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  1. I think its the 2nd fire option that people like it for. Does decent damage. I still like my 277 better, as i recently built a 177 for meta reasons. I called it Tranq Rifle upon gilding it. I name my amps after how they behave..
  2. Honestly, i think id just sell that as an unopened riven and enjoy the 5p. Or give if for free to troll someone😅
  3. Does all damage count? Or is shield dmg allowed and only health damage isnt allowed? If so, maybe it can be face-tanked by hildryn to rush through the level without abilities.
  4. I cant reliably watch twitch streams either, im usually at work, putting it on in the background, trying to follow a devstream. I work in shifts so my sleep cycle is messed up already, a weird time for a stream that interests me doesnt add much damage to that. Usually devstreams for me are at 20:00, always in my late shift, just in between my breaks though. Home time is 1 o clock midnight. At least tennocons are on weekends😀
  5. Like i havent played any missions in the last 3 days.. Thanks for thinking along though😀 that is appreciated
  6. Same. Thats gonna be really frustrating with an umbra forma. I really dont care about that noggle.
  7. This new system doesnt work at all. Honestly, its just trash. Not from the warframe side, but from the twitch side of things. Think i ll simply uninstall and get rid of it completely if it doesnt work by tomorrow.
  8. yes, i did mean the drops before 2.0. they apparently worked trashy for some, but for me, they were always really fast. Even while playing myself with the stream on my phone parked before my tv, i'd get the teshin message while the stream was still running. hope im not on the "bad side" of twitch this time around. that must really suck.. I unlinked from some point, i think the warframe thing the 1st time, then checked on both ends, it had the option to link, so i guess that was a confirmation of being unlinked. I linked back up again through twitch, since warframe was in my recommend
  9. Damn!! Now i want to hear Vay Hek sing something silly, Like britney Spears' Oops i did it again! Please do it! My own question: Is Rhino gonna be able to use that circular saw as a K-drive? looks like it from the picture, i wanna run some corpus over with it!
  10. Awesome! thanks for clarifying! how did i even overlook that in the first place... (imagine a facepalm emoji here, i cant even seem to find that...)
  11. 3 more hours before im off work and at home with that switch in my claws.. Im very excited now! OOOHH the anticipation...
  12. Druk, makes stuff sound like rock. I gotta check out that newly released sound thing, didnt realise that was even a thing. what's it called?
  13. So there's an unreliable connection between twitch and warframe accounts then? Hope it gets fixed then. Hopefully before tennocon (should be a fair deadline?), those drops are really nice so far 😃
  14. I did that immediately after the pop up showed me i was allowed to claim it. I was trying to make sure everything was set and ready during that stream. The previous twitchdrops worked flawless for me every time. The twitch page also says i "claimed" that noggle 3 days ago.
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