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  1. Or a red ayatan star, like in the requiem relics... thats always a super nice thing to get out of a relic... Almost ragequit-worthy. 1 uncommon forma is kinda weird too. Should be 2 or 3 formas, considering that from common to uncommon, the ducat value jumps from 15 to 45 (3x value)
  2. Or when you re bored, do index. I kinda like that silly deathmatch style easy murderfest even when i dont need credits. With clanmates though. Everything gets better when played with clanmates
  3. Unable to use discord has the disadvantage of not being able to join easy chatting on discord, and we sometimes do fashion competitions through discord, but other than that, using discord is all up to you. It wont get you banned/outlawed/exiled or otherwise. Its just easier that typing on switch😀 Cranking on my switch to send an invite, then i'll personally be off to bed for now, you may see me killing some grineer tomorrow. --Edit-- My game says you are already in a clan. I can't invite you. If that is a bug somehow, let me know. I'll retry inviting you tomorrow then.
  4. Sure, i'll put your name up in our discord for someone to be able to invite you fast, im at work at the moment, currently 30 kilometers away from my switch..
  5. Nice, 2013. Is that new record? Call John Hammond! He might be able to make something out of this.
  6. Is this necromancy or archeology? Im confused.
  7. In that case, those void portals make perfect sense. Infinite storage! If you have the means to find your stuff back...
  8. I simply transmute rivens i dont like, or if they're for any decent weapon i dont really care about, i throw them at clanmates to help boost their damage a bit if they want to use it. I stay far away from riven trading. I pretty much only use tradechat nowadays to skip relicgrinding for parazon words. Im always late to the meta, so i recently started hunting more liches than the 2 i had done before😅. Without the relic grinding, im having a blast. While looking for parazon runewords, i just scan for people needing any mods i might have spares of, then sell those cheap to compensa
  9. Agreed. Having a loadingscreen to relay, fast tracel to another loading screen for the simulacrum is just kinda annoying. Simulacrum could easily be a button in the arsenal screen, like how captura works.
  10. Thats awesome! I remember your previous part of this story too. You are an inspiration to us all! Thanks for sharing this and congratulations on your achievement! A silly test in a silly game, isn't silly when it means something to you! Even blind, you are a better gamer than i am! And a much more positive thinking person too. Im kind of ashamed of myself by your point of view. I hope i'll be able to remember you forever and learn to use your inspiration to be a better, more chilled out guy overall.
  11. The shadow version has the same scarf hanging over his extended scarf arms. It really just is a scarf, not ghost arms.
  12. Why is this getting worse and worse? This visual bug is everywhere now. If im lucky, some thumbnails load in reaally late, but most simply remain as empty squares. It's in my inventory, in foundry, in arsenal, in dojo labs, dojo decoration mode(makes decorating next to impossible) in the drydock, now at baro's stuff and in the ducat kiosk where i got the screenshot... this problem really needs to go. It wasnt always there. So it can be fixed i'd think. It's over half a year now and its getting worse every update. What is going on with the UI? Sorry, bit of a rant, but please, it
  13. 2020 didnt come with any armor pieces at all. I think you're mixing up some years.
  14. Funny thing to do, I divided my total play time by my amount of login rewards. On average, I play for 2.8 hours per session.
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