only if it comes to that im sure DE wont leave us high and dry. It can be done PC to switch at least, the reverse should be true. But again as I have stated previously, just giving the switch that option without that “If” scenario will result in an exodus of a not an insignificant quantity of switch players to other consoles who say they will keep playing the switch version while mobile. Lets be realistic though, how often does your average Joe or Joanne go on a road trip away from home without the majority of their time away spent enjoying that new location or preoccupied with family or business matters. Plus we all know hotel wifi sucks big time. Honestly I suspect all the nintennos who say they will move to another platform but still play the switch are just saving face. The few that are true to their word will probably find a gutted community barely able to find a full group for anything but events and hydron, hell even hydron doesn't fill up in the mornings my time(central). A slower update cycle due to nintendo ensuring that an update dosnt brick the console, which is an understandable concern. And in general less content (mostly cosmetics) worse performance and graphics. Is this an opinion, yes its a pessimistic one at that. But considering the fact that the switch only has mobility, and I can name only 2 people who take advantage of this, and 3 opal cosmetics unique to it as reasons to stay. There is very little incentive to stick with the switch platform if an option to leave is presented.
  8. Litch trading is also in cert for switch. They announced that were getting it with the baseline Old Blood update.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. I appreciate the gifts you guys are giving but at the same time i feel a little guilty that a portion of the community is taking these delays so hard and demanding that which cannot be given. I cant help but feel it makes our community appear needy. Its a tough spot you guys at DE find yourselves in. Hopefully things will smooth out and this unfortunate delays will fade into memory.
  10. The thing is its possible that cross save will result in an exodus of The Switch playerbase to other platforms. Justifying it by stating they will still play the switch while there away from their pc, xbox or playstation. Resulting in a switch player base consisting of the few players without access to other platforms, the few “die hards” that flatout refuse to play on a different platform even though they can for varying reasons, and the sporadic logins from players playing away from home who are likely going to be discouraged by the reduced player count resulting from their own exodus. Say crossovers do become a thing, the only incentive to stay is mobility and attachment to your clan community/friends. And 3 switch exclusive skin bundles. Compare that to a better looking better performing and more populated platform. A pessimistic opinion but none the less a possible outcome, and i think DE fears this as well.
  11. Considering I normally host, pay for a 1Gig network package, and bought a high end sd card specifically for warframe there should not be an issue. Last I tried the standby thing was fixed but even then I always shut off warframe completely before putting my switch to sleep. So again not a factor here. Plains and orb vallis have always been horrendously optimized on the switch, plains had some recent improvements and major crash fixes but Vallus has yet to see any equivalent attention. If i’m in a squad of 4 and try to enter the vallus via elevator or orbiter it always crashes. The only way for me, and my housemate and anyone in our clan to get in is with one person connecting at a time. Guess the clans just cursed or something 😛 Speaking of my housemate, warframe still pitches a fit if you have more than 1 person playing on the same network. I have spent dozens of hours tweaking game console and router settings, Setting up port forwarding. And it gives a strict nat error when the 2’nd person in my house connects. Its usually just that a message and it doesn't impact gameplay though, but it is annoying.
  12. It all has to do with the fact that solid state storage has a finite number of read/write actions before it breaks down and stops working. I had thought that this was a non issue as the industry has gotten to the standard of trillions of read/write cycles before you can expect to see any degradation (excluding other types of failures) Evidently SD cards are held to different standards which i suppose is to be expected given the issue with bootleg cards the market is currently struggling with. As for optimization, the hell are you smoking? Unless your playing solo or doing early star-map content where fewer things spawn the game chugs. Hell you cant even load into Orb Vallis with a full squad in the elevator without everyone crashing. I highly doubt that everyone in my clan has a broken switch including the 2 that I own. The game is not “smooth,” not by a long shot. It runs and considering what the switch has that is impressive. But there is plenty of other games that are better optimized for the console and there is plenty of room for improvement. Personally after rising tide drops for us Nintennos I really wish DE would focus on performance improvements for a bit especially when it comes to Orb Villas and plains frame rates, not that i expect that much out of the console, and load times. It really frigging sucks when it takes 5 minutes just to get out of the gate. Stack that delay up a few times and you start missing out on potential captures.
  13. Just that? Seriously that's it and people are complaining? I look at the 30k cryotic to build the Siber and go oof. Sure the 6 million credits will put a significant dent in my wallet but that is just a handful of rounds in the index. I know everyone wants to see the flashy new stuff first but there are a series of steps new tenno must take between crawling and learning how to fly a multi-role warship.
  14. 7 days is excessive IMO but the weekend event wasn't really necessary either, unless your leveling an archwing or k-drive. Even then it isn't too terrible of a time investment to max either of those. Just 20 waves in Hydron and you'll take any assortment of warframe/weapons from 0 to 30 without the weekend event.
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