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  1. Who would want to attend a party given by someone so incredibly stiff and all-about-the-business anyway? I bet he would charge you 1000 ducats for some of those prisma prawn crackers anyway. Fun-fact: Did you know those prisma prawn crackers are made by letting his buddy Inaros sandblast Hydroids tentacles until they're about as dry as glass and shatter under their own weight? That's also how they get that glittery chrystal surface and make your gums bleed while you try to chew them... No thanks. I'd rather lick the sharp end of my Paracesis to get my party bleed proc.
  2. Frost Prime! whooow! .. oh wait, im already a fully Umbra'd Frost Prime main. At least now my clanmates get to join in that awesomeness. No excuse now to not see the light 😃 [Edit] just realised that this exact same Ember/Frost dual kit was the 1st ever thing i bought when i started playing roughly 1,5 year ago. Bought it after a month, thought by myself: this is free, but cooler than most other games. Might aswell act as if its a.regular bought game. Nice to see it return, sad there's no use this time to sponsor the DE gang though. These packs since the 1st kinda felt like
  3. Thanks for the addition on the abbreviations. Gonna try that mod combo on stuff as soon as i can😀
  4. I feel like a casual warframe player, but saying it like that, there's got to be some basic level of hardcore-ness to it. In the end you figure stuff out and get to use a new upgrade. I'm fine with playing the game in a sub-optimal way until you stumble across something you accidentally discover, to use in your gear. I've completely ignored the magic schools for example, since they were presented to me like some random meaningless words. Got a lens, let it collect dust for a long time. untill i at some point thought" lets customise this weird spoilerthing" Same with Arcanes, nev
  5. just reading along on this thread, wanting to try your combo of mods, but failing to translate all your abbreviations :D BR = Blood Rush, CO = Condition Overload, Primed Reach, Primed Fever Strike, OS? Weeping Wounds NW? If anyone could fill in the gaps, that would be greatly appreciated. I never really made anything the way it should, but im curious to see the difference. Thanks in advance.
  6. I remember Cetus definately being confusing at first. As a starting player roughly 1,5years ago, I went there, expecting a mission, then got stuck in an extremely crowded marketplace with almost nothing to interact with. The giant door I now easily recognise, didnt feel like a door, because it loaded weird, I could walk all around in it and walk back to the market. Eventually I managed to get through, only to get murdered really fast by flying grineer guys on hover-bikes (dargyns)... Fled back to the marketplace, I felt utterly lost because i couldnt find the way back to my
  7. A note specifically on Mesa Prime, I think she'll be the next prime warframe to get vaulted upon release of a new prime frame. For Example, when Inaros Prime got released in-game, Chroma Prime got "vaulted". that means you wont get any relics with his parts in them from missions anymore. Vaulted frames enter a kind of rotation system where they get unvaulted again after a while, Like how Nova and Trinity Prime are currently available. Mesa Prime will still be around for about 3 months I guess. If you want her parts after that, you'll need to trade for them, which can be quite an
  8. A good way to passively farm orokin cells is by leveling warframes or weapons on helene, on saturn. I never specifically farmed for them, but got over 800. I guess i kinda like formaing stuff😅 Just going there every now and then to level up new items or forma something you like, you'll most likely never need to actively farm for them. {edit} if you havent unlocked Saturn yet, maybe someone in recruit chat or in your clan if you joined one is willing to take you along for a few runs. Just saw you joined the forum yesterday, so i assumed you might be new in the game to
  9. Do the flowers use the base colours of the frame, or your own fashion version?
  10. Simple question here: Does anyone know the maximum amount of allowed characters to name the big Helminth mouth? It's segment is currently building and should be done when i get home from work. Been trying to come up with names all day, but i have no clue about any restrictions. Thanks for reading this😀
  11. Getting thrown through the floor happens a lot, at some point me and my squad just didnt even try to use the esophage anymore. Actually backtracking was faster. We also encountered another bug concerning the entry door. Sometimes throwing the bait at the door doesnt trigger the door's opening animation, leaving you stuck with the 'throw the bait at the door' part of the mission. There wont be a way to grab a new bait to try again, since the bait processing machine cannot be used anymore. You're simply stuck with a failed mission if you leave the area back to Nekralisk. Not as bad whe
  12. Im actively avoiding any contact with Twitch streams right now.(and youtube) I just know its gonna be all about HoD, i dont wanna get spoilers before i get to explore it myself. Too bad to be missing some cool drops that way
  13. Im gonna avoid twitch and youtube or any other 'social' media untill i can play that new area. Not gonna get spoilers from DE while i wait.. Thanks 😀😭
  14. I was about to type this same kind of feedback, but found this already. All i have to do is say: +1 now? The panthera alt fire in its current state is practically unusable for consoles (im on switch)
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