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  1. The only issue I can find when changing his 1 to an exalted weapon is that you're gutting the maximum potential of landslide. Sure Atlas will be new player friendly and understanding his mechanics will be simple, but unless that exalted weapon comes with an augment like Excalibur's chromatic blade - its noticeably capped. Much like Garuda. Additionally, Atlas isn't a frame people will be able to farm until they've worked through a good portion of the star system/done the quest, and so I see no reason why it should be simplified to cater to players who are not willing to learn his mechanics (Or look up a guide). I'm full support of your suggested passive and tectonic changes though. In doing so, his kit will have synergy and usability which will be beneficial to the player and team.
  2. DE: Let's make a serious competition to test the creativity of our player base on this spookiest season 0 IQ Warframe Player Base: DOES THIS IMAGE TRIGGER YOU? 🥴
  3. His prime by comparison to his default frame received massive health, armour and energy buffs. It's not an ability adjustment but its a welcome start. Also, petrify already has a form of life steal. Destroying petrified enemies returns health and gives him passive stacks.
  4. Also reading through a few replies I agree, as stated in my original post - Atlas' 2 and 4 ability are essentially useless or meme abilities that dont particularly add to the frame as a whole. Not necessarily in need of reworking but still might be in need of some TLC to bring them up to speed with the current game direction.
  5. Sure he might not be a good as a 1 trick pony frame in that field purely because those frames are specifically designed for that one purpose in mind - Im just curious as to why, given his potential, he saw less than 0.3% of overall playtime in 2018. Compared to a similar "themed" frame such as Excal (And umbra variant) who had roughly 16% overall playtime. Both of which have survivability (With Atlas being stronger in that regard), high damage output (Excal being arguably better VS armour enemies given the existence of chromatic blade + condition overload) and wide/long range AoE hard CC. Excal of whom is also just as bad in Eido's, if not worse given he cant Life Strike the Eidolon to upkeep his health.
  6. Its the same for Macro programs - Theres some which are fine and other which are not. From what ive seen in prime time discussions and etc, 3rd party stuff is a no no. But if its a recognized brand which is widely used, then it should be okay. Id recommend running it by the support team first tho, better safe than sorry
  7. True in a way, although hes not a specialist - hes not recognized as a 'jack-of-all-trades' like other similar frames are (Khora and Nidus for example)
  8. Fully agree - Although I hope they dont alter his 1 like they did with old Mesa
  9. Hello fellow Tenno, I thought I might as well start this discussion up about my boi, Atlas. From all the time I've spent playing him, I learned one main thing - Before his prime barely anyone played him or gave him a chance. It got me thinking as to why this was the case. If there was a checklist of things that generally made a frame strong, Atlas (For the most part) ticks all boxes. Amazing AoE crowd control with the use of petrify, phenomenal tanking potential with armour stacking and health return using his passive, and arguably one of the highest single/group damage abilities in the game given that he can utilize a stat-stick for his landslide (which has impressive damage scaling)... I would mention his rumblers and tectonics ability, but honestly their kinda a meme. Although its always fun to block off doorways and have them YEETing rocks about - their have no real scaling and tend not to be used as much. I want to know from the community, why you think hes not played as much as other frames. And if anyone else is confused as to why most people consider him MR fodder. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk. EDIT: I got my answer - The general consensus is a coin toss between 2 different factors: 1. People simply dont enjoy his play style - Very valid reason, the variety of frames in this game allows players to adopt an each to their own play style so that's a fairly good response. And understandably, maximizing his kit is high maintenance (Partially plays into reason 2) which is a turn off for some in terms of play-ability. 2. As mention by a few, his kit is outdated for an earlier meta of Warframe. Agreeably, Atlas' 2 and 4 have no real practical use in game. Although his 4 can sometimes be a fun gimmick - it has no real impact nor is it something that can be optimized for (Cause lets be honest, the augment is a tragic filler). And as mentioned mostly in the threads second page, tectonics has poor damage/doesn't cover enough space to be an efficient path blocker on most maps. Additionally, energy cost issues with his 3 are present making it a struggle to build up his passive - a passive of which, although is strong, is too short lived to have major sustainability unless you're paying attention constantly. Sure there have been a few responses where you can tell the player has picked him up and tossed him away without trying out his maximum potential, but ill forgive y'all 😉 Hopefully, DE can find the time to work through some of these issues but as mentioned in my original post - Atlas is one of the least played frames so the chances of a rework are about as likely as me finding a flying pig. Its good to see the opinions of other on this topic as I love my Atlas (And will continue to play him forever and ever). Hope to see those who read this post in Kuva Survival where you'll see me playing yours truly, -Atlas- P.s DE, please fix his 2 or delete it lol.
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