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  1. No I don’t troll or harass people. That’s against my code of honor. I just have unpopular veiws here and chat mods don’t like that.
  2. I figured someone was going to point that out. My main account is on the switch. This is just a dummy account I use here.since I since I barely play Xbox I would not care if this account gets tanked by mods.Where as the switch account I would care if that one got banned for personal reasons.
  3. Oh really? Wow I totally missed out on that.Now that’s funny.
  4. Would be funny though if a DE mod closed the post and said last post.
  5. Definitely because of the switches content .Thats the cream of the crop. Its under powered to me because it has no internet browser which I think is the biggest bummer of the system.
  6. Now that’s cheating lol We all know pc is master race but the switch is console master race. 😄
  7. I think we can all agree that this is the best post on the entire forum.
  8. Well anyways Nintendo Switch is the best console out their. That’s a fact.
  9. Perhaps it has to be the op that has to talk about it because I did make a respectful conversation about chat moderation and I got my post taken down an a strike on my account so...from what seen it’s just a no no topic I guess
  10. We could talk about chat moderation.That would probably kill it off lol.
  11. Dang it now I can’t stop staring as this gif thanks lol
  12. The Nintendo Switch is the best console.
  13. The ducks are white.Im offended by this post.
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