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  1. My operators hair seems fine, just the face blend is all wonky. She looks like deadpool without his mask. As a sidenote, the bug that murders the decoration buttons is back, which was hotfixed out really fast with last update, and the white arrow that shows your position on the minimap during missions(helene) went missing.
  2. YAY!! Gonna buy back that boltara syandana today. It looked so awesome on hydroid prime and frost harka. Happy point for DE to get this thing back on the switch!👍
  3. Aw, too bad. Thanks for giving it a try though! My Octavia is currently rockin'out on your version of Creeping Death from Metallica! 😎 i love what you are doing for this community!
  4. This is awesome! Recently got octavia, so a googlesearch led me directly here. If you're still doing this, could you try Living Dead Beat by Children of Bodom? It has a very specific intro melody that might fit in mandachord, but im about as musically talented as the bricks that make up my house myself... Thanks in advance for reading this! You Rock!! 🤘
  5. If i didnt trust my warlord, i would never have started pouring in resources to decorate our dojo. That's a minor risk i took when i started. My warlord took a major risk giving me rights to do whatever i please. Give and take a little i guess. If you cant trust your warlord, dont pour resources in the clan. Everybody could theoretically get insane at any moment and destroy a clan or dojo. Im not counting on that. Decorating in the hope everyone likes it. If not, i wasted a ton of ferrite and salvage basically, but had fun doing so
  6. Removing any means to instant-kick comes with its own downsides too i guess. If a salty ex-grineer starts rampaging and breaking down rooms in your clan's dojo, it better be elimiminated right away. Such a person should not be able to stretch his nasty behaviour for a week or so duento pending kick-votes. Guess it all keeps coming down to who gets what rights. If you're really worried about your warlord being a salty ex-grineer himself, wait a while with donations until you've had time to judge his character a bit, start conversations in clanchat, have fun a little, do some missions together. All those things help bonding your clan. If its just a list of names, it might aswell be public chat i guess?
  7. this was done while i typed my previous thing. I think the people who invest tons of stuff in dojo research, are usually the "better" players. They're further in progress, farm tons of other things, so basic materials become insignificant at some point. Why wouldn't you want your veteran players around? even if everything in your dojo is built and researched, they're still the ones helping out newer members. they're the very important glue to keep a clan together. a warlord that doesnt see that, isnt a smart warlord. There may be people actually behaving like the greedy Corpus scoom we just described, those will have failing clans and no friends.
  8. What is all this about in the 1st place? You think it would be sensible to kick players from your clan who contributed a lot? I think you're gonna need those people more than ever if Railjack hits us and potentially comes with insane materials to farm. Decreased clan size reduces material costs, but roughly per Tenno, it keeps costing the same, up or down. It could be a tactic to get dojo stuff cheap to farm some materials, notify everyone beforehand on discord or whatever, kick everyone except the founder, build everything cheap, then reinvite everybody. That is gonna require a lot of trust from all sides and reduces the fun of the first week of the new content, with it being harder to make squads and give/receive help. If someone would annoy me, i sure wouldnt see that as a reason to kick them right away either. Everyone can have their bad mood day, emotions are hard to translate through typed text too. If someone else gets annoyed by other clanmates and starts complaining, that would require some talking 1st. So far, in the half year i've been in a clan, that has never happened. Tenno are mostly social creatures anyway. You just need to be careful who gets what rights in the clan. If some disgruntled ex-grineer starts kicking people, thats logged anyway, in bottom right corner of the clan screen. I'm sure in my clan that grineer would get his Clemmy booty kicked immediately and the others reinvited. My warlord gave me exclusive rights to build anything i want in the dojo. He did that after we went together building stuff. He liked where we were going with ideas and took a big leap of faith. I'm still honored everytime i add some room or decoration somewhere. If kicking people is considered 'fun' in your clan, expect that clan to become a desolated ruin in no time. Sometimes people in my clan give notifications that they're away for holiday, so they hope not to get kicked for being inactive. It's almost sad that has become a real worry for people if they're off for a week. If the Tenno in question is generally a nice guy i think there should be no reason to for them to be affraid of being kicked. No matter their mastery, game progress or whatever. With a little trust and help, anyone is worth having. Wow, this starts looking like some off-topic rant by now. These were just my thoughts. No evil intentions.
  9. w0000t!! Rhino prime! Been wanting him since i started this somewhere late januari/ early februari. Got my nintendo eshop moneys reserved for that guy. He's getting that tasty aura forma i kept in my pocket too! Now all that's left is getting that Jattuk Mantle back somehow... makes him look like a real Space Marine!
  10. At the part we're on about, you didnt have a chance to mod umbra yet. He s bare-bones, only got his built-in umbra mods i guess. Its the last fight to unlock him and finish the quest
  11. I completed it with a low, no effort in it yet, operator. What i did was run for a corner, keep running around to first break some containers for energy orbs. It also divides those thing up a bit so you can take em 1 at a time. Once you murdered 1, (used his 4), immediately turn off 4 to save energy while you run for a corner to give your shields time to recharge. Take next or look for energy again. I never used my operator. I suck at operator mode. It's a pretty large arena you get to fight in, with a lot of walls to hide behind and surprisingly many lootcontainers for potential energy orbs. I used that as my 'main weapon'. Hope this can help you too. Edit: just thought of this, in the 'let them come' fight, you ll only need to murder 3 or 4 of them i think. Once you get the green exit marker, avoid them like the plague and bullet jump as much as you possibly can to try not get hit.
  12. Wow, that time converter page is more confusing that everything else in here so far. Im guessing in central europe i ll have to watch a stream before 12 o clock midnight and just after 12 o clock midnight then? Edit: im actually quite interested in the news of the big announcement/reveal of the streams, besides a free prime guy. If it's all saturday late night, i might just re-plan my whole day to watch some info. Lucky i just got my work weekend shift. That saturday should be all free for "warframe-fest"
  13. I farmed myself braindead, but got my shiny walk yesterday. About half a week to move on in the starchart... Hopefully no tempting rewards in the next series end-ranks... Edit: better stock up on formas again. That challenge is sure to end up in week 1 again, to reach a reward of 3 new ones...
  14. My personal nightwave feedback: im trying to ignore it as much as possible. Please help me do so in further coming versions of nightwave. Problem: while unlocking the starchart with clanmates, we often get annoyed by this random big damned wolfdude. We're not even nearly endgame material and this guy just spawns in to ruin the game for us. Solution: give us a toggle button on mission start to not allow for the chance to have anything nightwave related spawn in. Not even those annoying 3 dudes with firebombs. They give laughably useless standing anyway. 150 for all 3 is not noticably gonna help fill bars of 10.000. Might as well remove them completely. The only reason i've bothered with nightwave is to get nitain extract to build a prime frame. I got that now, so im back to ignoring it all. I dont care for some weird forma i dont have mods for anyway. If people wanna ignore it all, like the old alerts, please allow them to do so in peace. Thanks for reading
  15. With the amount of bugs in the game and the ungodly amount of support tickets that's gonna spawn, that's no surprise. I do kinda like the Due Volpi syandana though, would never have spent money on it, but now due to lack of cooler, it's found it's way on some of my frames anyway. Still checking the buy-your-syandanas-here spot every day i log in to see if they're back yet. Not logging in for a while now due to other reasons though.(bugs)
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