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  1. Glad to see at least some focus on refining the preexisting material. Hope this continues into the future. One of my questions is about cosmetics, specifically deluxe skins for the older frames. We've seen Nyx get a new one recently, as well as previews of one for Nova. What other frames do you plan on releasing new deluxe skins for? Based on how Wukong received a rework, primed version, and deluxe skin within a relatively short timeframe, it seems like Ember and/or Vauban might be up next. The other question is about reworks, specifically for Nyx. Most of her abilities are fitting thematically, if somewhat underwhelming in practice, but these are mainly issues with gameplay elements (mostly enemy AI). However, her fourth ability feels completely incongruous with the rest of her kit. Are there any plans to address this?
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