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  1. I did my best to explain them about the basic thing they need to know but in the end they left and said other game is more enjoyable, one of my friend said he feel like he's useless when have a rare chance to match to other player and the curve between new player and verteran player is too high...there're 4 of them, only 1 of them still play and I heard from him that soon he will leave the game. I feel sad :(
  2. After I left the warframe so long and play other games, I can see the problem clearly about the game and any defend missions, 90% of enemies in the map will focus fire on the objective that you have to defend...It's not the problem at all for verterans like us but for the new players.... How they can pass the most of the defend missions when they don't get any defend warframe like frost, limbo,..etc or good weapon like us(solo problem). And a chance to find match with other people for beginner mission is so low and they have no chioce to solo the mission. I noticed this problem when my friends who are new player really struggle to pass any defend mission. while in other mission or survival mission they did fine. Without any help from veteran or other squad mate...They will left the game before they can reach to the point that they can really solo. "just git gud you idoit" I heard this quote a lot from the veteran players, yeah...some of them are not the gamer like most of you guys. They just want to play game.... So I want this to get change....maybe like enemy will focus fire on you more than the objective, It's make more sense for the situation because enemy have to stop you from hacking and stop you from killing them. Not like the brainless mobs who only shoot at the objective while letting tenno kill them easily. and this is only problem about defend missions quest. Imagine the interception mission that they have to solo.... Normally I'm not making any feedback or post like this but I have to talk because If this still happend that's mean no new players will come. (And I made another topic about the AOE firearm, maybe you guys should go to see it) Sorry for my bad english and the concern about the stage of the game.
  3. Let's push this topic together to let DE know about this, this is the most important thing DE have to change before adding more stuffs and still get old issues. I want to use other firearms badly in high level mission intead of using same AOE firearms and glinding around and shoot things. This case is worst than "Maiming Strike Meta" I can say...If they didn't change anything about this....Say good bye to new players and old verterans who already stop playing this game.
  4. After I noticed that DE update huge patch for buffing firearm weapon, I came back to play warframe again and I can say that the game looks more enjoyable( Only Veterans ) of course... While my friends who're the new comer can't reach anything or get to the core game like some of my old friends did in the past( Old day is more enjoyable ). The worst is AOE weapon, imagine...entering the mission and what you cam see is explosive everywhere and It's happened every mission. and why they use it ? because It's the best weapon in the game when we're talking about the firearm. Some of you may say : "Because warframe is the fast place game you loser" oh reallly ? let me compare something to you... While some AOE firearm like most of explosive kuva weapons can kill steel path enemies with in 3-6 seconds and some top assault rifle take entire magazine and 8-12 seconds to kill 1 guy. Galvanized mods and Primary Arcanes made AOE firearm gain stack pretty fast. while first assault rifle stack effect run out before can kill the second guy. Best way to beat steel path or tough enemy is using AOE firearm ( Sniper still good ) while other firearm can't deal 25% damage of AOE firearm. IS THIS REALLY THE FAST PLACE GAME FOR YOU ? even in the normal mission, AOE firearm is still the best. and complete broke the "fun" of the game for other squad mates. I talking about this because I want to save the game, the enjoyable of the game and friendliness for new player. What I want DE to change is make other firearms great again like the old day where almost every weapon was good. Sorry for my bad english and my concern about stage of the game.
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