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  1. Recently, when i try to activate my k- drive launcher in orb vallis, it wont spawn the k-drive, but counts down from 5 to 0 and it renders itself useless. It resets itself when leaving and re-entering, but then does the same thing anyway. Was this a known thing? Do i need to do something different if i just wanna hoverboard around to get ventkid standing? Im still using the 'blank' k-drive without any parts on it. If thats the problem, how do i get ventkid standing to get a proper one? Wasnt sure if this should go either here or in the players helping players, but it looks like a bug? Thanks for reading
  2. Gunblades are a bit iffy there, they make shoot noise. That will alarm enemies. I did mine using a glaive. Any thrown melee weapon works. I told a clanmate this trick, he did it with the wolf-of-saturn hammer. Just stay well out of range behind a wall, and throw stuff in their back. On the 3rd part, you can jump up on one of those really high pillars. Enemies cant look up, so you'll automatically be out of sight. You can throw stuff down though. They'll never see that coming 😄 Missing a throw doesnt matter at all, since the 'whooooosh' sound apparently doesnt count for alarms. It was really easy that way
  3. Good tip for the huras. I often like using shade to go unnoticed. For energy i have that *spoiler* kiddo with a halfway leveled zenurik energy dash. If the huras acts like the shade sentinel in the way that it doesnt attack stuff that isnt alerted, it may be a good target to breed. About my level, i played warframe for half a year, mr16, but with any game i ever played, im only mediocre at best. Especially with a controller🤣 I got far enough to have a lvl40 spoilersword and an umbra forma in my frost prime though. Major achievements for me😎
  4. Yeah, i was definately having some mental blocks about using those pets. I read everywhere that people were complaining about them dying, but apparently, that got updated out of the game before i started playing. I avoided them like the plague for nothing it seems. About the pets costing money to get rid of, thats weird, i assumed you'd get the money for a pet, sell em to a petshop or whatever. Now i assume a bit of salt and pepper cost 25k credits. That weird spoiler kid taking up too much space in the back needs food too then. Sidenote: apparently those pets level up insanely fast! Had my 1st one from 0 to 30 in 2 missions. They level almost as fast as a single weapon taken to helene. Easy enough free mastery points to get gene-splicing a few more. I still got 27 eggs left from farming ferrite and neurodes on earth back in the day
  5. How does your orbiter run over a pet? Have you landed it somehow in a grineer forest, wildly drifting and skidding to find its final parkingspot on top of a kubrow den? It's probably due to English not being my native language and im just missing a common saying, but this image popped into my head🤣 Edit: @ (PS4)Oberionne, thanks for showing those pieces of information. That completely evaded my mind and googleskills. That proof really helps my peace of mind, knowing i can build a pet and put some effort in it without worry.
  6. Cool! Thats useful info! I really thought they could die on you after a few days of neglect/holiday random life things happening. That was a major complaint all over the internet and pretty much the 1st thing i found out. So right now, those dna stabilisers are basically just combat drugs for extra damage? I've checked again and so far, i have a giant bear sized Chesa Kubrow and a regular dog shaped Raksa. If a Chesa is generally more useful than a Raksa, i might just go ahead with him, including the cool-factor of him being the size of a bear. For what it's worth, he is called Courage. After the tv cartoon dog Courage the cowardly dog. Think im gonna get him some tigerstripes at some point. That looks awesome. Bear-Tiger Courage!
  7. Expensive pet to keep then, it better not die after you put 7 formas in. That nutrio incubator thing proves to be an absolute must-have again. I dont really mind the credit upkeep for dna stabilisers anymore, as credits have become easy enough to get now (about half year of gaming) im not in a big rush to get it all optimised really fast, so the forma will slowly build up as i every now and then open relics anyway. I've got quite a bunch of kubrow mods too, without ever really looking at them before. I'll most likely miss 1 or 2 essentials though. Nothing is ever complete without a bit of effort At this moment, i have lvl0 Chesa and lvl2 (because of that quest at the start) Raksa i think. A 3rd one incubating. Is there one of those i can definately "consign"/ sell for credits? I'm only looking for 1 to invest any effort in eventually. I havent even put 7 formas in my main warframe yet. Im not in a hurry to do that on something pointless. About physical appearance, there are those gene-masking kits in the market. Are those a 1-time buy like a syandana on warframes, or are they more like formas in that they "attach" to 1 critter and cant be re-used after the 1st?
  8. Thanks, didnt see anything mentioned about lotus kubrows before. Is that a colour pattern or a new 'type'?
  9. Good day fellow tenno, The title question seems simple enough, but an online search caused me more headaches than it gave clear answers. I'm interested in getting a Kubrow at the moment. I read Kavats are generally just the better option, but im really not a cat person in reallife, and Kavats look terribly creepy to me, so they're style-wise out of the question. The 'desired' type of kubrow for me would: Not require constant reviving, stay a bit close to me so i can see where it is and preferably attacks the hell out of whoever shoots at me. If there is any difference in animations, i'd like its chosen prey to die as gruesome as possible I dont nessecarily care about auto-loot pick-ups. I dont mind bullet jumping all over the place. It doesnt need to protect me a lot, since im a Frost-main. He's kinda tanky already. If there is a life stealing version or mod, that'll be awesome though. I'm not planning to take him out and expect him to be amazing at sortie/arbitration or eidolon hunting. He will mostly be a "Cool!! That dog bit a grineers face off!!" thing on regular starchart fun or while helping out clanmates. That's the long version of a seemingly simple question. Any advise on type or maybe mods/build would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any advice or fun stories about your Kubrows gruesomely mauling grineer!
  10. He seems to do that lately. I farmed him a lot using Frost. The only thing affecting him at those runs might have been my snow globe and tons of bullets from a Stradavar Prime. He dies just fine for me, so no issue completing the mission. Just really weird for him to stay locked in his 'knocked down' animation. I may try to kill him while making sure he cant get any blast damage, maybe thats what causing it? Im not sure what damage i modded into my guns and floaty robot, as i regularly change it up for nightwave and then forget all about resetting it to anti-grineer again.
  11. So that was why i had a mod clipping around my legs the other day. Also on the Plains of Eidolon
  12. Exactly the same issue on me. Since this post had the most reactions out of the multiple reports, i thought to add my +1 here too.
  13. Yay! Thanks DE! Have a beer from my angry little kitten prime! Got her all fashioned-up and ready for the meatgrinder!
  14. Same here, i want my angry kitten prime!
  15. My operators hair seems fine, just the face blend is all wonky. She looks like deadpool without his mask. As a sidenote, the bug that murders the decoration buttons is back, which was hotfixed out really fast with last update, and the white arrow that shows your position on the minimap during missions(helene) went missing.
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