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  1. When a lich gets knocked down by anyone in the mission, it'll leave the mission if left alone for 30 seconds, giving a few murmers to the player that owns it (not as many as a failled assassination, and only if they did some damage to it). With this, you don't have to worry about leveling your lich because of other people, and you can make other liches go away if the owner is ignoring it so your's can maybe spawn.
  2. Really hate that nobody I get put into sorties with understands that operators are imune to limbo's cataclysm (or any other ability for that matter), so everytime I use him for rescue sorties, I have to type in chat to let them know about this. Even then, some don't read chat, and others refuse to listen, so they just get mad at me even though it's their fault we fail. We should be able to interact with hacking consoles no matter our rift state just to avoid this headache because the operator tutorial makes no effort to teach the trick to players. And before anyone shouts about OP, the operator's void mode offers the exact same benefits as being riftbound in this scenario, so that's not a very strong arguement.
  3. They do this, and a bug that applies the elemental enhance modifire from sorties to arbitrations that won't be addressed for years will pop up.
  4. Right now, it takes a lot of steps to get to the simulacrum: Finding a relay in navigation Loadding Skipping 2 entrance cutscenes Openning the menu to fast travel to simaris Walking to and interacting with the simulacrum access point More loadding This takes quite a bit of time (particularly on switch with the loadding times being a bit long at times), possibly discouraging several players from botherring with it. There is a very simple solution to it though: if the player has the simulacrum access key, an icon on their arsenal page appears that takes them to the simulacrum when selected. With this in place, getting to the simulacrum takes a lot less time. It's just a small bit of quality of life that'll help those players that are looking to test builds out in a controlled setting first, or more easily show stuff of to others.
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