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  1. that would be great actually. As it currently is, I always waited to find defense or survival fissures to break relics, because constantly looking at loading screens isnt too much fun, no matter how pretty i think my liset is..
  2. i usually went mining using wukong, his twin with a gun fixes any annoying enemy spawns without requiring your attention, used frost to go fishing, find a stone to camp on, place a bubble to ignore enemies and ivara for floof-capturing while going around with prowl and dashwires. I used a bow for stealthy kills if necesary, but that bow got replaced by fulmin. that thing is unable to run out of ammo, yay. I think there are multiple ways around those annoying enemy spawns. while you're in solo, most enemies are lvl 10-15 if you dont select any bounty, easy enough to even let your floating drone thing take care of them. I'm not entirely sure an enemy-free open world makes mining/fishing better.
  3. This is my nr1 reason for taking a really big break from this game. Railjack broke so many things. Id really rather not have it, than have it like this...
  4. That sounds/reads a lot like an older common bug i've been having on the plains, where at some point your L and R controls freak out and stop working alltogether. I had a simmilar thing during an Eidolon hunt, where i was locked out of using my operator or any warframe abilities (yay for using trinity and people depending on you spamming abilities) We failed the hunt and were forced to exit the plains to regain controls.
  5. That happened to me 2 out of 3 times i tried to fly my railjack. This game really needs to be set back to pre-empyrian version and have a serious look taken at. This whole space stuff is unplayable. I was actually excited for it, but all its leaving now, is a nasty bitter mood. All warframe-related stuff i feel like doing atm is being on his forum and calling DE all kinds of nasty things... sad, last year was really fun. I ll skip this trash untill i read some proper improvements in my clans discord. Right now, in the current state, this game deserves a nr1 spot in the trashcan.
  6. I recently made my own Skiajati work fine with the 4 60/60 elemental dmg/status chance mods for 100% status on it, condition overload for insane dmg, healing return to make even excalibur feel tanky (self healing) and those 2 included umbra mods. I still like Orthos Prime better, since it reaches 100% status with only 3 60/60 mods, so i could add primed reach in to kill more stuff in the same amount of swings. Due to Healing return, I've personally become a big fan of fast hitting status weapons now. I'm a mediocre-skilled gamer at best, but yesterday I've been face-tanking a whole horde of those big corpus robo spiders(raknoids i think) while i was out randomly killing stuff on orb vallis and decided to see if i could enter the big profit temple thing on my own. Without my Orthos for self healing, that must have been a terrible nightmare, now it felt like a fun challenge. I know i wouldnt have been able to do that otherwise. edit: meh, just googled and saw Orthos Prime is locked at MR12, didnt realise. still the skiajati can do pretty much the same. I believe both those weapons have 3 formas in them to make them work for me
  7. oooh, credit booster! Either abuse that thing in Index for a week, or go and fly my spaceship... .. Spaceship it is! I'll pick up a random credit along the way i guess anyway P.S. I still have the time to paint my Rhino blue and call his loadout slot Benny. SPACESHIP!!
  8. Agreeing with this! Have to add something though. Recently got a Lotus message in my inbox with a few prime noggles and a 'thank you for supporting' The support was my way of saying 'thank you'. I've been on the negative side too when stuff bugged me, but overall im really happy. Usually being happy doesnt trigger a 'i got to respond' sense. Im hoping the overal negative vibes we see sometimes are just people like me. Loving the game overall but too busy playing to go and say it on the forums😅 It feels to me like buying the devteam a round of beer for their efforts. A few prime access/vaults are a drop on the glowing plate, but it fits the budget for a round of beer. Hope you're all having some great holidays, DE and my fellow Tenno on this forum.
  9. Thanks! Nice fast clear answer! Completely missed the info in that link 😅 Its quite the decoration then! Time to go help some clanmates finish up theirs i guess. I've been running around all over and inside it already.
  10. I combined the defenses with leveling some stuff. Put a forma on a frame and went there. Nice small maps, lots of enemies. Farm piles of the new stuff, get some gear (re)leveled and help clanmates. Did 3 things at once and had fun at a casual mission chatting with my clan. You can be a lot more creative with your time while on low lvl missions. The actual mission itself becomes a minor background thing for me.
  11. Hey everyone! Im playing on switch. Just completed my railjack today, installed cephalon cy and got confused? If told me 'this will take some time' just like every other piece, but this time, i dont see a countdown timer anywhere. I was hoping to give my ship a name and paint it. Does anyone know if i missed a console somewhere, or if thats available later? If so, when? Thanks in advance!
  12. Im personally liking the way it is implemented. Im on switch, so havent been flying around with my spaceship yet. It made for a great weekend with the clan teaming up to farm to last few bits needed for the Drydock and Cephalon Cy. Everybody had a chance to contribute something (tellurium farming parties racing agains eachother to be the 1 to put in the last few.) Great positive competition between clanmates to have fun and a good laugh. And thats just for farming tellurium. Normally people hate doing that. Cephalon Cy was kinda fun too. We all had the idea of 5 mutagen, fieldron and detonite. All forgot the 50 needed for the clan research. Same race again. Same fun again. Everyone building 1 in their orbiter, i ended up bulletjumping my way through the drydock to beat a clanmate to putting the last few mutagens in. Right now on my break at work typing this, started to build my 1st part of the railjack this morning, will be done when i get back on. As for the costs of building the railjack, i think DE hit a nice middlegroud. Getting the materials and credits together didnt feel extremely grindy, but for a very new player, 6 milion credits would make you think twice i guess. So many other things need credits too. Building weapons, upgrading mods. Those things always rendered me rock-bottom broke. In that way, it is made for "advanced" players. Once you got your basic frame and weapon sorted, use your spare stuff on a cool spaceship. Overall, im very impressed and havent been this excited about a videogame since very long, if ever. Content like this really makes the clan more interactive. 1 thing i'd love to see now, if it can be done, would be npc's as decorations for other dojo rooms. Even though they're pretty much useless in their own loop of motions, they really do make the drydock look more alive. Would be great to have some sit on the benches scattered around our gardens, walking around in the weapon-labs or put them in other fun places to look like they're doing something or just chilling around the trade areas. Having a few different npc's to scatter around the dojo would be great 🙂
  13. What was Rebecca's announcement? I had a hard time justifying to myself to watch live at 3:30 midnight, so i didnt. Curious about the news though..
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