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  1. The current problem with nekros is his playstyle is turn on 3, and that's it. His other abilities range from completely useless, to a big hinderence to the team (though that's more of a ui problem). So here's my idea on making him better, while still keeping his concept intact. First his passive, the single most forgetable ability in the game. It restores health when enemies are close, but a good nekros won't even notice because desecrate is restoreing so much health to begin with, and there's never a reason to not have desecrate up. The change is simple: make desecrate his passive. 50% chance of extra loot from corpses, 75% chance corpses also drop health orb, 20m range, all stats unaffected by mods. Now his passive has an actual effect that's obvious instead of being overshadowed by an ability. Before we talk about his first ability, let's talk about how his shadows work, because they're going to be central to his kit now. Any shadow created will have its level equal to the enemy it was made, multiplied by nekros's strength, and a duration of 60 seconds, affected by duration, maximum 12 shadows per nekros can be active at a time. They will also have a unique health bar color, something that really should be in the game to begin with, in order to reduce team frustration when nekros decides black, or other low saturation colors, is a good energy color. Changes to soul punch are simple: up its damage to 750, if target is below 30% health, it's an instant kill, and if the target dies, they become a shadow. Augment also gets a change where if you use it on an ally when they aren't down, creates a shadow of them for 15 seconds (duration). Soul punch isn't necessarally bad, just why use it when a gun does the job faster. Well now there is a reason. Next up is terify, and again, a simple change: if nekros kills an enemy affected by terify, they become a shadow. More or less just turn it from a panic button, into a way to build your army of shadows. Now an ability to replace desecrate, and I may have just the one: Feast of shadows: nekros consumes the souls controlling the shadows, restoring health, and can exceed max health (if not possible, excess health converts to sheild, and can give oversheild). Energy: 25 (efficiency) Health per shadow: 100 (strength) Augment: bountiful feast - allies within 5/10/15/20 meters get 25/50/75/100% of the ability's effect. Adds some survivability, so hopefully sheild of shadows isn't needed as much, and with the augment, nekros can be played as a support frame if you really want to. Now for shadows of the dead, which might actually need a new name with the changes being made, but I can't really think of any. If you have less than 6 shadows active, generates from most recently killed enemies until you have 6. Refreshes the duration on active shadows, and increases their level by 2 (strength). With his 1st and 2nd abilities now able to create shadows, this needs a bit of an added function beyond creating shadows, and since it's currently impractical to keep refreshing shadows in long missions, it should be able to be making them stronger as its new use. This wasn't meant as a complete revision with completely new abilities that drastically change his playstyle and role, just expanding on what he has, making everything useful in some way, and opening a new playstyle without sacrificing his current role as looter. Any thoughts on this would be nice though, and might make him even better should any tweaks actually happen to nekros.
  2. I've had this idea for a while, and with modular arcwings coming at some point, why not have have something that gives use a reason to bother with them. So here's the setup: 2 teams of 4 players each are trying to clear all checkpoints in various enviroments faster than the other team, and each member of the team has a specific role, and bonuses/penalties to go with that role. It's not as simple as get through all the checkpoints though: there's hostile npcs that hang around the course that'll try to stop both teams. Killing them does reward points, which reduces the finish time one your team finishes the race. Roles are: Runner: only member of the team that checkpoints count when passing through them. 20% extra speed, but only has an arcmelee. Bruiser: the guy that tries to hinder the opposing runner, or defend his team's runner. +15% damage to player, but -20% damage to npcs. Defender: protects the runner from hostile npcs. Gets extra points from npc kills compared to the other roles. +15% damage to npcs, but -20% damage to players. Tactition: intended as a non combat role. Fastest member of the team, and has a unique ability set. +50% speed, and only person with blink avalible, but -30% damage. Abilities ar: Rally beacon: places a beacon teammates other than runner can teleport to. Minefield: scatters mines around the caster that damage anyone on contact. Cryo fog: creates a cold fog that slows enemies that travel within it. Lasts for 30 seconds. Ion field: generates an electric field around caster for 30 seconds that shorts out control systems of enemies for a short time, causing npcs drift in direction they were traveling for 15 seconds, and players have afterburners activated and lose steering for 5 seconds. Size of field is signifigantly reduced when moving. Once one team finishes, the other team has 20 seconds to finish, or it's counted as a dnf. The team that finishes first can try to stop the other team if they want. Bonus standing is awarded to the winning team if the other team gets a dnf. You can bring whatever equipment you want, but mods are disabled during a race. This mode is run by a new syndicate not affiliated with conclave, but you can transfere standing here to conclave if you want, but it's not a 1:1 transfere. Standing gain is based on race results: 100 for starting a match 500 for completing a race 10 for each checkpoint passed 10 for every 100 points gained from killing npcs 500 for winning 250 if the opposing team gets a dnf Rewards could range from packs of endo and kuva, various decorations, and cosmetics, to forma blueprints catalyst and reactor shards (need 10 for simaris to form a complete one), and new arcwing, arcgun, and arcmelee mod, some of which behave like the corrupted mods. A few examples: Argon pulsedrive: arcwing, base cost 6, 10 rank, dash polarity. At max rank: +150% speed, -60% ability strength. S Overpowering charge: arcgun, base cost 5, 4 rank, v polarity. At max rank, +125% damage, -50% fire rate. Siphoning edge: arcmelee, base cost 3, 4 rank, d polarity. At max rank, on melee kill, +45% melee lifesteal for 10s. Would love to hear some opinions on this. Really seems like it could be a fun game mode, but what do you think?
  3. Because most players that just force start don't care.
  4. In the current system, anyone can make a mission start at any time no matter if others had time to make any changes to their loadout. It might not happen often, but it's always annoying when it does happen, and only makes the others want to yell at the one that force started. The solution is really simple to all of it: once a mission is selected in a squad, it can't be force started for 1 minute. That gives time for players to make changes without having to just throw something together because someone has no patience. If you're that impatient, just go to solo so you don't have to worry about others bringing the wrong setup to a mission.
  5. Frost's 3 shouldn't block friendly projectiles. Only reason I hate having him on the team when gara's 4 has the same function but beeter, and doesn't block friendly bullets (except plasmor shots for some reason). Also they should make friendlies have a different health bar color than enemies so that annoying nekros with black energy color isn't a pain to have on the team.
  6. Here's another one of my ideas for a frame. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1176075-yet-another-frame-idea-infierna-lady-of-the-cursed-flame/
  7. All stats are for max rank Health: 450 Sheild: 300 Armor: 115 Energy: 350 Sprint speed: 1.05 Passive: cursed flames - heat procs caused within 15 meters of infierna become cursed, doubleing their damage and causing enemies to gain fear for the duration of the status. This also removes the panic animation. 1st ability: brimstone spires - infierna causes superheated spikes to impale a few enemies within a cone. Energy: 25 (efficiency) Number of spikes: 5 (strength) Damage: 400, 75% heat 20% puncture 5% slash, 35% status chance (strength) Cone of effect: 115° (range) Range: 20m (range) 2nd ability: soulblaze - infierna burns her soul with cursed flames, generating an aura that burns enemies and incinerates projectiles, but is constantly draining health. The flames grow stronger with time, increasing the burn damage, but also increases the health drain. Stops if health drops below 5% max health Energy: 25 (efficiency) Starting drain: 5 health/s (duration, efficiency) Max drain: 50 health/s (duration) Starting burn damage: 100, applied through heat proc, creating a new one every 1.5 seconds (strength) Max burn damage: 750 (strength) Aura radius: 5m (range) Drain and damage increase begins after: 5s (duration) Time to max drain and damage: 15s (duration) 3rd ability: blazeing wraith - infierna summon a powerful flame demon that attacks any enemies that are burning. Energy: 50 (efficiency) Damage: 1,000, 60% heat 20% slash 13% impact 7% puncture, 20% crit chance, 2.0x crit multiplier, 30% status chance (strength) Summon duration: 20s (duration) Attacks enemies within: 30m (range) 4th ability: flames of the abyss - infierna calls upon the abyssal fire to rise and bathe the battlefield in its inferno. The flames spread as more become affected by them, they grow hotter as they fall to them. Energy: 100 (efficiency) Drain: 3/s (duration, efficiency) Damage: 450, 100% heat, 50% status chance, happens every 1.5 seconds (strength, does not affect status chance) Starting radius: 10m Max radius: 40m Extra damage per kill: 100, must have cursed heat proc on death to apply, no max limit (strength, +40% of current weapon's heat damage) Radius increase per new burning enemy: 2m (range)
  8. While removal is better than leaveing the old self damage model in, removing it altogether is a terrible idea. If you remove it, there's no reason anyone should use anything other than lenz, bramma, and prisma angstrum. Sure other weapons can one shot pretty much anything, those can one shot everything, it's buddy, that other guy it doesn't like on the other side of the room, and timmy down the street that doesn't even know there's a battle happenning, all in the same shot. And before you say it, I don't use chroma regularly, and never felt gimpping one of my guns to build the buffs was worth it. So about fixing it, here's what I think: Each instance of self damage does 35% of your max health as true damage. That way, there's still a risk to the power, but it isn't instant death just because the projectile clipped some weird collision randomly. Also a more general fix, but is really needed for this: your projectiles pass through any allied entity. That way, little timmy wandering infront of you just as you fire isn't a bad time, nor is the 3rd time your space cat decides to be in your face right as you fire If it needs a certin distance between you and the target before it'll explode, it doesn't do self damage. These need a very specific thing to happen to even cause self damage, which most players probably won't do anyways. Remove cautious shot entirely, and give a more reasonable replacement. That mod has such a bad reputation, there's no saving it. It's the worst mod in the game period. The replacement is simple enough to work: a mod, dropped by bombards, that has a base cost of 3 and 5 ranks. Its effect is simple: At max rank -100% self damage -90% explosion radius With this eqquiped, you no longer hurt yourself, but you no longer kill everything in front of you in a single shot. Contrasting this, firestorm gets a few changes: At max rank +70% explosive radius Self damage increases to 80% of max health Now you can choose just how much rish you're willing to take, and are rewarded accordingly by being able to kill more for a higher risk. Probably forgot something, but there's how I'd do self damage. Feel free to use it DE.
  9. You say rework in topic, but all you suggest is another cautious shot and reasons aren't very strong. If chroma can't build his buffs, they're not needed. Harrow can't build his own buff. Challenge is personal preference.
  10. My take on a mimic frame.
  11. Not the first mimic frame out there, but this is how I see one working, though she might be too powerful. Stats are for max rank. Health: 300 Sheild: 550 Armor: 150 Energy: 450 Sprint speed: 1.1 Passive: double barrel - when a teammate has the same weapon as echo in their loadout, +100% multishot on that weapon for each version of the weapon for echo and the teamates that have the weapon. Does not need to be in use to receive bonus, just be in the loadout to trigger the passive. Does not stack with itself. Bit of clarity on it: if echo has braton equipped and another player joins with braton equipped, both bratons gain 100% multishot. If a third player with braton equipped, all 3 bratons now gain 200% multishot. However if a 4th player with braton prime joins, it does not receive the multishot and the others stay at +200% multishot. 1st ability: echoimage - echo creates an illusion of herself, an ally, or, at max rank, a defense objective or excavator to draw enemy attention.. Tap for self, aim at ally and tap for that ally, and hold while theres a defense objective or excavator for those things. Energy: 25 (efficiency) Duration: 15s (duration) Range: 20m (range) 2nd ability: double agent - echo transforms herself into an enemy, allowwing her to move around unnoticed. Breaks if she slides, bullet jumps, or attacks, and will gradually fade if an enemy is too close. Energy: 25 (efficience) Energy/second: 3 (duration, efficience) Cast range: 30m (range) Dispell range: 5m (-range) Dispell time: 3s (duration) 3rd ability: clone vitals (better name needed) - echo increases an ally's health, sheild, and armor, then applies those amount to herself. Can not stack with itself. Energy: 50 (efficiency) Health, sheild, and armor increase: 45% (strength) Duration: 20s (duration) Cast range: 25m (range) 4th ability: doppleganger - echo transforms into an ally's warframe for a short time, copying abilities, loadout, and mod setup, and increasing the effect of mods. Tap to cycle through allies, hold to cast. Modifiers of this ability are affected by the mods echo has equipped, the doppleganged allies mods affect the copied abilities. Energy: 100 (efficiency) Mod effect increase: 30% (strength) Duration: 30s (duration) Cast range: 25m (range) Think I might've given her a lot of power, but it could be argued that since she relies on her teamates for a lot of that power. What are you guys' thoughts?
  12. Stats are for max rank. Health: 275 Sheild: 1,500 Armor: 575 Energy: 450 Sprint speed: 0.9 Passive: focusing prism - beam weapons do 20% more damage, have 50% more range, and chain to 1 extra enemy. (Hidden) Focus pickups last 50% longer. 1st ability: gem missle - facet throws a jewel at very high speed that explodes into razor sharp shards on impact. Energy: 25 (efficiency) Damage: 300, 70% slash 25% puncture 5% impact, 70% status chance (strength) Radius: 5m (range) Shard count: 10 (strength) Shard damage: 200, 80% slash 20% puncture, slash proc guarenteed (strength) Shard range: 15m (range) 2nd ability: jewelled waltz - facet begins glowing, giving herself and nearby allies 1 of 4 effects. Tap to cycle between them, hold to cast. Only 1 can be active at a time. Can not refresh current buff with recast, but can switch to a different buff at any time. Energy: 50 (efficiency) Radius: 15m (range) Duration: 20s (duration) Ruby (red): gives health regen. Regen: 15/s (strength) Saphire (blue): gives slight sheild regen, and gives damage resistence to sheilds. Sheild regen: 5/s (strength) Damage resistence: 25% (strength, max 60%) Topaz yellow): melee weapons gain lifesteal. Excess healling restores sheilds and can apply oversheilds. Lifesteal: 10% (strength, max 25%) Emerald (green): gives a small aura the does radiation damage to enemies. Radius: 3m (range) Damage: 100/ss, 100% radiation, 45% status chance (strength) Synergy: gem missile does 20% (strength) extra elemental damage based on currently active buff. Ruby=heat, saphire=frost, topaz=electric, emerald=toxic 3rd ability: polished surface - facet becomes extremely reflective, becoming immune to status effects, gaining resistance to elemental damage, and blinding enemies. Energy: 75 (efficiency) Elemental resistence: 40% (strength, max 100%) Blind radius: 10m (range) Blind duration: 3s (duration) 4th ability: crystal shell - facet crystalizes her and her allies sheilds, increasing armor and applying the damage resistence from armor to sheilds, but stopping sheild regen until fully depleted except for abilities that restore sheilds. Energy: 100 (efficiency) Armor: 500 (strength) Radius: 20m (range)
  13. Here's a frame idea I had for a support frame that becomes a melee dps frame one the condition is met.
  14. This one's got a bit of a gimmick to him, so I'll cover that first. He has a meter that fills whenever you use any ability or do elemental melee damage. Abilities give 5%, and elemental melee damage adds 0.5% per hit. However if you do no elemental damage of any kind for 5 seconds, the meter decays by 1%/second. Once filled, hold any ability button to draw exalted dual swords after the ability gets done casting. While the dual swords are drawn, the ability buttons swap between four different stances, and the abilities are cast for free when using one of the stance's attacks, but only the ability of the stance that shares its slot can be used, and you can not use guns while the dual swords are eqquipped. Running out of meter or energy forces him to put away the swords, or you can hold an ability button to put them away. Stats on the dual swords are: Meter drain: 3%/second (duration) Energy drain: 3/second (efficiency, duration) Attack speed: 1.75 Crit chance: 23% Crit damage: 1.8x Status chance: 40% Damage: 600, 20% slash, 17%i mpact, 13% puncture, 50% current stance's element (strength) Slam attack: 1.250 Slam radius: 5 Range: 2 Heavy attack: 3,600 Heavy attack wind up: 0.85 Now for his stats and abilities. All stats are for level 30. Health: 450 Sheild: 275 Armor: 375 Energy: 375 Sprint speed: 1.0 Passive: Mana edge - add 20% elemental damageto melee weapon. Element is based on last ability used (default heat), and it doesn't mix with other elements. 1st ability: pheonix burst - omin claps his hands together, unleashing a blast of fire that does heat damage to enemies, and heals and gives health regen to allies. Can be charged to increase effect. Energy: 25 (efficiency) Damage: 400, 100% heat, burn proc guarenteed (strength when exalted is equipped) Heal: 250 (strength when exalted is not equipped) Regen: 50 health/s (strength when exalted is not equipped) Max charge multiplier: 2x (strength) Range: 20m (range) Buff duration: 15s (duration) Exalted stance: pheonix blaze (default stance) - wide horizontal swings and sweeping arcs burn all that dare stand before you. Heavy attack uses pheonix burst for free, with the combo multiplier multiplying the effects instead of a charge up (regen caps at 4x), as well as adding an ignore fatal damage once for 10 seconds (combo multiplier, max 45 seconds) effect, but the buff is lost completely if this triggers. 2nd ability: toad leap - omni rushes forward, appearing to have become a wave of water, dealling cold damage to enemies caught in his path, as well as restoring sheilds and giving sheild regen to nearby allies, can give oversheilds. Energy: 50 (efficiency) Damage: 600, 100% cold, cold proc guarenteed (strength when exalted is equiped) Sheild restore: 300 (strength when exalted is not equipped) Sheild regen: 75/s (trength when exalted is not equipped) Buff duration: 20s (duration) Buff radius: 10m (range) Width: 3m (range) Speed: 15m/s (strength) Wave time: 3s (duration) Exalted stance: surging toad - he unstopable rage of the river washes evil away with vertical slashes and lunging thrusts. Slide attack casts toad leap for free, doubling the width and the buff now also gives 0.5 energy/second. 3rd ability: tortoise shell - omni uses the power of the land to enhance his armor at the cost of movement speed. Allies within affinity range gain the armor buff without the speed debuff. Enemies that get close to anyone with the buff take gradual toxic damage. Energy: 75 (efficiency) Armor: 750 (strength) Speed loss: 60% (-strength) Duration: 30s (duration) Damage: 250/s, 100% toxic, 75% status chance (strength) Damage radius: 4m Exalted stance: stalward tortoise - with this series of spins and slams, show them that you shall never yeild. Blocking casts tortoise shell. It starts at 75% armor and damage, but it builds up the longer you block, ending at 150%. Allies no longer need to stay in affinity range to keep the buff, with those that were outside the range getting it for its remaining duration once they're in range. 4th ability: dragon dive - omni leaps into the air, generating bolts of lightnig while in the air that hit random enemies in range, then slams into the ground where he's aiming, dealling damage to enemies and increasing allies general speed (movement, fire rate, melee attack, and reload). Hold the ability button to stay in the air longer, but it will drain energy. Energy: 75 (efficiency) Energy/s: 5 (duration, efficiency) Bolt damage: 500, 100% electric, electric proc guarenteed (strength) Slam damage: 1,500, 70% electric 25% impact 5%blast, 100% status chance, 90% chance the proc will be electric (strength while exalted is equipped) Speed up: 45% (strength when exalted is not equipped) Radius: 15m (range) Buff duration: 20s (duration) Exalted stance: tempest dragon - rain destruction on all who opose you with this series of downward strikes and spiralling uppercuts. Generate lightning when in midair that hits random enemies. Slam attack uses dragon dive's slam, with heavy slam applying the combo multiplier to the damage and speed buff (caps at 4x on the buff). Would like to hear some feedback on this one. Personally not really sold on the name of the frame or 2nd ability, and couldn't think of any name for the exalted, so i'd like to hear some sugestions for those as well.
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