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  1. Mouse feels more sensitive after this update. Reduced my sensitivity from 14 to 11 to deal with that 😕
  2. I guess it would be neat to have more focus on daily Nightwave challenges, perhaps mission specific ones, to provide more things to do for people who don't have as much time to do all the high end weekyl stuff.
  3. Newish player here. Started sometime in February, so I had the alert system for a while, and now Nightwave. Nightwave isn't too bad, but the daily stuff is infuriating sometimes. Multiple 150 kills with X damage type in a row was pretty damn boring. The weeklies are mostly okay I suppose, obviously I can't do some of them yet. I wouldn't mind seeing a return of the per mission extra affinity challenges though, I'm not sure why they were removed. They were quite fun, but now they're just.. gone. A friend of mine made a very good remark regarding alerts vs Nightwave: alerts were restricted to specific missions, leading to multiple open public lobbies available for these missions. That's gone with Nightwave.
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