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  1. No clue if this has already been adressed in the 33pages long thread by now, but here goes: Yesterday i killed a sister of parvos. It showed up regularly to get stabbed , so it leveled to 5. No big deal so far. However, on that level, between her innate damage reduction stuff and Nezha's Warding Halo skill it had, and the constant teleporting, it made for a really tedious fight. By the time i chipped through half her shield, most times she teleported away out of direct reach, around a few corners, due to pretty much always fighting in the new corpus ship tiles. By the time you're avle to reach her again, her shields would have been recharged. In short, here is what i would 'feedback': Warding Halo makes for a really unfun ability on a sister of parvos. Please consider removing that from the skills available to them. The end bossfight took so insanely long, and wasnt fun at all.
  2. Same. I still 'need' Mag, but at least this release saves me money👍
  3. Nidus prime when? Or is that too soon?
  4. Sure, i'll shout your name in our discord, i cant be online myself tonight, but there will surely be someone around to throw you an invite. Sorry i only saw this after a week. It didnt pop up in my notifications earlier.
  5. It probably is not. If you need to ask for external motivation to click on a game and have a look around, you wont be interested.
  6. Yay, time for new free umbra formas to grind. Once i got those, i'll ignore nightwave again untill the next reset.
  7. Seems you've figured out a way to kill that ladylich, but for what it's worth, i struggled really bad on my 1st lich, which i accidentally leveled to 5 way too fast. Eventually, i found out Valkyr's REEEE immortality works against that lich's "imma break your spine" move, so i could easily deal with him that way. Valkyr is old, kinda outdated to most standards according to teh youtuubs, but still awesome in my book.
  8. Im wondering how they will handle the differences between consoles and pc concerning their monetisation. These things: Pc has to pay $ for tennogen, consoles Plat Pc has better discounts on Plat Reduced tennogen availability on switch compared to pc (im looking at you, Jattuk Mantle syandana!!) This item has been 'accidentally' available, was pulled, but along with a few others, never made it back in. If they keep those things as they are, we can theoretically log in on a pc, buy cheap plat, then log in on a switch or phone to get tennogen stuff with that discounted plat. Having the same update build (simultaneous on all platforms!) doesnt end the differences between consoles and pc.
  9. I might be a sour salty muppet, but i remember DE showing raljack gameplay for the 1st time. having stuff in it that still isnt here. they landed it in an open world too. I'm very sceptical, and say their footage was pre-recorded and rigged to look like something thats still making babysteps into becoming something.
  10. Frost Prime could do with a little extra "upgrade" compared to regular Frost. As it now is, he only has +25 base shield. Thats kinda sad, and with the current shieldgating meta, it could even be said that makes regular Frost better than Prime. Then again, im still a Frost Prime main by far, with 43% on my playtime. Nekros prime is a 'close' second with 6% Whenever i get to do something new or unknown, I always pick up my default 'comfort-zone' and often ass-kick it with style😎
  11. Thats what i've been thinking too. I think when the dude picks it up, we see a shoulderplate of a dead/broken Rhino warframe in the dirt, so it must have been some new guy who bought (was it Titania?) Prime access, and decided to level his gear on the plains, but completely forgot to put a few basic mods on. He used a cookie-cutter gun build, since the grineer dude can 1shot sentients with it, but his Rhino build, that could use some work.
  12. Any of my pets hardly gain affinity when i try to solo level them, because they simply dont do any meaningfull damage or kills. In hydron in a squad, they all rank up really fast, venari included. If that doesnt work, you've probably found a new bug?
  13. It looks like the kid's face takes the same colour as the couch it is sitting on. In my twisted mind, that implies the couch is made of human leather. That's pretty horrible. I like it.👍
  14. I really like Trinity. Even on steel path. She keeps herself and anything on your side alive. She's nearly indestructible, and with a decent melee item, can kill anything. She has an awesome ability called "well of life". Her other 3 skills are actually great. The awesomeness of well of life, is that you can just helminth anything in there to fit your taste, without ruining any synergy in your other skills.
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